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February 13, 2012

Exclusive Interview With KellyAnn Gannon

For those of you who don't know who KellyAnn Gannon is first off you must not pay attention to our site very often because at every Cage Titans show we have to take at least 100 pictures of their ring girls!!  Well to be fair we take pics of every ring girl at all the shows because who are we to judge!! She was a ring girl when Cage Titans first started out but recently has not been seen at the shows.  She contacted because she wanted to get the word out on what she has been up to and how much she misses the MMA action!!  She has made many friends in her MMA ring girl career and we were fortunate to be one of them.  So follow along and find out with us as we all get to know KellyAnn Gannon just a little more. 

CityBoy: What have you been up to since you left Cage Titans?? I hear some rumors and we all want to know??

KG: Actually after I left Cage Titans I began working with Mohegan Sun! I felt that it was time for me to really start focusing on my professional future seeing as how I go to such a great college. I still love everyone apart of Cage Titans and will never have a bad thing to say about them! They opened so many doors for me and gave me the best job I could have asked for as a promotional model! I made so many wonderful friends and co-workers while being with Cage Titans and I will always hold every single person there close to my heart. They put on AMAZING shows and do everything the right way, I couldnt have asked for a better start! 

CityBoy: Who would have thought that being a ring girl was a great stepping stone to starting their career!!  It does in fact help get their name out and recognized by thousands of people.  We of course do our best to promote each and every one of them but onto the next question. What is your favorite submission to see when you are watching MMA??

KG: That's a really tough question and I dont want to sound stupid with my answer because I dont know all that much about fighting! I dont really have a favorite, I just love watching fights because my adrenaline is pumping the entire time and its always so intense! Believe it or not, the girls and I would get really into the fights haha!

CityBoy: I was really hoping she would say Rear Naked haha. Tell us something that you have never said publicly before...a funny story perhaps??

KG: Oh jeeze, well I know a lot of people think I'm stupid but I just want to put out there that I'm actually really smart and attend an amazing college (Assumption College). But there's so many funny stories involved with college that I have that I don't think are appropriate for the internet haha! I do a lot of weird things with my roommates at school, they really accept me for who i am!

CityBoy: LOL everything is appropriate for the internet Kelly!!  Alas, the answer is up to our imagination.  I was in college once so I know how it is. Are you a fan of the women’s MMA in Strikeforce and locally?? Please say yes haha

KG: I can't honestly say that I have ever watched a woman fight, but I would love to! I always said that Katryna should go into fighting instead of being a ring girl because she was always so feisty haha! If strikeforce is looking they should definitely contact her, I'd be her biggest fan!

CityBoy: I for one would love to see Katryna fight!!  How about you guys??  Cage Titans had a women's match scheduled on their last show but due to Commisionally Difficulties it was unfortunately moved to Combat Zone in NH.  I read it was a hell of a fight too!! Next question.. You girls make it look so easy. What was the hardest thing about being a ring girl??

KG: I think that when I was a ring girl the hardest thing to go through was the judging. Luckily the girls and I had Brandie Light to help defend us and show that we were classy and respectable women. People look at us and what we're wearing and assume certain things and they didn't realize that it would actually hurt our feelings. I have nothing but respect for all ring girls with any MMA organization because it's really nerve-wracking actually getting in that cage for the first time and walking around with everyone staring at you. I remember my first time ever stepping foot in the ring and my adrenaline was pumping so hard. I was so scared that I was going to fall or trip in front of everyone, but thankfully I didn't!

CityBoy: Will we ever see you in the cage again strutting your stuff??

KG: I don't think I will ever be in the cage again strutting my stuff, unfortunately. I'm super busy with school, Mohegan Sun and modeling that its hard to balance everything. I had such an amazing run with Cage Titans and I don't think they all know how much I really appreciated them. I loved being a ring girl more than anything, but it came to the point where I was in my junior year of college having to send out resumes and apply for internships that I just got really overwhelmed. It's not like I didn't walk away with anything though. I walked away with experience and Karissa, Katryna and Shelly as my sisters.  I really don't think I could ask for much more than that.

CityBoy: This saddens us but we are happy that your career is moving forward. Speaking of moving forward. What are you majoring in college??

KG: I'm majoring in English Writing and Mass Communications. I like it because its Public Relations and writing all joined into one major. I eventually want to be a casino hostess in Florida because I plan on moving there the second I graduate. I have a lot of family and friends down there and I can tan whenever I want so its the perfect place for me!

CityBoy: I notice you are on twitter. Which do you enjoy more, twitter or facebook and why?

KG: I like Twitter a million times better than facebook. I feel like I can say more on there because that's the point of Tweets. If I were to update my facebook status every 20 minutes I think people would get annoyed. Plus, Britney Spears follows me on Twitter and it really doesn't get much better than that.

CityBoy: WTF Britney doesn't follow us back on twitter.  This is very disappointing! Everyone has an ipod. What music is on your ipod right now?? What are your favorite songs to listen to right now??

KG: I listen to Britney Spears every single day. I sing her in the shower, in the car and in my dorm. I have a really unhealthy obsession with her and she pretty much takes over my ipod.

CityBoy:  Britney was going psycho and doing bad but her last album put her back on the map.  Now she is engaged and her life seems to be back on track.  Yeah CityBoy reads TMZ!! What do you miss the most about not being a ring girl??

KG: I think the main thing I miss the most about not being a ring girl is bonding with the girls. I always looked forward to the fights because I got to see them and spend the whole night with them. I would drink my 5 hour energy shot and instantly attack RichO to take my picture hahaha.

CityBoy: Speaking of RichO.  Mad thanks to you for these phenomenal photos of Kelly that we used in this article.  Just click the Rich O banner on the left side of our site to see his latest works!  Back to MMA questions..Who is your favorite professional MMA fighter in the UFC or Strikeforce??

KG: My favorite UFC fighter is definitely Chuck O'Neil! Not only is he an amazing fighter, but he was always very pleasant to the girls and I at the fights. My Mother also has a huge crush on him, so that too!

CityBoy: Chuck, you lucky dog!! I think you have a shot...with Kelly's mom that is!! Haha...we love Chuck too. What is your advice to one of our sexy readers who are thinking about becoming a ring girl??

KG: My advice to any girl interested in becoming a ring girl is to BE OUTGOING!! I can't stress that enough! I remember Brandie Light always said that the greatest compliment to the company was when a man walked up to her and told her that we were the only ring girls that he knew the names of. We were all very involved with the crowd and didn't just slink away at intermission to the bathroom to fix our makeup. We really interacted with people and held conversations well.

CityBoy: I totally agree.  Ring girls are a huge part of the fast growing MMA sport.  Fans go to fights to see the MMA action but personable/friendly ring girls are just as important as a ring announcer!  I see many organizations doing this very well and having meet and greets.  Keep doing what you are doing!! OK last question...What do you like to do for fun??

KG: I actually enjoy participating in Zumba classes for fun here at my school! I also really enjoy reading and obviously shopping haha! I also go out to lunch with my Mom a lot, she's my best friend and greatest supporter. Oh, and I love snuggling with my poodles, Napoleon Bonaparte and Hammer!

Sorry folks but I ran out of questions for Miss KellyAnn Gannon.  KellyAnn is a very sweet, friendly woman and we wish her the best in her future career.  She said we would not see her as a ring girl at Cage Titans but she did not say we would not see her as a fan in the crowd!!  I would like to thank her for giving us this exclusive interview and for simply taking the time out of her busy schedule.  KellyAnn does frequent the site often and I am sure she will check this article so for the fans out there if you have any questions for her or comments please ask and who knows she may just answer!!  All I ask is that you keep it friendly!

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