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Here are the latest fight cards going on all around New England.  We try to update them as frequently as possible but keep in mind fight cards are all subject to change.  If you would like to see your fightcard on here please email us at

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NEF 30 8/5/2017


185*TITLE C.J. Ewer 2-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Mike Hansen 5-5 (Berserkers MMA)
170 Ryan Sanders 14-8 (Young’s MMA) vs Jay Ellis 14-68 (Team Knockout)
145 Aaron Lacey 4-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Bryan Goldsby 17-16 (Jorge Gurgel)


135*TITLE Fred Lear 5-2 (Young’s MMA) vs Walt Shea 2-0 (First Class MMA)
265 Roger Ewer 0-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Dustin Freeman 0-0 (Independent)
185 Josh Jones 2-0 (First Class MMA) vs Carlton Charles 0-0 (Charles Family Fighting/Fire&Iron Athletics)
170 Anthony Lapointe 0-1 (Titan Athletics) vs Jesse Hutchinson 0-0 (CMBJJ)
160 Zachary Faulkner 0-0 (Titan Athletics) vs David Hart 0-0 (Kenney’s MMA)
145 Robbie Kiah 1-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Robert H. Norris III (Independent)
135 Nate Boucher 1-0 (CMBJJ) vs Jeremiah Barkac 0-0 (Independent)
135 Angela Young 2-2 (Young’s MMA) vs Jessica Borga 5-3 (Champions MMA)

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CES MMA 8/11/17

HVY TITLE Ashley Gooch vs. Juliano Coutinho
 Dinis "Sweetbread" Paiva vs.  Ahsan Abdullah
John Douma vs. Jason Rine

If your record or team is wrong or if you just want your fight updated to our list email us at or message us on facebook....thanks!!