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Here are the latest fight cards going on all around New England.  We try to update them as frequently as possible but keep in mind fight cards are all subject to change.  If you would like to see your fightcard on here please email us at

COMBAT ZONE 63 9/29/17

135 AM KICK Devon Monty (0-0) Ind. vs. James Ploss (0-1) Kaze MMA
135 AM KICK Jack Greene (0-0) Cage Strikers vs. Michael Alfano (0-0) Lucky Devil FC
160 AM KICK Jose Atalies (0-0) BTT vs. Nick Quattrock (0-0) FAA
165 AM KICK Joe Siejkowski (0-0) Title Boxing vs. Isaih Ocasio (1-0) Ocasio's True Martial Arts
250 AM KICK Ed Carr (0-0) Team Link Hooksett vs. JA Dudley (0-0) Lucky Devil FC 
 155 AM MMA Ramano Medina (2-0) Burgess vs. Eddie George (0-0) FAA
225 AM MMA Floran Kacaku (1-1) Sityodtong vs. Terrance Jean Jacques (1-0) Spero's MMA
170 AM MMA Josh Wesley (2-4) FAA vs. Mohammad Al Kinani (0-0) Evolution Athletix
195 AM MMA Caynen Wills (0-0) High Speed Defense vs. Ariel Nunez (0-0) 617 Fightsports
145 AM MMA Ali Zebian (5-3) FAA vs. Taylor Costantino (2-1) Evolution Athletix
135 AM MMA Fouad Shahin (1-0) F5 Fight Team vs. Mark Bordieri (0-1) Connors
155 AM MMA Brian Cosco (3-5) Sityodtong vs. Will McCall (1-2) Evolution Athletix
145 AM MMA John Tadesco (0-0) Connors vs. Tom Pagliarulo (0-0) Spero's MMA
 135 PRO MMA Chris Cateino (1-1) Gate City vs. Jay Perrin (3-3) Triumph/SYT
130 PRO MMA Jeff Silva (2-3) PMA vs. Ken Murphy (0-2) Team Link Hooksett
170 PRO MMA Jesse McElligott (5-3) Connors vs. Phil Parrish (2-1) Ind
 160 AM TITLE Jake Pilla (5-2) Team Flo/Spero's MMA vs. Fred Lear (6-2) Young's MMA

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AMMO 3 10/7/2017  BIG E

Jon Manley vs. Mike Hansen
145 PRO Dan Dubuque vs. Eric Mendiola
Ali Zebian vs. Kenny Champion
William Knight vs. Ron Marshall
Ammo Title Fight Matt Bienia vs. Swagath Pillai
Jesse Kosakowski vs. Neil Von Flatern
Stephen Pinard vs. Mike Kimbel
Thadeus Corey vs. Chiziterem Uwaga
Blaze Robinson vs. Casey Norton
Elias Morales vs. Ray Johns
Aaron Hughes vs. Arii Hernandez
Dakota Krol vs. Kevin Walsh
Randy Francis vs. Shawn Rego

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150 John Raio 2-8 (First Class) vs Zenon Herrera 0-5 (Independent)
145 Josh Parker 6-9 (Ruthless) vs Matt Probin 0-0 (CMBJJ/Young's)
135 Paul Gorman 10-9 (Academy) vs James Blair 5-1 (ATT)


265*TITLE Nick Gulliver (c) 4-0 (First Class) vs Terrance Jean-Jacques 1-0
125*TITLE Nate Boucher 2-0 (CMBJJ) vs Justin Witham 3-4 (Shatterproof)
115*TITLE Alex Walker 4-1 (Kaze) vs Hilarie Rose 4-3 (USMMA)
175 Carlton Charles 1-0 (CFF) vs Nate Evans 0-0 (Independent)
135 Carl Langston 6-9 (Young's) vs Henry Clark 3-3 (Choi's)
135 Jayda Bailey 0-0 (Young's) vs Danae Dostie 0-0 (Kenney's)

CAGE TITANS 36 11/4/2017


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Premier FC 24 11/11/2017 

AM TITLE FIGHT Pat Casey vs. Jesse Kosakowski

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