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For those who aren't familiar with us, we take pictures at the events we are allowed to.  We always post all of our pictures to our Facebook Fan Page.  With that said all photos are watermarked and available for any fighter to use on their facebook.  Please share with us your comments and the photos!

We are now selling our High Quality photos for $20.  This will include all of your favorite fighter's photos from the event for one fight.  The photos will have a text watermark on the bottom.  Anyone interested just click the donate button below and enter the 20 dollar amount.  Then you pay with your paypal account or can enter any Visa/Mastercard/Discover or AMEX. You do not need to have a paypal account to pay.  In your order, PLEASE include your NAME, ADDRESS and also what FIGHT AND EVENT you want the photos are from. When payment is received, we will mail your dvd out or send you the link to download the files to your computer, whichever is preferred.  Any sales are greatly appreciated as we use this for gas money to get to events.  Thank YOU for your continued support.

[Disclaimer] If you work for a website and are a writer and would like to use our photos on your website, that is fine just please email us at first and we will gladly let you use them but please just ask permission first. [Disclaimer]