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Here are the latest fight cards going on all around New England.  We try to update them as frequently as possible but keep in mind fight cards are all subject to change.  If you would like to see your fightcard on here please email us at

NEF 36

NEW ENGLAND FIGHTS 36 11/17/2018


225*TITLE Ras Hylton 3-1 (First Class MMA) vs Yorgan De Castro 2-0
155*TITLE Ryan Sanders 17-9 (c) (Young’s MMA) vs Jacob Bohn 7-5 (Behring Jiu Jitsu NY)
145 Matt Probin 2-0 (Recon) vs Lionel Young 7-15 (Citadel Martial Arts)
125 Ernesto Ornelas 4-7 (Choi Institute) vs Jose Lugo 3-0 (BST MMA & Fitness)


175 Jon Assam 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Jordan Norman 0-1 (Bad Little Falls Dojo)
155 Zac Richard 2-0 (Nostos) vs Chris Lachcik 0-1 (Independent)
155 Mohammad Al Kinani 4-1 (Evolution Athletix) vs Clifford Redman 0-6 (Independent)
155 Brandon Mailet 0-0 (CMBJJ) vs Ben Peters 0-0 (Titan Athletics)
140 Megan Rosado 0-0 (Evolution Athletix) vs Glory Watson 1-0 (Young’s MMA)
140 Henry Clark 4-4 (Choi Institute) vs Killian Murphy 1-1 (Nostos)
135 Taylor Thompson 2-0 () vs Catie Denning 1-0 (Young’s MMA)
135 Schuyler Vaillancourt 0-0 (Nostos) vs Felipe Gunther 0-0 (First Class MMA)
135 Nate Boucher 2-3 (CMBJJ) vs Jordan Young 1-1 (Independent)
125 Chelsea Tucker 0-3 (First Class MMA) vs BJ Garceau 1-0 (Young’s MMA)

COMBAT ZONE 68 11/17/2018

150 AM KICK Jordan Roy (1-1) FTA vs. Jhon Costa (1-0) BMA
145 AM MMA Nate Ghareeb (5-3) FAA vs. Matt Brady (2-0) FTA
185 AM MMA Isaiah Able (0-1) Team Link Hooksett vs. Spencer Payne (1-0) Ginsberg MMA
135 AM MMA Alyssa Marini (1-0) NETT vs. Chrystal Gadd (0-0) Spero's MMA
170 PRO MMA Gerals Meuse (0-0) Sityodtong vs. Jesus Cintron (0-3)
145 PRO MMA Brendan Marotte (3-0) Start BJJ vs. Joey Sanchez (0-1) Best MMA
205 PRO MMA Terrance Jean Jacques (1-1) IND vs. Jhanell Parkinson (3-3) IND
135 PRO MMA Jake Pilla (0-0) Spero's vs. Kenny Lewis (0-1)
185 PRO MMA Ray Shawdee (5-3) NETT vs. Jesse McElligott (5-3) Connor's MMA
160 PRO MMA Dave George (2-1) NEMMA vs. David Espino (2-2) Trifecta
170 PRO MMA Vovka Clay (8-2) Triumph BJJ vs. JR Coughran (6-1) The Forge MMA 

If your record or team is wrong or if you just want your fight updated to our list email us at or message us on facebook....thanks!!