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Here are the latest fight cards going on all around New England.  We try to update them as frequently as possible but keep in mind fight cards are all subject to change.  If you would like to see your fightcard on here please email us at

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135 PRO Pampos Grigoriou (Longo & Weidman 6-3)  vs.  Chris Disonell (Renzo Gracie Latham 6-5)
HVY PRO Terrance Jean-Jacques (8-3 Sityodtong) vs.  Dirlei Broenstrup (MFT 17-9
170 PRO Sanad Armouti  (3-1 Florian MMA) vs.  Jonathan Piersma (5-1 Synthesis BJJ)
155 PRO Mo Al Kinani (4-1 Evolution Athletix)  vs.  Robert Wusstig (7-11 Countershot Kickboxing)
170 PRO John Bell  (0-0 Team Doyle) vs.  Mike Bezanson (1-0 Burgess) 
140 PRO Jake Pilla  (2-0 Gorilla Fitness Crew) vs.  Seth Basler (Sabens Martial Arts 3-10)
140 PRO Josh Krejci (Team Doyle 1-2)  vs.  Travis Demko (617 BJJ 2-0)
145 PRO Reginald Carvalho  (6-4 Teixeira MMA) vs.  Solo Hatley Jr. (10-6 Rock City MMA)
154 PRO Leonardo Ladeira  (2-3 Sityodtong) vs.  Aaron Lacey (7-4 Nostos)
145 PRO Chris Rooney  (MMA Madhouse 0-3) vs.  Marcel Romero (0-0 Grit & Gratitude)
160 PRO Bruce Richards (0-5 MMA Madhouse)  vs.  Jamie Campbell (3-0 Hard Knocks MT)
125 PRO Danny Maldonado (1-4 Warrior's Nation)  vs.  Dan Cormier (9-10 Triforce)
175 PRO Aaron Trecell (1-3 Sityodtong) vs.  Stephen Stengel (5-20 Stengel MMA)
155 AM Jarrod St. Jean (2-0 Spero)  vs.  Saheeb Jackson (1-0 Triforce)
150 AM Nestor Yuja (3-3 Savage) vs.  Mike Jolicoeur (KTA 1-1)
130 AM Connor Hews (1-0 NE Cartel) vs. Matthew Heller (3-2 Teixeira MMA)
185 AM Zack Magdis (0-0 Square BJJ)  vs.  Hal Zanone (1-1 Savage)

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NEF 51--2/11/2023--BANGOR MAINE

Nathaniel Grimard  vs.  Carl Langston 145 lbs
Glory Watson  vs.  Hilarie Rose 115 lbs
Aaron Lacey  vs.  Taylor Trahan 145 lbs
Bruce Boyington  vs.  Ross Dannar 155 lbs
Key Baltazar  vs.  Nate Dorr 135 lbs
Ed Davis  vs.  Kyle Pufahl 155 lbs
Devin Corson  vs.  Curtis Ouellette 170 lbs
Cody Dular  vs.  Miles Emery 265 lbs

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If your record or team is wrong or if you just want your fight updated to our page please email us at and I will gladly fix it!!
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