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Here are the latest fight cards going on all around New England.  We try to update them as frequently as possible but keep in mind fight cards are all subject to change.  If you would like to see your fightcard on here please email us at

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COMBAT ZONE 71 8/23/2019

145 AM KICK Kyle Adams (1-0) PMA vs. Jordan Roy (0-1) Fusion Training Academy
​170 AM MMA Tayler Mears (2-0) LRVT vs. Zac lawrence (1-1) Nostos
​145 AM MMA Dan Ward (1-7) Spero's MMA vs. Tyler O'Doherty (0-0) Defensive Edge
145 AM MMA Matt Brady (2-2) Fusion Training Academy vs. Dan Shapiro (2-0) Lauzon's MMA
​135 AM MMA Tim Lightfoot (2-0) Team Link Hooksett vs. Jaimeir Smith (0-2) Brian Beaury Jiu Jitsu
​135 PRO MMA Glenn Mix (0-0) Team Bombsquad vs. Chris Caterino (2-2) Gate City MMA
​GRAPPLING Mike Zichelle (Zichelle MMA & Fitness) vs. Ryan Ferguson (Nostos)
​125 PRO MMA Jeff Silva (4-4) PMA vs. Dan Cormier (7-9) Tri Force MMA
​135 PRO MMA Ken Murphy (4-4) Team Link Hooksett vs. Andres Rodriguez (3-0) NEMMA
​145 PRO MMA Brendon Marotte (5-1) PMA vs. Ali Zebian (2-1) Underground MMA
​145 PRO MMA Jake Pilla (0-0) Speros MMA vs. Shaquan Moore (0-2) Fusion MMA
​185 PRO MMA Tim Caron (9-2) Burgess MMA vs. Shedrick Goodridge (7-10) Rosky Combat Sports
​185 PRO MMA Dennis Olson (14-11) Triumph BJJ vs. Aaron Jeffrey (6-2) Para Bellum MMA

Cage Titans 45

CAGE TITANS 45 8/24/2019

FIGHT 1: 155lb AM – Xavier Cardona (Lakeville MMA) vs Brian Cosco (Sityodtong)
FIGHT 2: 125lb AM – Joe Poirier (SBG East) vs Josh Welch (F5 Fight Team)
FIGHT 3: 215lb AM – Kyle Rutherford (Recovery Fight House) vs Andrew Jacobs (Lauzon MMA)
FIGHT 4: 145lb AM – Justin Stevens (Lakeville MMA) vs Adam Bondarenko (South Shore Sportfighting)
FIGHT 5: 155lb AM – Pete Luciani (SBG East) vs Dion Rubio (Triforce)
FIGHT 6: 185lb Pro – Josh Jones (Team Zo) vs Tommy Lee Davis (Sityodtong)
FIGHT 7: 150lb Pro – Stacey Anderson (Wild Card) vs Connor Matthews (Lauzon MMA)
FIGHT 8: 135lb Pro – Shawn Rall (Ares Combat) vs Kin Moy (Citadel)
FIGHT 9: 135lb AM Title – Kam Arnold (CMBJJ) Vs Jeff Joy (Juniko)
FIGHT 10: 135lb Pro – Rob Fuller (Klinch Tribe) vs Jacobo Apito (Citadel)
FIGHT 11: 145lb Pro – Anthony Pagliaro (Cache Valley Boxing) vs Pat Gilbride (Lauzon)
FIGHT 12: 140lb Pro – Raymond Yanez (Lashley Training) vs Mitch Raposo (Regiment)
FIGHT 13: 175lb Pro – Mike Diorio (Recovery Fight House) vs Marty Navis (Lauzon)
FIGHT 14: 165lb Pro – Keenan Raymond (RI Misfits) vs Joe Giannetti (South Shore Sportfighting)
FIGHT 15: 145lb Pro – Roberto Yong (Team Ali) vs Don Shainis (Citadel)

NEF 40

NEF 40 9/7/2019 


 160 Ricky Dexter 1-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Josh Harvey 6-0-1 (Vision Quest Muay Thai)
225 Ras Hylton 4-2 (First Class/Dragon Fire) vs Chris Sarro 0-0 (Acadia BJJ)
165 CJ Ewer 3-3 (Young’s MMA) vs TBD
205 Victor Irwin 1-2 (Young’s MMA) vs Buck Pineau 1-6 (Independent)
135 Fred Lear 0-1 (Young’s MMA) vs Tommy Kenney 0-2 (Team Irish Beasts)


145*TITLE Jimmy Jackson 4-3 (Young’s MMA) vs Tom Pagliarulo 3-1 (c) (Spero’s/Burgess)
155 Brandon Sewall 0-1 (Independent) vs Zac Richard 3-2-1 (Nostos)
155 Jacob Deppmeyer 1-1-1 (First Class MMA) vs Devin Corson 2-0 (The Outlet)
125 Caleb Austin 1-0 (Independent) vs Cory Richards 0-0 (Acadia BJJ)
130 Dillon Henry 0-2 (First Class MMA) vs Steve Desjardins 4-3 (Independent)
170 Jason Landry 2-0 (Team Landry) vs Mike Bezanson 2-0 (Kaze)
205 Ben Murtiff 1-0 (First Class MMA) vs Henry Jeffs 0-1 (Independent)
145 Clifford Redman 0-11 (Independent) vs John Marclay 0-0 (Nostos)
140 Jordan Young 2-2 (Independent) vs Cory Cochran 0-0 (Rumford Hardcore)
145 Taylor Bartlett 1-2-1 (CMBJJ) vs Randall Hathorn 0-0 (Combative Martial Arts)
155 Ryan Savage 0-1 (First Class MMA) vs Andrew Kamakas 0-0 (Fusion)
115 Glory Watson 5-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Lin MacMillan 0-1 (Independent)
155 Mike Murray 1-0  (Camden Combat/The Foundry) vs Jordin Crim 1-0 (UFAI)
185 Justin Philbrook 0-2 (Independent) vs Dylan Williams 0-1 (Independent)
155 Justin Kangas 0-1 (First Class MMA) vs Nathaniel Grimard 0-0 (Nostos)
175 Greg Ishihara 1-1 (Recon) vs Tony Atienza 0-0 (Independent)
155 Eric Tainter 0-1 (Young’s MMA) vs Justin Gilman 0-0 (Team Irish Beasts)

CES MMA 58 9/7/2019

Vinicius de Jesus  vs.  Chris Lozano 170 lbs
Pat Casey  vs.  Andre Hall 185 lbs
J. Kosakowski  vs.  R. Merriweather 170 lbs
Dirlei Broenstrup  vs.  Parker Porter 265 lbs
Robbie Leroux  vs.  Pete Rogers Jr. 135 LBS
Harris Bonfiglio  vs.  Jornel Lugo 135 lbs
N. Giulietti  vs.  Cody Schieve 155 lbs

If your record or team is wrong or if you just want your fight updated to our list email us at or message us on facebook....thanks!!