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Local Cards

Here are the latest fight cards going on all around New England.  We try to update them as frequently as possible but keep in mind fight cards are all subject to change.  If you would like to see your fightcard on here please email us at


COMBAT ZONE 70 4/19/2019

150 PRO Dylan Lockard (5-1) PMA vs. Kenny Foster (12-13) Maxum BJJ
155 PRO  Keenan Raymond (3-6) N/A vs. John Ortolani (8-13) Triumph BJJ
198 PRO  Thomas Lee Davis Jr. (1-1) Sityodtong vs. Buck Pineau (1-6) Maine
205 PRO Terrance Jean Jacques (3-1) Team Link Hooksett vs. James Dysard (0-4) Forged Fitness
145 PRO Carl Langston (0-2) Young's MMA vs. Chris Caterino (1-2) Gate City MMA
170 PRO Nick Alley (5-3) Team Link Hooksett vs. Amus Guyton (2-1) New York
155 PRO Connor Barry (6-3) Defensive Edge vs. Derek Clardy (1-3) IND
130 PRO Jeff Silva (3-4) PMA vs. Robert Fuller (0-3)  IND
155 AM Brandon Lebel (0-0) Nostos vs. Tyler Borque (0-0) Gate City MMA
185 AM Jeff Reynolds (1-0) Triumph BJJ vs. Spencer Payne (2-0) Ginsberg Academy
 185 AM Floran Kacaku (2-4) Trifecta vs. Carlton Charles (2-2) (Maine)
GRAPPLING Ray Shawdee (NETT) vs. Dennis Olsen (Triumph BJJ)
GRAPPLING Rick Hawn (PMA Plaistow) vs. Greg West (Aqueous BJJ)

Premier Fighting Championship

PREMIER FC 28 4/20/2019


NEF 38

NEF 38 4/27/2019


265 Charles Penn (Hayastan MMA) vs. Ras Hylton (First Class/Dragonfire)
155 Caleb Hall (Choi Institute) vs. Jay Ellis (Team Knockout)
155 Keegan Hornstra (Evolution Athletix) vs. Zenon Herrera (Team SMOG)
135 Bryan Bullock (Hayastan MMA) vs. Fred Lear (Young's MMA)


135*TITLE Henry Clark (Choi Institute) vs. Kam Arnold (CMBJJ) (c)
135*TITLE Taylor Thompson (BST MMA) vs. Andrea Howland (MI Top Team)
170*TITLE Duncan Smith (Evolution Athletix) (c) vs. Jon Tefft (First Class)
145*TITLE Zac Richard (Nostos MMA) vs. Tom Pagliarulo (Spero's/Burgess)
150 Arii Fernandez (Thornton) vs. Ryan Savage (First Class)
185 Justin Philbrook (Independent) vs. Titus Pannell (T4C)
158 Brian Cosco (Sityodtong/Brazil 021) vs. Garry Carr (CMBJJ)
140 Megan Rosado (Evolution Athletix) vs. Amanda Bennett (First Class)
145 Jesse Fitzsimmons (Nostos MMA) vs. Brandon Maillet-Fevens (CMBJJ)
185 Jordan Norman (Bad Little Falls Dojo) vs. Greg Ishihara (Recon)
145 Clifford Redman (Independent) vs. Nate White (Rumford Hardcore)
135 Schuyler Vallaincourt (Nostos MMA) vs. Dillon Henry (First Class)
115 Adina Beaudry (Evolution Athletix) vs. Traci Baldwin (Thornton)

If your record or team is wrong or if you just want your fight updated to our list email us at or message us on facebook....thanks!!