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February 16, 2019

Bellator 216 Live Play by Play

Michael Venom Page v. Paul Semtex Daley Welterweight Grand Prix

Travis Lizotte

Alright New England MMA fans after some technical difficulties last night we should be good to go for tonight's Bellator 216 card, bringing you live up to the minute results from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut. Tonight's card is absolutely stacked and will kick off at 7:30 PM Eastern time with the Main Card to follow at 10 PM. Stay with us throughout the night for all the live coverage as it goes down here at Bellator 216!


Pat "The Gorilla Ninja" Casey v. Nekruz Mirkhojaev

Round 1: They Touch em up and Nekruz goes for the early takedown and is stuffed, they return to striking distance and Nekruz ducks in for another takedown attempt and is stuffed. Nekruz lands a combination and is answered by the gloves of Pat Casey. These two are swinging for the fences as the first two minutes tick away. Casey lands a nice combination that rests the chin of Nekruz as he follows the right with a big lefthand. Nekruz is trying to clinch but Pat is having none of it as Casey stuffs another takedown but eats a strike in the process. Nekruz once again tries to get the fight to the ground but is again stuffed by Casey. Casey lands a body kick just before the round ends. 10-9 Casey.

Round 2: Both men come out looking to strike again as Casey puts his head down and strikes his way forward. Nekruz looks for another takedown but its more of the same, Pat stuffs and returns to striking distance. They are essentially standing in front of each other here trading combinations. Casey clips Nekruz with a nice right hand worthy of note. Casey has Nekruz backed to the cage as Pat goes on the offensive and Nekruz looks to counter and they return to the center. Nekruz catches a kick from Casey and dumps him on the canvas, Casey gets to his feet briefly but is dumped again and Nekruz takes his back with 20 seconds left to work, Nekruz lands some hammerfists and looks for the rear naked choke but cannot finish. 10-9 Mirkhojaev. 

Round 3: Nekruz touches the chin of Casey and they roll to the canvas, Casey gets to his feet but is greeted by a takedown by Nekruz. Nekruz gets the back and is landing some clean shots, Nekruz switches to a neck crank and Casey is forced to tap.

Decision: Nekruz Mirkhojaev defeats Pat Casey by Submission (Neck Crank) at 1:18 of the third round. 

Rodolfo Rocha v. Jesse "James" Kosakowski

Round 1: Jesse comes out careful of the reach of Rocha, Jesse closes that distance quick and lands a textbook doubleleg and goes to work from Rocha's guard. Rocha throws up a triangle attempt but Jesse is using it to try and pass guard, Jesse works to side control with time to work. Jesse throws in an inverted triangle but Rocha escapes and ends up on top with some ground and pound. Kosakowski sweeps to top position and scrambles to the back of Rocha with thirty seconds left. Jesse is too high on the ride and Rocha sweeps and ends the round on top. 10-9 Kosakowski.

Round 2: Jesse gets round 2 going with a side kick and a jab and we are underway as fighters exchange leg kicks. Jesse lands a nice right to the body and then closes the distance and trips Rocha to the mat and we are back in guard. Jesse uses some heavy left hands to batter the body of Rocha, Jesse creates distance and lands some heavy elbows the open Rocha up wide. Rocha gives his back and Jesse sinks in a body triangle and uses the blood of Rocha to lubricate his forearm under the chin of Rocha for the tap!

Decision: Jesse Kosakowski defeats Rodolfo Rocha by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:05 of the second round.

Vinicius "The Brazilian Bad Boy"de Jesus v. Rodolfo Barcellos

Round 1: Vinicius comes out stalking Barcellos and backing him to the cage, both men land some leg kicks and de Jesus lands a right to the body. Both fighters continue to work on one another's lead legs but it is de Jesus that continues to come forward. De Jesus comes forward firing a jab followed by another jab that sits Rodolfo down but he pops right back up and is greeted by a leg kick from de Jesus. De Jesus land another leg kick that folds Barcello's knee and Vinicius backs off and lets Barcellos stand. Vinicius throws a left jab followed by a right uppercut that folds Barcellos and de Jesus follows with heavy ground and pound for the stoppage.

Decision: Vinicus de Jesus defeats Rodalfo Barcellos by Knockout (Uppercut/ Ground and Pound) at 3:46 of round one.

Tyrell Fortune v. Ryan Pokryfky

Round 1: Ryan comes out fienting the jab loosing to stay away from the power of Fortune, Fortune walks throught a combination as he looks to back Ryan up. Fortune swings his right hand and looks to change levels but Ryan steps aside. Ryan is relying heavy on the jab and Fortune lands an overhand that clips Ryan, Fortune lets him return to his feet where he lands yet another overhand right that wobbles Ryan and Fortune follows up with a deadly knee that garners the stoppage from referee Leon Roberts.

Decision: Tyrell Fortune defeats Ryan Pokryfky by Knockout (Right Hand/ Knee) at 2:21 of round number one! That knee was NASTY!

Kastriot "Slaughterhouse" Xhema v. Kemran "Killer Kem"Lachinov

Round 1: Lachinov comes out throwing two righthands and goes straight for the takedow, he eats a fist from Kastriot on the way in but gets the takedown. They break and Kastriot fires a kick that hits the body of Lachinov but is caught and Lachinov dumps him back to the ground. Lachinov works to side control and eventually to north/ south. Lachinov is heavy on top but isn't doing much to improve position, Lachinov returns to side control where he looks to trap the arms of Xhema with a minute left in the round. Lachinov lands a share of knees and fist from side control before Xhema can scramble, Lachinov hops on the back and lands some ground and pound as the round ends. 10-9 Lachinov.

Round 2: Lachinov comes out welcoming Xhema to close the distance, Kastriot gets the takedown and Lachinov grabs the leg of Xhema, Kastriot looks at referee Kevin McDonald and calmly tells Kevin that his leg is broken as he taps out to the leg lock.

Decision: Kemran Lachinov defeats Kastriot Xhema by Technical Submission (Knee Bar) at :36 seconds of round 2.

Justin "The Fort" Sumter v. Reginaldo Felix

Round 1: Justin claims the center of the cage early and lands a body kick as Felix tries to get in on the kicking action and lands a couple of his own. Sumter continues to comes forward throwing kicks but Felix lands a huge counter that drops Justin. Sumter gets to his feet and Reginaldo looks for the kill with heavy strikes and Sumter is surviving now. Justin comes back with some heavy leather of his own and both fighters are showing signs of wear as both are bleeding now. Redinaldo lands some more heavy hands and Sumter lands some brutal knees to the body from the clinch. We have a war ladies and gentlemen! 10-9 Felix

Round 2: Reginaldo strikes first but is countered by Sumter and Sumter changes levels for the takedown. Justin works to half guard and looks to trap the arms of Felix as Sumter grinds Felix on the fence. Sumter is looking for room to land strikes but Felix is doing a great job defending the attack of Sumter. Justin works to mount and Reginaldo gives up his back and Justin Sumter sinks in the Rear Naked Choke for the tap.

Decision: Justin Sumter defeats Reginaldo Felix by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:42 of the second round.

Demetrios "Demi God" Plaza v. Drews Rodriguez

Round 1: Plaza opens with a lower leg kick and we are underway. Rodriguez comes forward with a combination and is turned away. Plaza comes forward with a combination of his own and knocks Rodriguez to the canvas and  quickly works to mount. Rodgiruez works back to half guard but eats an elbow for his troubles before Rodriguez returns to the feet and eats a knee to the face. Plaza trips Rodriguez back to the ground and is again in mount. Plaza comes up empty on an armbar attempt but ends up back on top and in mount once again. Demetrios postures up briefly and lands a short elbow but Rodriguez is minimizing damage by keeping Plaza close as the round ends. Rodriguez has a huge mouse on his left cheek that will need to be attended to between rounds. 10-8 Plaza.

Round 2: Rodriguez comes out with a spinning technique and some kicks that fall short as Rodriguez is sensing some urgency here. Rodriguez is showing some good movement to stay away from Plaza but all his strikes are being blocked by Plaza. Plaza eats a combination but is able to clinch but it is Rodriguez who puts Plaza's back to the cage and looks to work the knee game. Plaza is now landing some dirty boxing to the damaged cheek of Rodriguez as the action is slow this round. Rodriguez gets in a nice knee to the body but Plaza works more on that cheek and it is obviously effecting Rodriguez as the round comes to a close. 10-9 Rodriguez.

Round 3: Rodriguez comes out again throwing high kicks but they are being blocked by Plaza. Plaza throws a loud spinning head kick that just glances Rodriguez, Andrews fires back with a knee and is taken down by Plaza. Rodriguez is landing strikes from his back as Plaza looks to posture and once again work on the face of Rodriguez. Rodriguez looks to land elbows from the bottom but Plaza lands another couple elbows to the vastly damaged face of Rodriguez. Rodriguez comes up empty on a great attempt at an armbar and Plaza makes him pay with more sharp elbows. Rodriguez' face is destroyed as the round ends. 10-9 Plaza.

Decision: Demetrios Plaza defeats Andrews Rodriguez by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27) 

Main Card:

Valerie Loureda v. Colby "Dreamcatcher" Fletcher
Round 1: Both girls came out with a high volume of striking early in the first round with both landing numerous combinations.  Loureda landed a body kick that dropped Fletcher and she followed with heavy Ground and Pound for the stoppage.

Decision: Valerie Loureda defeats Colby Fletcher by Knockout (Body Kick/ Ground and Pound) at 2:55 of the first round.

Yaroslav "Dynamo" Amosov v. Erick "The Tiger" Silva
Round 1: Silva landed a right hand that cut the right eye of Amosov early, as these guys slugged it out from the word GO! Amosov tried hard to clinch with Silva but Silva did well to keep distance and strike his way through the first round. 10-9 Silva  

Round 2: Amosov closed the distance in the early part of round two and was able to get Silva to the ground where he did some damage with strikes and submission attempts. Silva got back to his feet but Amosov slammed him back to the canvas where he continued to work on Silva. 10-9 Amosov.

Round 3: The begin the first round at striking distance but Amosov wastes little time taking the fight to the ground but this time Silva is able to return to his feet. Amosov gets another takedown and works the body of Silva from side control. Silva gets up again and is slammed back to the mat by Amosov as the grappling of Amosov is wearing heavy on Silva in the later rounds. Amosov was all over Silva in the final round. 10-8 Amosov.

Decision: Yaroslav Amosov defeats Erick Silva by Unanimous Decision (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Cheick Kongo v. Vitaly Minakov
Round 1: The first real action in the first round comes from a Cheick Kongo knee to the cup of Minakov. Following the stoppage from the foul both men look to amp up their striking as Minakov knocks Kongo down. Pretty closly contested first round I have it 10-9 Minakov.

Round 2: Minakov takes the center of the cage early in the second round as he chases Kongo around the outskirts of the cage. Kongo has been on his bicycle all round but with a minute left Kongo goes on the offensive landing some strikes to Minakov. Not a lot happening in this round until the last minute...10-9 Kongo.

Round 3: Minakov takes the center to start the third as Kongo lands some nice lower leg kicks on the Russian. Minakov answers the striking with a takedown as he works Kongo from the top. Minakov works the body of Kongo from top position but isn't threatening to finish the fight. Kongo uses a Guillotine choke to get to his feet and lands some heavy leather and knees as the third round expires. 10-9 Minakov. 

Decision: Cheick Kongo defeats  Vitaly Minakov by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) I did not see this fight the same as the judges.

Mirko Cro Cop v. Roy "Big Country" Nelson
Round 1: Roy Nelson is the more active fighter early on landing some shots and backing down Cro Cop. Roy lands some knees to the body with his back against the fence. Cro Cop lands a sharp kick to the body of Nelson as Nelson looks to take the fight to the ground. 10-9 Nelson.

Round 2: Roy is once again the aggressor early in the round as Cro Cop continues to keep that left leg loaded. They trade knees on the cage and Roy lands some nice short elbows and Cro Cop returns with an Uppercut. Cro Cop adds some kicks to the body of Nelson and a straight jab to the face. Cro Cop puts together some offense as Roy returns with some knees from the clinch. Roy lands some nice clean uppercuts as the round ends. 10-9 Nelson.

Round 3: Cro Cop lands a left to open the round and Roy returns fire with a left of his own. Mirko stuff three more takedown attempts from Nelson as we stay standing. Nelson has been doing a great job this round landing uppercuts to the body from the clinch. Roy finally capitalizes on a single leg with a minute left to go as Roy works from the guard of Cro Cop. Roy finishes on top landing some short elbows as we go to the judges. 10-9 Nelson.

Decision: Mirko Cro Cop defeats Roy Nelson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) NEEDLESS TO SAY I AM STUNNED!

Michael "Venom" Page v. Paul "Semtex" Daley
Welterweight Grand Prix Opening Round

Round 1: Page comes out in true MVP fashion with his hands down and clowning Daley. Page chases Daley around the cage for the first half a round as he continues to clown with his hands down and his hands on his knees at times. Page is landing some jabs and push kicks but there is nearly zero offense out of Daley as round 1 ends. 10-9 Page.

Round 2: Page comes out in much the same style but with a little more activity to his movement as Daley still looks for his opening. Page starts to dance and Daley closes the distance and has MVP against the cage where Semtex lands some knees and strikes as he looks to get the fight to the ground. Page gets away briefly but Daley shoot for another takedown and gets it. Daley lands some short strikes from the top but nothing of note. MVP returns to his feet with seconds left and Daley connects with a shot that wobbles MVP. 10-9 Daley.

Round 3: MVP comes out in round three throwing kicks from distance. Semtex shoots for a takedown and MVP defends but Paul has his back against the cage. Daley is persistent and lands the takedown with just over 2 minutes left in the round. Daley opens up with some big shots on the ground before MVP can return to his feet. 10-9 Daley.

Round 4: Page opens the fourth round with an overhand right, Daley answers coming forward. Page lands another right hand and Daley shoots and gets the takedown in the center of the cage. MVP gets to his feet and fires a headkick that just misses and follows with a knee to the face that does land. MVP takes Daley down now and has a minute to work from the top. Page lands some short elbows and ground and pound but Daley survives the round. 10-9 Page.

Round 5: Page throws the flying knee as the bell sounds for round 5, Daley follows up with a takedown and we are on the mat once again. Daley lands some hammerfists and looks for a guillotine but Page defends and gets back to his feet. Page grabs the back from the standing position and looks to flatten out Daley as he has one hook in and is looking for a second. Daley makes it back to the feet and we are on the fence once again. MVP finishes the fight on top of Daley. 10-9 Page.

Decision: Michael Venom Page defeats Paul Semtex Daley by Unanimous Decision (48-47 x3) to advance to the Semi finals of the Welterweight Grand Prix.

February 14, 2019

Bellator 215 & 216 Preview

Mitrione v. Kharitonov / Michael Page v. Paul Daley

Travis Lizotte

Uncasville, Connecticut - Bellator MMA makes an epic return to the Mohegan Sun Arena Friday, February 15th and again the following night Saturday the 16th with two stacked cards, filled with both local favorites and living legends. Friday night Bellator 215 gets the weekend festivities underway with a highly anticipated Heavyweight Main Event as Matt “Meathead” Mitrione (13-6) fights in New England for his third time in a row and welcomes the former Pride Legend; Sergei “The Paratrooper” Kharitonov (27-6) back to the Mohegan Sun Casino and the Bellator cage. Mitrione will be looking to bounce back off a lop-sided Unanimous Decision loss to newly crowned Bellator Heavyweight Champion; Ryan Bader at Bellator 207 in October. Kharitonov also fought at Bellator 207, extending his current winning streak to 5 fights, with a first round dismantling of Roy Nelson, and notching his 18th professional Knockout. Mitrione v. Kharitonov will set the stage for one of the most highly anticipated fights in recent Bellator history, when strikers and fellow knockout artists; Michael “Venom” Page (13-0) and Paul “Semtex” Daley (40-16-2) lock horns in the opening round of the Bellator Welterweight tournament in an epic Main Event at Bellator 216 Saturday night. Two extremely gifted Englishmen with fight ending abilities take center stage as Bellator 216: MVP v. Daley, puts the finishing touches on an exciting weekend of MMA live from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut!
Bellator 215 Mitrione v. Kharitonov carries with it a stacked Main Card that includes former Minnesota Golden Gopher Wrestler; turned Undefeated Welterweight standout; Logan “Storm” Storley (9-0) who will look to keep his record unblemished as he meets Heavy-Handed Romanian Striker; Ion Pascu (18-9). Former Bellator Bantamweight World Champion Eduardo Dantas (20-6) sets out to break his current two fight skid as he squares off with BJ Penn understudy; Hawaiian slugger, Toby Misech (11-6). New England fans are treated to a matchup of “Hometown Bantamweight Prospects” on the Main Card, as two fight Bellator veteran; Mike “The Savage” Kimbel (2-0) seeks yet another first round finish as he welcomes CES veteran John Douma (3-1) to the Bellator cage for the first time. This is an incredible matchup of elite Bantamweight Prospects here in the Northeast region, as the sky's the limit for both of these exciting youngsters that look to add a Nationally Televised Bellator victory to their already impressive professional resumes. Rounding out the Main Card is a man that many MMA fans know as “Mr. Paige VanZant,” also known as Undefeated Welterweight Prospect; Austin “AK-47” Vanderford (6-0), Vanderford will makes his Bellator MMA debut against South Carolina’s Cody Jones (6-2) who will also be making his promotional debut.
The Bellator 216; MVP v. Daley Main Card is the stuff of legend, in addition to the Welterweight Tournament matchup between Michael “Venom” Page v. Paul “Semtex” Daley, Bellator rolls out a stable of MMA legends that makes Bellator 216 possibly the biggest fight card to hit the Northeast in recent memory. The Night’s Co-Main Event features former UFC Heavyweight Cheick Kongo (29-10-2) as he squares off with Vitaly Minakov (21-0) for the second time in their careers. Kongo is the winner of 9 of his last 10 fights, including a current 7 fight win streak since a Decision loss to Minakov at Bellator 115. Minakov has still yet to lose in his 21 fight pro career as he looks to make the Legend; Kongo, his 20th career victory via stoppage. Two more Heavyweight Legends square off as former M-1, Pride and UFC striker; Mirko Cro Cop (37-11-2) makes his Bellator debut against fellow Knockout Artist Roy “Big Country” Nelson (23-16). These legends combine for 44 career knockouts in their 60 combined career wins, everyone in the arena will be rooting for these two Heavyweights to stand toe to toe and slug this one out! Another former UFC standout; Welterweight Erick “The Tiger” Silva (20-9) will test the perfect record of Yaroslav “Dynamo” Amosov (20-0) as Silva steps to the Bellator cage for the first time. American Top Team Women’s Flyweight Prospect Valerie Loureda (Pro Debut) will make her highly anticipated pro debut in the Bellator cage, to open the Main Card against Oklahoma’s Colby “DreamCatcher” Fletcher (1-2) live on DAZN.  
As always Bellator has added some star studded undercards to this epic two night event; a lineup which is littered with top New England based talents. Below are the two fight cards for Bellator 215 & 216, also all New England based fighters (marked with *) have short bios following at the end of this article. will be live at Mohegan Sun Arena both nights and will provide round by round results for all the New England based fighters’ fights as well as full results for the remainder of each card. Please follow along with our coverage throughout the weekend, as we bring you closer to the action from our seats Cage Side!                

Bellator 215 (Friday) Main Card (9 pm on Paramount Network):

Heavyweight Matt “Meathead” Mitrione (13-6) v. Sergei “The Paratrooper” Kharitonov (27-6)
Welterweight Logan “Storm” Storley (9-0) v. Ion “Bombardierul” Pascu (18-9)
Bantamweight Eduardo “Dudu” Dantas (20-6) v. Toby “2 Quick” Misech (11-6)
Bantamweight *Mike “The Savage” Kimbel (2-0) v. *John Douma (3-1)
Catchweight 175 Austin “AK-47” Vanderford (6-0) v. Cody Jones (6-2)
Middleweight *Pat McCrohan (3-2) v. Jason Markland (Debut)
Atomweight Tabatha “Batgirl” Watkins (3-0) v. Lindsey “Damsel” VanZandt (4-1)
Featherweight *Pete “The Heat” Rogers Jr. (3-4) v. Jason “Renegade” Rine (1-4)
Featherweight Amber Leibrock (3-2) v. Amanda “The Lady Killer” Bell (5-5)
Heavyweight Steve Mowry (5-0) v. Darion Abbey (Debut)
Welterweight *Billy Goff (1-0) v. Ryan “Hardyboy” Hardy (Debut)
Featherweight *Matt Probin (3-0) v. *Ali Zebian (1-0)
Flyweight Zarrukh Adashev (1-1) v. Ronie Arana Leon (0-2)

Bellator 216 (Saturday) Main Card (10 pm on DAZN):

Welterweight Michael “Venom” Page (13-0) v. Paul “Semtex” Daley (40-16-2)
Heavyweight Cheick Kongo (29-10-2) v. Vitaly Minakov (21-0)
Heavyweight Mirko Cro Cop (37-11-2) v. Roy “Big Country” Nelson (23-16)
Welterweight Yaroslav “Dynamo” Amosov (20-0) v. Erick “The Tiger” Silva (20-9)
Flyweight Valerie Loureda (2-1) v. Colby “Dreamcatcher” Fletcher (1-2)
Lightweight *Pat “The Gorilla Ninja” Casey (4-0) v. Nekruz Mirkhojaev (3-2)
Welterweight *Kastriot “Slaughterhouse” Xhema (2-2) v. *Kemran “Killer Kem” Lachinov (7-2)
Welterweight Demetrios “Demi God” Plaza (Debut) v. Drews Rodriguez (1-0)
Middleweight Rodolfo Neves Rocha (0-1) v. *Jesse “James” Kosakowski (2-0)
Middleweight *Justin “The Fort”  Sumter (6-2) v. *Reginaldo Felix (5-2)
Welterweight *Vinicius “The Brazilian Bad Boy” de Jesus (6-2) v. Rodolfo Barcellos (1-0)
Heavyweight Tyrell Fortune (5-0) v. Ryan Pokryfky (6-5)

Bellator 215 fighters from New England:

*Mike “The Savage” Kimbel
Fighting out of: Waterbury, Connecticut
Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy
Record: 2-0 (2 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout (Punches) of ALex Potts at Bellator 207.
Fighting: John Douma (3-1)

*John Douma
Fighting out of: Narragansett, Rhode Island
Affiliation: Tri-Force MMA
Record: 3-1 (2 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: Third round Knockout loss (Elbows) to Adam Acquaviva at CES 50: Paiva v. Ewell
Fighting: Mike Kimbel (2-0)

*Pat McCrohan
Fighting out of: Berkeley, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Regiment Training Center
Record: 3-2 (2 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout loss (Punches) to Reginaldo Felix at CES 50: Paiva v. Ewell.
Fighting: Jason Markland (Debut)

*Pete “The Heat” Rogers Jr.
Fighting out of: Norwich, Connecticut
Affiliation: Pete Rogers MMA
Record: 3-4 (2 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Submission (Guillotine) of Timothy Wheeler at Bellator 185
Fighting: Jason Rine (1-4)

*Billy Goff
Fighting out of: Groton, Connecticut
Affiliation: Dexter MMA
Record: 1-0 (1 Knockouts)
Last fight: Second round Knockout of Armus Guyton at Reality Fighting.
Fighting: Ryan Hardy Evans (Debut)

*Matt Probin
Fighting out of: Portland, Maine
Affiliation: Recon MMA
Record: 3-0 (3 Knockouts)
Last fight: Second round Knockout of Lionel Young at NEF 36: Battle for the Gold.
Fighting: Ali Zebian (1-0)

*Ali “Anabolic Arab” Zebian
Fighting out of: Westfield, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Jon Manley MMA
Record: 1-0 (3 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout (Doctor Stoppage) of Jason Rine at Premier FC 27.
Fighting: Matt Probin (3-0)

Bellator 216 fighters from New England:

*Pat “The Gorilla Ninja” Casey
Fighting out of: Springfield, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Team Link
Record: 4-0 (1 Submission)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision Victory over Kastriot Xhema at Bellator 207.
Fighting: Nekruz Mirkhojaev (3-2)

*Kastriot “Slaughterhouse” Xhema
Fighting out of: Greenwich, Connecticut
Affiliation: Team Slaughterhouse
Record: 2-2 (2 Knockouts)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Pat Casey at Bellator 207.
Fighting: Kemran Lachinov (7-2)

*Kemran “Killer Kem” Lachinov
Fighting out of: Springfield, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Team Link
Record: 7-2 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision Victory over Sean Lally at Bellaotr 207.
Fighting: Kastriot Xhema (2-2)

*Jesse “James” Kosakowski
Fighting out of: Waterbury, Connecticut
Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy
Record: 2-0 (2 Submissions)
Last fight: Third Round Submission of Daniel Konrad at Reality Fighting.
Fighting: Rodolfo Rocha (1-1)

*Justin “The Fort” Sumter
Fighting out of: Milford, Connecticut
Affiliation: Fighting Arts Academy
Record: 6-2 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Knockout loss (Elbows from Guard) to Ian Heinisch as Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series 2018.
Fighting: Reginaldo Felix (5-2)

*Reginaldo Felix
Fighting out of: Worcester, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Team Link
Record: 5-2 (4 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Knockout (Punches) of Pat McCrohan at CES 50: Paiva v. Ewell.
Fighting: Justin Sumter (6-2)

*Vinicius “The Brazilian Bad Boy” de Jesus
Fighting out of: Stamford, Connecticut by way of; Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Affiliation: Boxer MMA/ UFC Gym
Record: 6-2 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision Victory over Tim Caron at Bellator 207.
Fighting: Rodolfo Barcellos (1-0)


February 11, 2019

NEF FIGHT VIDEOS: Brandon Maillet-Fevens vs. Ben Peters | Glory Watson vs. Megan Rosado | Nate Boucher vs. Jordan Young



Portland, Maine (February 8, 2019) - New England Fights (NEF) will present its next mixed-martial-arts (MMA) event, "NEF 38: STORMBORN," on April 27, 2019 at Aura in Portland.  Earlier today, the fight promotion announced the second amateur title fight confirmed for the event.  Zac "Rocky" Richard (3-0-1) will take on Tom "The Phenom" Pagliarulo (2-1) for the vacant NEF Amateur  Featherweight Championship.

It will be Richard's second attempt at capturing the title.  Earlier this month, Richard fought Fred Lear (6-2-1) to a thrilling five-round draw for the strap in Bangor, Maine.  The bout is considered by many to be a very early contender for "Fight of the Year" in New England thus far.  Lear's decision to turn professional after that fight nixed any hope for an immediate rematch.

Richard, the 2018 "NEF Rookie of the Year" as voted by the promotion's fans, went on a tear last year with three first-round finishes.  He has never been a stranger to the winner's circle, having won a Maine state championship in wrestling for Massabesic High School in 2015.  Richard hopes to replicate that success on April 27 and take the featherweight strap home in his second attempt.

Richard represents team Nostos MMA of Somersworth, New Hampshire where he trains under current UFC fighter, and former NEF Professional Lightweight Champion, Devin Powell (9-4).

"Now that I’ve been in a war, I know what I need to work on," said Richard.  "I’ve came so far in just one year. I’m going to blow the roof off of AURA. No way around it, I want that title. I’m going to come back faster, stronger and smarter. Tom is a great fighter and I know this fight will bring out the best in me."

Tom Pagliarulo will be making his NEF debut on April 27.  He has two finishes to his credit on MMA events in New Hampshire, including a first-round technical knockout last fall.  Like Richard, Pagliarulo cut his teeth on the wrestling mats.  He is a lifelong wrestler.  He competed for Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, Massachusetts and later for Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire.  Pagliarulo currently holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and trains at both Burgess MMA in Manchester, New Hampshire and Spero's Martial Arts Academy in Plaistow, New Hampshire.