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January 22, 2019


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Bangor, Maine (January 18, 2019) – New England Fights (NEF) will hold its next mixed-martial-arts event, "NEF 37: Sub Zero," on Friday, February 1, 2019 at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor, Maine.  Earlier today, the promotion announced the full fight card for the event.

 In the main event of the evening, Josh "Hook On" Harvey (5-0-1) will face Bill "Jonesi" Jones (13-10) for the vacant NEF MMA Professional Featherweight Title.  Harvey is coming off a very controversial majority draw in Massachusetts last fall against UFC veteran Joe Giannetti (6-1-1).  Many observers felt that Harvey had dominated Giannetti for three rounds and Giannetti was only saved by a hometown decision.  Prior to that time, Harvey had a perfect professional record with five straight wins in the NEF cage.  Bill Jones is a pioneer of the New England MMA scene.  Jones, a member of Nostos MMA, vanquished Matt Denning (5-8) last spring at "NEF 33" in Portland, Maine via second-round technical knockout.


*** Amateur Kickboxing ***

Fight 1

170 lbs. Rick Pistone (0-1) Renzo Gracie NH vs. Carlos Aguirre (1-0) Burgess

*** Amateur MMA Bout ***

Fight 2

155 lbs. - Justin O'Connor (3-2) Lauzon's MMA vs. Matt Brady (2-1) FTA

Fight 3

145 lbs. - Dan Ward (1-7) Spero's MMA vs. Joshua Greenlawn (0-2) IND

Fight 4

185 lbs. - Isaiah Able (0-2) Team Link Hooksett vs. Jeff Reynolds (0-0) Triumph BJJ

Fight 5

170 lbs. - Mohammad Al Kinani (5-1) Evolution Athletix vs. John McAndrews (5-1) Gate City

*** Professional MMA Bout ***

Fight 6

175 lbs. - Nick Alley (4-3) Team Link Hooksett vs. Steve Chesnik (0-2) IND

Fight 7 

130 lbs. - Jeff Silva (3-3) PMA vs. Andy Aiello (4-3) Lauzon's MMA

Fight 8

140 lbs. - Andres Rodriguez (2-0) NEMMA vs. Carl Langston (0-1) Young's MMA

Fight 9

135 lbs. - Ken Murphy (1-2) Team Link Hooksett vs. Charalampos Grigoriou (2-1) Law MMA 

Fight 10

205 lbs. - Cowsneck Boutin (2-3) Bad Little Falls Dojo vs. Terrance Jean-Jacques (2-1) Team Link Hooksett

 *** CZ Main Event ***

CZ Amateur Welterweight Title 

Fight 11

170 lbs. - Dave Spero (5-2) Spero's MMA vs. Duncan Smith (4-2) Evolution Athletix

January 19, 2019

CES MMA 54 Live Play by Play: Nate Andrews v. Bryce Logan

Lightweight World Title

Travis Lizotte

Lincoln, Rhode Island- CES MMA we are live and in place on press row at the Twin River Casino Event Center ahead of the opening bell here at CES 54. Fights start at 1:50pm est sharp with the Main Card starting at 3pm est and will be aired live on UFC Fight Pass. Fighters and fans follow along with this article throughout the afternoon for live up to the round coverage of CES 54, share this release on social media for out of town fans who cannot make it to the show!       

Gil Pinheiro (0-2) v. Eugene Aubrey (2-0)
Catchweight 165lbs
Gil Pinheiro
Fighting out of: Waterbury, Connecticut
Affiliation: Thornton Martial Arts
Record: 0-2 (losses to Camron Lachinov and Vinicius de Jesus)  
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Camron Lachinov at Premier FC 24
Eugene “The Suitcase Kid” Aubrey
Fighting out of: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Affiliation: Extreme Evolution Fight Camp
Record: 2-0 (2 first round Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout (Punch) of Jake Kozorosky at Art of War Cage Fighting 9.
Round 1: Here WE go! Pinheiro comes out swinging and Aubrey slips Aubrey returns to his feet and takes Gil down and works some ground and pound from the top. Pinhiero uses his wizzer to return to his feet and Aubrey presses him against the cage, Pinheiro connects with an elbow that cuts Aubrey and gains space for Gil. Pinheiro is coming forward throwing gas and Aubrey throws a combo of his own and its now Aubrey with his back to the fence. Aubrey glances Pinheiro with a flying knee from the cage Aubrey circles and takes Pinheiro down and looks to take the back. Pinheiro once again gets on his feet and they are exchanging again. Aubrey finishes the round by pressing Pinheiro against the cage. Close round 10-9 Aubrey very close!
Round 2: Aubrey comes out and takes Gil down quick and is landing some heavy hammerfists but Pinheiro pulls him in close to avoid further damage. Gil looks to get out with the butterfly guard but Aubrey returns to guard and continues to work with elbows and hammerfists. Gil gives his back and stands up as both fighters are bloodied up good. Aubrey takes Gil down once again and Pinheiro gives his back again as Aubrey looks to sink his hooks in. Aubrey looks to harvest the neck of Pinheiro and with little work and all the blood the Rear Naked Choke sinks in deep and Aubrey gets the tap.
Decision: Eugene Aubrey defeats Gil Pinheiro by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:28 of the second round!

Todd Monroe (3-3) v. David Baxter (4-2)
Todd “The Matrix” Monroe
Fighting out of: Greensboro, North Carolina
Affiliation: Rockbottom MMA
Record: 3-3 (2 Knockouts)  
Last fight: Third round Submission loss (Armbar) to Cody Durden at 864 Fighting Championship.
David "The Honey" Baxter
Fighting out of: Bellingham, Massachusetts
Affiliation: BST MMA
Record: 4-2 (3 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Submission loss (Rear Naked Choke) to Kody Nordby at CES 42.
Round 1: Both fighters come out looking to find their distance and Monroe gets a finger into the eye of Baxter and the doctor is having a look. Baxter passes inspection and we are back to the action. Baxter starts with a leg kick and Baxter shoots for a take down and it is stuffed. Both fighters are trading and Baxter shoots in for the takedown once again. The fence stops the takedown and Baxter has Monroe pressed against the fence. Monroe turns the action as Baxter tries to strike his way out. Referee John English breaks the action and we return to the center where Baxter lands the first combination ending with a high kick that gets the attention of the crowd. Baxter lands come more leather and follows with some kicks as he has Monroe on his back leg. Baxter presses Monroe on the cage once again but Monroe turns the action again. Baxter turns the action once more and lands some dirty boxing as the round ends. 10-9 Baxter.
Round 2: Baxter comes out with low kicks to start round 2 and follows with an overhand right, Monroe looks for a kick of his own but Baxter catches it and puts Monroe on the fence. They go back and forth on the fence and Monroe gets Baxter to the ground. Baxter eats a shot on the way up but immediately shoots for another takedown and they are back on the cage wall. We get back to striking distance and Baxter lands but is returned by a Monroe hook that hurts Baxter and puts him on the ground. Baxter survives and returns to the feet where he looks to establish his jab. Baxter is poked in the eye once again. Referee John English takes a point from Monroe and the fight resumes. Baxter once again looks to establish the jab as round 2 ends. 9-9 with the point taken from Monroe.
Round 3: Baxter comes out throwing and landing some leg kicks and Monroe returns fire as they trade early in the third. Baxter puts Monroe back on the cage and once again Monroe turns the action. Baxter is landing shot shots with his back to the fence before English breaks the action again and fighters return to striking distance. Baxter lands a kick up the middle as he continues to try and back Monroe up. Baxter puts together a flurry of punches that close the distance as he shoots for another takedown and is stuffed once again. Baxter goes for a hip toss but slips to his back and Monroe gets on top with 20 seconds left in the round and that's where the fight ends. 10-9 Baxter.
Decision: David Baxter and Todd Monroe battle to an Majority draw (29-27, 28-28, 28-28)   

Kevin Haley (6-4) v. William Knight (3-0)
Kevin “The North Woods Nightmare” Haley
Fighting out of: Dover, New Hampshire
Affiliation: Nostos MMA
Record: 6-4 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Second round Submission (Guillotine) to Pat Walsh at CES 41.
William “Nightmare” Knight
Fighting out of: Manchester, Connecticut
Affiliation: Thornton Martial Arts  
Record: 3-0 (3 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout of Walter Howard at Premier FC 27.
Round 1: Fighters start slow with a show of respect for one another, Knight starts with some leg kicks and a left that catches Kevin a little on the chin. Knight looks for some spinning technique and slips and Haley pounces on top and has him in the front choke. Haley looks for the kimura and Knight slides into top control as the Kimura slips out. Knight cocks his right hand back looking to land as Haley looks to keep him close. Haley throws up a triangle attempt, Knight lands a straight hammerfist to the back of the head and Kevin Mulhall calls a stop to the fight. Haley is pointing to the back of his head and has obviously taken some hammerfists to the back of his head....
Decision: William Knight defeats Kevin Haley by tap due to strikes.

Kylie O’Hearn (1-0) v. Jessy Miele (6-3)
Women’s Featherweight
Kylie O’Hearn
Fighting out of: Plymouth, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Juniko
Record: 1-0 (1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Trisha Cicero at Cage Titans 40.
Jessy “The Widowmaker” Miele
Fighting out of: Hartford, Connecticut
Affiliation: Underdog BJJ/ IMB Academy of Connecticut
Record: 6-3 (1 Knockout, 4 Submission)  
Last fight: Second round Submission (Rear Naked Choke) of Calie Cutler at Reality Fighting.
Round 1: Kylie comes out throwing looking to finish this thing quick, Miele wraps her up and puts her on the cage, Kylie escapes and it throwing for the fences. Miele wraps her up and trips Kylie to the mat where she looks to work from the top, Kylie gets to guard as she looks to throw leather from the bottom and Jessy looks to pass the guard. Kylie looks to isolate the left arm of Miele and Jessy picks her up and slams her but Kylie doesn't let go and pulls Miele in close. Kylie is bleeding heavily from the right eye as she continues to get pressured by Miele's top game. Miele lands another elbow from the top as the round ends. 10-9 Miele.
Round 2: O'Hearn comes out with an overhand right that lands flush and follows it with some more heat as Miele looks to tie up and takes Kylie back to the mat. Miele gets to half guard and lands some right hands as Kylie looks to escape. Miele looks for a keylock on the opposite arm but Kylie defends and gains her guard back. Kylie threatens an armbar and looks to escape out the backdoor, O'Hearn makes it back to the feet and looks to take Miele's back from the standing position Kylie gets the back and Miele goes down but is able to turn in the guard of O'Hearn and once again ends up on top in Kylie's guard. Miele finishes the round on top in the guard of O'Hearn. 10-9 Miele.
Round 3: Kylie comes out like she did the first two rounds throwing for the fences, Miele clinches and Kylie lands some knees and now takes Jessy down and has top control for the first time in this fight. Kylie has Jessy in a head and arm and Miele looks to escape to the back. Kylie throws up guard to avoid the back take and Miele mounts O'Hearn and looks to work on that bloody right eye. Miele is using short hammerfists to land more damage to O'Hearn, John English is taking a close looks as he instructs Kylie to improve her position but Kylie continues to fight. Jessy finally postures up fully from the mount and lands some ground and pound for the stoppage.
Decision: Jessy Miele defeats Kylie O'Hearn by TKO at 4:27 of the third round.

Tateki Matsuda (13-9) v. Josh Ricci (4-1)
Tateki “Tech” Matsuda
Fighting out of: Boston, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Sityodtong   
Record: 13-9 (5 Knockouts, 1 Submission)
Last fight: First round Knockout loss to Toru Ogawa at Pancrase 297.
“Ruthless” Josh Ricci
Fighting out of: Utica, New York
Affiliation: Team Andrello  
Record: 4-1 (2 Submissions)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Johnny Lopez at CES 53.
Round 1: Fighters comes out and look for their distances they are showing much respect for one another. Ricci throws an overhand to close distance and takes Matsuda down, Matsuda uses the fence to get back to his feet but Ricci pulls his feet back out and takes the back of Matsuda. Ricci is working hard with both hooks in but the veteran Matsuda is doing a great job defending the rear naked choke attempt. Josh sees a spot and looks to sink the choke but Tateki sinks his chin and fights the hands of Ricci with a minute left in the third. With ten seconds left in the round Matsuda turns into Ricci's guard and looks for some ground and pound as the round ends. 10-9 Ricci
Round 2: Matsuda come out in round two and looks to showcase some striking but it's short lived as Ricci takes him down. Matsuda looks to return to his feet and Ricci goes for broke on a double leg that leaves Matsuda in top control. Matsuda continues to work but its not enough for referee Kevin Mulhall as he stands the action up. Tateki once again looks to strike with Ricci and Ricci looks for another takedown. Tech pulls guillotine as the round ends. 10-9 Matsuda.
Round 3: Matsuda starts round three with a body kick and Ricci follows with an overhand that sits Matsuda down. Tateki returns to his feet and backs Ricci across the cage and takes him down now. Ricci's stay on the ground is short lived as they stand as they clinch on the fence and Ricci secures another takedown. Matsuda scrambles as Ricci grabs the front choke and attempts to turn it into another takedown which is stuffed by Matsuda. Matsuda pushes Ricci's head to the mat and ends up in half guard. Ricci gets up but not before taking a knee to the body. Ricci lands a combination to the head and body and Tateki looks for a double leg that is stuffed by Ricci. Ricci looks for a takedown of his own and gets it on the fence, Tateki stands back up and drops Ricci as the fight comes to an end. 10-9 Matsuda....VERY CLOSE ROUND could go either way.
Decision: Tateki Matsuda defeats Josh Ricci by Unanimous Decision (29-28 X3)

Eric Spicely (10-4) v. Leo Pla (12-7)
Eric “Dreamcatcher” Spicely
Fighting out of: Olneyville, Rhode Island
Affiliation: Tristar Gym
Record: 10-4 (1 Knockout, 6 Submissions)
Last fight: Second round TKO (Punches) loss to Darren Stewart at UFC Fight Night 130.
Leo Pla
Fighting out of: Kansas City, Missouri
Affiliation: Team Andrello  
Record: 12-7 (6 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)
Last fight: Second round Knockout of Joe Rodriguez at Steelfist Fight Night 60.
Round 1: Pla comes out and lands a left to thed body to get things going, Eric closes the distane and puts Pla's back to the fence and ties him up. Spicely slings Pla to the mat and mounts him looking to end this one quick, Spicely has world class Jiu Jitsu and from the top this fight doesn't look long for Pla. Spicely lands some elbows from the top to soften Leo up and now some more heavy hammerfists from the UFC veteran, Spicely takes a tour to side control before returning to mount and landing the finishing touches that get the stoppage from Referee John English.
Decision: Eric Spicely defeats Leo Pla by TKO at 3:53 of the first round.

Kris Moutinho (7-2) v. (Title belt) Tony Gravely (16-5)
Title beltBantamweight World TitleTitle belt
Kris “The Soul Snatcher” Moutinho
Fighting out of: Milford, Massachusetts
Affiliation: BST MMA  
Record: 7-2 (3 Knockouts)
Last fight: Unanimous Decision victory over James Quigg at CES 53.
Tony Gravely
Fighting out of: Martinsville, Virginia
Affiliation: Tech Top Team
Record: 16-5 (6 Knockouts, 3 Submissions)
Last fight: Fifth round Knockout of Drako Rodriguez at KOTC: Territorial Conflict.
Round 1: Gravely comes out swinging his right hand and Moutinho fires back and Gravely gets the takedown as Moutinho works a heel hook on the Champion Gravely. Gravely ends up in the guard of Moutinho and then moves to half guard as Gravely looks for space to drop elbows. Kris gets ahold of Gravely's leg again but Gravely escapes and lands some punches from the top. Moutinho is throwing some nice elbow from the bottom that are finding a home as he continues to fend off the Champion. Gravely gets to side control but its Moutinho attacking the shoulder and left arm of Gravely and looking for the Keylock. Gravely survives and returns to the guard of Moutinho, Moutinho once again looks for the leg lock, the Champion defends and finishes the round on top. 10-9 Gravely
Round 2: Gravely comes out with a lower leg kick and Moutinho looks to fire some shots but leave the mid section open and Gravely takes him down. Kris tries to escape to his feet but the Champion grabs a front choke and keeps Moutinho on the ground where he ends up in half guard. Once again Kris looks for the shoulder lock to no avail as Gravely looks to mount. Kris defends the mount attempt and ends up back in guard as Gravely continues pressure from the top. Moutinho uses a wizzer to get to his feet but its short lived as the Champ plants him on the mat again. Moutinho lands some elbows to the Champ as the Champion look to bring his all the way down to the mat but Moutinho works and stands as the round ends. 10-9 Gravely.
Round 3: Gravely comes out and grabs Moutinho around the waist and slams him to the ground, Moutinho once again looks for the keylock as Gravely passes the guard and gets to side control. Gravely attempts the mount again but Kris defense as he continues to work hard from the bottom. MOutinho works his way the fince in effort to get back to his feet but Gravely is heavy on top, Moutinho gets a hip under himself but Tony takes it right away and they go back to the ground and Gravely looks for the d'arce choke and Moutinho escapes as they fight against the cage and the round ends. 10-9 Gravely.
Round 4: Both men come out throwing solid leather to open up the Championship rounds, with Gravely landing the heavy shots Moutinho ties up the champion and looks for a takedown but Gravely stuffs and pushes Moutinho's back to the cage where he looks for a takedown of his own. Moutinho goes back to the keylock as Gravely has him pressed against the fence and eventually works to half guard. Gravely works to side control once again but Moutinho stands and lands a combo over the top of another double leg takedown by the Champion. Gravely postures up and lands some ground and pound as Moutinho looks for a leg lock yet again. as Moutinho looks to sink the leg lock Gravely connects with some heavy hammerfists, Moutinho survives the first two hammers but the third knocks Kris out cold.
Decision: Tony Gravely defeats Kris Moutinho by Knockout at 4:02 of the fourth round.
Tony Gravely retains the CES Bantamweight World Title in a tough fought battle by both fighters!

Bryce Logan (9-3) v. (Title belt) Nate Andrews (14-1)
Title beltLightweight World TitleTitle belt
Bryce Logan
Fighting out of: Gilbert, Arizona
Affiliation: Power MMA
Record: 9-3 (2 Knockouts, 2 Submissions)  
Last fight: Split decision loss to Demarques Jackson at Bellator 204.
Nate “The Snake” Andrews
Fighting out of: Providence, Rhode Island
Affiliation: New England Combat
Record: 14-1 (5 Knockouts, 9 Submissions)
Last fight: First round Submission (Triangle Choke) of D’Juan Owens at CES 51.
Round 1: The southpaw Andrews starts off with a kick and Logan follows with a combination, Andrews fires back and connects with the cup of Logan and referee John English stops the action while Bryce recovers. And the action resumes with Logan throwing first but he misses his target. Nate throws the jab out there and follows with a left hook, Andrews connects again with the left hook and Logan answers with a combination of his own and he clinches with Andrews against the cage. Logan lands some body shots but Nate is starting to put together some combinations that get Logan's attention and Logan shoots in and takes the champ down and pops into side control. Nate works back to guard and grabs Logan's arm and looks for the Armbar as the first round ends. Close round, very close 10-9 Andrews.
Round 2: Both men come out with jabs and Nate follows his with a push kick to the midsection of Logan. Nate looks the much fresher fighter as we start the second round and now Logan lands to the cup of the Snake. Nate recovers and we start back up with Nate backing Logan down with punches, a left hand crumbles Logan to the mat, Logan tries to grab Andrews leg to recover but Nate lands some hammerfists and Logan covers up and Andrews sinks in a deep guillotine got the tap.
Decision: Nate Andrews defeats Bryce Logan by Submission (Guillotine) at 1:42 of Round number two to retain the CES Lightweight World title and run his record to an overwhelming 15-1 as he calls to Dana White for his UFC contract in his post fight interview.

Due to the impending weather and a 100 mile journey home we are packing up our things and heading home from Twin River. Due to contractual obligations two of the preliminary fights will now take place following that main event. I will do my best to relay to you guys the outcomes of the final two fights.

Brendon Marotte (4-0) v. Chris Rollins (5-8-1)
Brendon “The Kid” Marotte
Fighting out of: Hampstead, New Hampshire
Affiliation: Team PMA  
Record: 4-0 (4 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round TKO (Ground and Pound) of Joey Sanchez at Combat Zone 68.
Chris “The Rocket” Rollins
Fighting out of: Orange, Virginia
Affiliation: Charlottesville BJJ  
Record: 5-8-1 (3 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round knockout of Justin Dalton at Elite Warrior Challenge 19.
Decision: Brendon Marotte defeats Chris Rollins by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27) 

Yorgan DeCastro (3-0) v. Carlton Little (7-6)
Yorgan DeCastro
Fighting out of: Fall River, Massachusetts
Affiliation: Regiment Training Center
Record: 3-0 (3 Knockouts)  
Last fight: First round Knockout (Punch) of Ras Hylton at NEF 36. Captured NEF Professional Cruiserweight Title.  
Carlton “C MAYJA” Little
Fighting out of: Dallas, Texas
Affiliation: Fortis MMA
Record: 7-6 (6 Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout of Josh Mellen at AMMO Fight League 5.
Decision: Yorgan de Castro defeats Carlton Little by Unanimous decision.

January 18, 2019


UFC on ESPN+ 1

UFC on ESPN+ 1: Cejudo vs. Dillashaw

Saturday 01.19.2019 at 10:00 PM ET
U.S. Broadcast: ESPN+ | Prelims: ESPN

Henry Cejudo  vs.  T.J. Dillashaw 125 lbs
Greg Hardy  vs.  Allen Crowder 265 lbs
Gregor Gillespie  vs.  Yancy Medeiros 155 lbs
Joseph Benavidez  vs.  Dustin Ortiz 125 lbs
Paige VanZant  vs.  Rachael Ostovich 125 lbs
Glover Teixeira  vs.  Karl Roberson 205 lbs
Donald Cerrone  vs.  A. Hernandez 155 lbs
Joanne Calderwood  vs.  Ariane Lipski 125 lbs
Alonzo Menifield  vs.  Vinicius Moreira 205 lbs
Cory Sandhagen  vs.  Mario Bautista 135 lbs
Dennis Bermudez  vs.  Te Edwards 155 lbs
Belal Muhammad  vs.  Geoff Neal 170 lbs
Chance Rencountre  vs.  Kyle Stewart 170 lbs

January 16, 2019

CES MMA 54 Preview: Nate Andrews v. Bryce Logan

Lightweight World Title
Travis Lizotte

Lincoln, Rhode Island- CES MMA rings in the New Year from it’s home at Twin River Casino, Saturday January 19th with a special matinee first bell at 2 pm Eastern time. With a New Year comes some very big changes for the Northeast’s elite combat sports promotion. A fresh off the presses deal with the UFC’s live streaming platform; UFC Fight Pass was struck earlier this month; ending a six year television partnership with AXS tv and AXS tv Fights. With more than 450,000 subscribers worldwide and an attachment to the UFC, the stakes at CES MMA just hit a whole new level! CES brass has a resolution; to kickoff their relationship with UFC Fight Pass in style, rolling out a stacked card highlighted by two World Title fights, as well as some UFC veterans making their long awaited returns to the CES MMA cage. In the Main Event CES Lightweight Champion Nate “The Snake” Andrews (14-1) looks to add to an impressive eight fight win streak (all finishes) when he puts his Lightweight Title on the line against BJJ Brown Belt and former Bellator/ LFA Lightweight Bryce Logan (9-3) in a fight that many believe will have UFC roster implications, regardless of the outcome. Newly crowned CES Bantamweight Champion and former Division 1 Wrestler (Appalachian State);Tony Gravely (16-5) defends his title for the first time in the Co-Main Event against CES fan favorite and rising star Kris Moutinho (7-2), a calculated striker who gets his first crack at the CES Crown.
Eight fight CES veteran Eric Spicely (8-0 in CES, 10-4 Overall) as well a three fight CES veteran Tateki Matsuda (3-0 in CES, 13-9 Overall) will make their highly anticipated returns from stints with the UFC. The grappling and submission specialist Spicely hopes to break a three fight losing streak when he welcomes Kansas City striker Leo Pla (12-7) to the CES cage for the first time. Born in Tokyo, Japan, Matsuda found his home with Sityodtong, Boston and is a pioneer of the Flyweight division here in New England, he too will be looking to nix a multi-fight losing skid as he returns to CES to test Flyweight top-prospect Josh Ricci (4-1) who will look to bounce back of the first loss of his professional career against the veteran Matsuda. CES 54 will also roll out two of the promotions biggest new signings; Light-Heavyweight William “Nightmare” Knight (3-0) takes on CES veteran 205’er Kevin “The North Woods Nightmare” Haley (6-3) and Super Prospect Kylie O’Hearn (1-0) makes her highly anticipated CES debut against Reality Fighting Women’s Bantamweight Champion; Jessy Miele (6-3).
Setting the stage for the six fight UFC Fight Pass Main Card will be an exciting four fight undercard that kicks off with a Catchweight bout featuring undefeated Philadelphia, PA product; Eugene “The Suitcase Kid” Aubrey (2-0) who looks to stay perfect against New England journeyman; Gil Pinheiro (0-2). Another top undefeated prospect; Brandon “The Kid” Marotte (4-0) will look to kick off 2019 much the same way he did in 2018, a year which saw Marotte go 4-0 and ascend the ranks of New England’s pro Featherweights. Marotte continues his climb against New England newcomer, Virginia's Chris “The Rocket” Rollins (5-8-1). Todd "The Matrix" Monroe (3-3) makes his first appearance for CES MMA and will be welcomed by Massachusetts’ submission specialist David Baxter (4-2), who has faced some tough competition since debuting with the CES promotion back in 2015. Finally, newly crowned New England Fights professional Cruiserweight Champion Yorgan deCastro (3-0) returns to the CES cage, where he is 2-0 in his career, as he welcomes Dallas, Texas’ Knockout artist Carlton “C-MAYJA” Little (7-6) to the CES cage for the first time.
CES MMA’s Michael Parente, as well as Massachusetts native and former UFC fighter Tom “Filthy” Lawlor will play host as UFC Fight Pass presents for the first time; CES MMA 54! Tickets are available and can be purchased by visiting or by visiting the box office at Twin River Casino Events Center.        

Gil Pinheiro (0-2) v. Eugene Aubrey (2-0)
Catchweight 165lbs
Gil Pinheiro
Fighting out of: Waterbury, Connecticut
Affiliation: Thornton Martial Arts
Record: 0-2 (losses to Camron Lachinov and Vinicius de Jesus)  
Last fight: Unanimous Decision loss to Camron Lachinov at Premier FC 24
Eugene “The Suitcase Kid” Aubrey
Fighting out of: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Affiliation: Extreme Evolution Fight Camp
Record: 2-0 (2 first round Knockouts)
Last fight: First round Knockout (Punch) of Jake Kozorosky at Art of War Cage Fighting 9.
Breakdown: With just two fights since turning pro in 2015 including a current layoff of nearly 15 months, Connecticut’s Pinheiro will be looking to resurrect his career that has seen him go 0-2 with tough losses coming to very talented fighters who would go on to fight for Bellator MMA (Lachinov, de Jesus). Enter Eugene Aubrey, Aubrey has cruised to a 2-0 start as a professional, needing under three minutes in the cage to dispatch his first two opponents, both by knockout. Aubrey packs some serious power in this hands and hopes to used that power early and become the next career launched at Pinheiro’s expense.
Click below for our detailed breakdown of the remaining 9 fights on the CES 54 fight card!

NEF FIGHT VIDEOS: Carter LaBrecque vs. Josiah Kenney | Glory Watson vs. Chelsea Tucker | Jordan Young vs. Glenn Kasabian