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December 13, 2014


We arrived at the Portland Expo and quickly found our spots.  The press table was right next up to the cage which was awesome.  Mark Oliveri is handling the sounds for the evening.  This is Toe 2 Toe's inaugural event so we are anxious to see how they do.  The fight card features 11 fights in which 5 of them are professional ones.  There are 4 screens around the venue which helps the fans see the show at all times.  This is the first mma show up in Maine that will be live streamed on which is really awesome for fight fans who are stuck at home with their little ones and can't make it out to the show.  Let's get on with the fights!

140 AM Abram Marr (0-0 The Academy) vs Dan Ward (0-2 Spero MMA)

They clinch up and Abram is looking for the takedown.  He gets it and is now working the side.  Abram is looking for the armbar but decides to take full mount instead.  Dan turns and Abram takes his back.  He is looking for the rear naked choke.  He has a body lock around the stomach and is trying to get the arm under the neck.  Dan turns into Abram and is now on top in the guard.  Dan is looking for a kimura and Abram gets the roll.  Abram postures up and gets in a few solid punches to the head of Dan.  Dan works his way up and gets a takedown right as the round ends.

Marr 10-9  real close round

Rd 2:  Abram closes the gap and is looking for the takedown once again.  Abram gets him to the ground and is trying to take the back and work a rear naked choke.  He gets it but can't quite get the arm under.  They roll and Abram is going for the rear naked choke again.  Abram gets in a knee to the body as they are working their way back up.  Abram is pushing Dan up against the cage as the bell sounds.

Marr 10-9

Rd 3:  Dan starts us off with an uppercut.  Abram is fighting for a takedown but Dan sprawls nicely.  Abram transitions to the back and takes the back.  He doesn't have the legs secured yet and falls off.  Dan now is on top working the side.  He is getting in some solid punches to the head.  The crowd is cheering for Ward.  Abram bucks him off and takes the back again as the round ends.

Ward 10-9

Abram Marr defeats Dan Ward via unanimous decision.

170 AM Duncan Zechariah-Smith (0-1 BGMMA) vs Chris Kevlin (0-0 LRVT)

Chris connects with a body kick.  Duncan scoops him up and gets the takedown.  He moves into the guard.  He gets bumped off and Duncan moves to the north south.  Chris protects his neck and works his way to his feet.  Chris is pushing Duncan up against the cage.  Duncan gets in a nice kick to the body.  Chris is out looking at his corner or trying to tell the ref something and Duncan connects with a head kick that drops him.  Duncan moves into full mount and is looking to finish him with some ground and pound as the time runs out.

Smith 10-9

Rd 2:  Duncan gets the takedown and is working the side.  Chris works his way back up and pushes Duncan up against the cage.  Duncan gets the hip toss takedown and is now looking for the guillotine.  He is squeezing with all his might but can't get the finish.

Smith 10-9

Rd 3:  Chris gets in two leg kicks and a left hand before the clinch.  Duncan pulls Chris to the ground and right on top of him.  Chris is looking for the guillotine for the finish but can't get it.  Duncan slips out and is now on top in the north south guard as the fight ends.

Kevlin 10-9

Duncan Zechariah-Smith defeats Chris Kevlin via unanimous decision.

125 AM Carl Langston (3-6 BGMMA) vs Nick Spencer (6-4 Choi's MMA)

Nick connected with a right jab.  They are clinching up against the cage.  Carl gets in a knee to the body.  Nick is putting on the pressure and fighting for a takedown.

Spencer 10-9  Real close round

Rd 2:  Carl connects with an outside leg kick.  Carl misses with a kick and Nick catches it and pushes him down to the mat.  Nick works a guillotine and takes the full mount position.  Nick is falling off and works an armbar for the tap.

Nick Spencer defeats Carl Langston via tapout to armbar at 1:40 in Rd 2.

155 AM John Lough (0-0 Team Irish) vs Tony Forstner (0-1 Independent)

Tony gets the quick takedown and Lough bounces right back to his feet.  Tony is threatening with a guillotine.  John takes the back and is looking for the finish.  He is getting in some solid ground and pound and gets the ref stoppage.

John Lough defeats Tony Forstner via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:40 in Rd 1.

170 AM Adam Nielsen (2-0 Team Irish) vs John Frances (0-1 LRVT)

Adam gets in a couple of leg kicks.  Adam gets in a straight jab.  Adam is looking for the takedown but can't get it.  John gets the takedown but Adam ends up on the side on top.  He is getting in some punches as the round ends.

Nielsen 10-9

Rd 2:  Adam is putting the pressure on and working his jabs.  Adam is getting in a steady dose of leg kicks to the body and leg.  Adam connects with a right.

Nielsen 10-9

Rd 3:  Nielsen starts us of with two inside leg kicks.  John goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  Adam threatens with a guillotine and gets the takedown.  He is now working the side and he postures up and gets two punches to the head.  Adam is on top of his chest awkwardly getting in punches to the head as the round ends.

Nielsen 10-9

Adam Nielsen defeats John Frances via unanimous decision.

170 AM Andrew Tripp (7-1 Team Irish) vs Albert Tulley (6-8 Team Tully)

Tripp connects with two straight rights.  Tripp moves to full mount and is trying to finish with a flurry of punches.  He overwhelms him with more punches in bunches the ref stops the fight.  Crowd is going nuts.

Andrew Tripp defeats Albert Tulley via ref stoppage to strikes at 57 in Rd 1.

155 PRO Wayne Harnois (3-14 Brute Force MMA) Vs. George Nassar (0-0 Redline MMA)

George clips him with a left.  They clinch and George reverses.  He gets in a few knees to the thigh before Wayne reverses.  They break and George connects with a solid right that hurts Wayne.  Wayne weathers the storm and works his way up.  George gets in one more punch standing Wayne verbally s submits.

George Nassar defeats Wayne Harnois via verbal submission to punches at 3:41 in Rd 1.

170 PRO Tollison Lewis (0-3 BGMMA) vs Vovka Clay ( 2-0 Triumph)

Tollison starts us off with a leg kick.  Vovka picks up Tollison and slams him down into his own corner.  Tollison has a guillotine and Vovka eventually pulls his head out.  Vovka gets in some ground and pound.  Vovka takes the back and works a rear naked choke for the tap.

Vovka Clay defeats Tollison Lewis via tapout to rear naked choke at 2:09 in Rd 1.

130 PRO Tommy Balzano (1-3 Team Irish) vs Lloyd Reyes (0-2 Academix Academy)

Tommy gets in an inside leg kick.  Lloyd explodes with a jumping knee and an uppercut.  Tommy goes for the takedown but Lloyd is defending nicely.  Tommy gets the reverse and eventually they break.  Lloyd gets in a few uppercuts before Tommy closes the gap.  Lloyd gets in what looked to be an illegal knee.  Tommy ties him up and gets the reverse.  Lloyd gets in a superman punch that connects and another combo before the round ends.

Reyes 10-9

Rd 2:  Tommy connects with a high kick.  Lloyd gets in another uppercut.  Tommy goes for a takedown.  Lloyd gets the takedown by a sweep and as Tommy is getting up connects with a knee to the head.  Tommy goes down hurt and Lloyd finishes him off with some ground and pound for the ref stoppage.

Lloyd Reyes defeats Tommy Balzano by ref stoppage to strikes at 3:16 in Rd 2.

145 PRO Jon Lemke (4-2 Team Irish) vs Bill Jones (11-8 Team Kaos)

They are both working their striking.  Bill dives for a takedown but is stuffed.  He gets in a nice knee to the head.  Bill rocks him with a right.  Jon goes to the ground and Bill looks for the rear naked choke.  He gets the tap.

Bill Jones defeats Jon Lemke via tapout to rear naked choke at 1:44 in Rd 1.

170 PRO Ryan Sanders (7-6 Young's MMA) vs Avery McPhatter (3-6 Gracie Brandon)

Ryan closes the gap and is working in some knees to the body.  They break and then Ryan clinches Avery up against the cage by his corner.  They break and Ryan misses with a right.  Ryan has a cut above his right eye.  Ryan misses with a right and follows up with a snapping kick to the upper chest area.  The crowd roars.  The 10 second bell sounds and Avery connects with an elbow.

McPhatter 10-9

Rd 2:  Sanders has a huge hematoma on his head forming.  Avery is looking for the takedown and they both kind of fall to the ground.  They work their way up and Sanders has his side.  Avery rolls and is looking for a leg lock.  Sanders recognizes it and rolls and ends up in half guard.  He moves to side control and is getting in some short elbows.  Avery slips out and Sanders is looking for the takedown.  Sanders is looking for the guillotine as the round ends.

Sanders 10-9

Rd 3:  Sanders offers a high kick that is checked.  Sanders gets the takedown by a trip but Avery bounces right back to his feet.  Sanders gets the double leg and is working the half guard.  Avery works his way up.  Ryan misses with a high kick.  Avery goes for a takedown and Sanders pushes him down and moves right to full mount.  Sanders works a guillotine as the round ends.

Sanders 10-9

Avery McPhatter defeats Ryan Sanders via split decision.  Wow!


FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Ryan Sanders vs. Avery McPhatter, razor close fight that down to a split decision
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Bill Jones over Jon Lemke
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Nassar winning by submission to strikes
BEST SONG OF THE NIGHT:  Bill Jones's walkout song, TNT, sounded like he dusted off his old cassette tape to share with us all
BEST SHORTS OF THE NIGHT:  Wayne Harnois's capri shorts
OOPS OF THE NIGHT: Chris Kevlin protested to the ref about a cup shot and didn't defend himself and got dropped by a head kick.  He survived rest of the round until the decision.

Toe 2 Toe had an excellent first show.  The crowd I would estimate to be around 500-700 and I am sure they had a bunch who streamed the fights.  I saw many things I liked about the event.  The cage was a nice setup and no matter where you sat fight fans could see nicely due to the stadium seats and the 4 big screens.  The sound was crisp and clear in the venue and the announcer did a great job.  No matter how you walked in you had to have seen the apparel vendors which is always a plus for the vendors.  It was nice seeing Kill Their Will selling their merchandise there!!  The fights were very well matched up except a few which were due to last minute changes which I don't care what state you are in, it always happens.  Well fight fans, this is our last show we will be covering for this year and it looks like January is shaping up to be a busy month for mma in New England.  I heard Toe 2 Toe is planning on doing another show around April time frame and as soon as I hear the exact date I will add it to our calendar on the side.  All of our photos from the night will be added to our facebook fanpage so please support us and throw us a 'like.