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November 20, 2015


[photos will be added in the next few days]

We arrived at the venue and quickly found our seats.  The fight fans were already piled in ready for the action to ensue.  There are a total of 12 fights for the night with mixed mma and kickboxing.  John Vena is the host for the evening and the refs are John English, Alan Lau and Kevin Macdonald.  Combat Zone has not two but three ring girls for the night.  The national anthem has been sung and the fights are about to begin.  At the press table we agree there are around 600 fight fans at this time.  Follow along with me as recap the night.

205 AM MUAY THAI Zach Calmus 0-1 (Redline/Victory) vs Christian Pereira 0-0 (Wai Kru)

Pereira lets out a barrage of strikes and kicks and gets the knockdown.  Christian is getting in some more heavy shots.  Little bit of blood is coming from below the eye of Calmus.

Pereira  10-9

Rd 2:

Christian connects with a kick to the body.  Zach gets in a leg kick of his own.  Zach catches a kick and Christian connects with an uppercut and falls back to the mat.  Both fighters connect with right hands as the round ends.

Pereira 10-9

Rd 3:  Christian connects with a leg kick and Zach's mouthpiece goes flying.  They are both swinging away.  Zach is shifting the momentum to his side.  They both are swinging for the fences the entire round.

Calmus 10-9

Christian Pereira defeats Zach Calmus via unanimous decision.

140 AM MUAY THAI John Bourget 1-0 (Boneyard) vs James Kerivan 2-1 (Wai Kru)

James starts the round off with a few kicks and a teep.  They clinch and John punches his way out with a solid shot.  John connects with a jab.  John seems to be getting the better of the striking from the clinch.

Bourget 10-9

Rd 2:  James connects with an inside leg kick.  James connects with a high kick.  Both fighters connect with a head kick.  Now they are both warming up.  John gets in a combo.  They clinch up against the cage and John gets in some good combos.

Kerivan 10-9  Could go either way

Rd 3:  James catches a kick and John falls to the mat.  They clinch and both fighters are exchanging knees.  They are both swinging away as the round ends.

Kerivan 10-9  Real close round could go either way.

James Kerivan defeats John Bourget via unanimous decision.

175 AM MUAY THAI Mike Ellis 0-0 (FMA) vs Scott Camuso Sullivan 0-0 (MAXX)

Pretty even so far and Scott falls to the mat with a cup shot.  The fight resumes and once again it is very even.

Ellis 10-9

Rd 2:  Ellis connects with a big kick that sends Sullivan to the mat.

Mike Ellis defeats Scott Sullivan via tko to strikes at 59 seconds in Rd 2.

125 AM MUAY THAI Marvin Castro 0-0 (Wai Kru) vs Kevin Flanagan 0-1 (Burgess) 

Marvin looks awesome firing off leg kick after leg kick.  Kevin goes down off one kick and the count ensues.  Fight resumes and Kevin knocks him down again quickly.  Fight resumes and ends with not much action.

Castro 10-9

Rd 2:  Kevin connects with a front kick.  They are swinging away.  Castro has no stop button and keeps coming forward.  Kevin is still swinging back.

Castro 10-9

Rd 3:  Kevin comes forward with a combo.  Kevin is just eating too many leg kicks.

Castro 10-9

Marvin Castro defeats Kevin Flanagan via unanimous decision.

145 AM MMA Alex Sinprasith 5-12 (Crowsnest MMA) vs Dan Ward 0-4 (Spero’s MMA)

Dan goes for a takedown and Alex is trying for guillotine.  Alex takes him down and takes the side.  He is looking for the kimura and moves to full mount.  He takes the back after Dan tries to spin out.  He tries for rear naked choke but can't get the finish.  Alex rolls into an armbar but can't rip the arm free.

Sinprasith 10-9

Rd 2:  They are swinging away.  Alex takes his back and rips Dan down.   He can't get the finish again and moves to full mount.  He postures up and can't get in any strikes.  Dan is now on top in guard.  Alex now has a triangle and he switches to an armbar.  Dan gets out and gets in a few strikes as the round ends.

Sinprasith 10-9

Rd 3:  Dan is getting in some good punches.  Dan is pressing Alex up against the cage and both fighters are pretty tired.

Ward 10-9

Alex Sinprasith defeats Dan Ward via unanimous decision.

170 AM MMA Gerald Meuse 3-0 (Sityodtong) vs John McAndrews 3-1 (Gate City)

They clinch and Gerald gets the takedown.  He is working the guard.  John uses the cage and gets back to his feet.  John has Gerald's arms locked and Gerald gets free.  He is looking for another takedown.  He gets it but is caught in a guillotine.  He pulls his head free right as the round ends.

Meuse 10-9

Rd 2:  Gerald connects with a leg kick.  John gets in one of his own.  Gerald rushes in for a takedown  and Gerald gets hit in the cup.  John gets Gerald to the mat.  He is getting in some knees to the body.  John takes the back and is looking for the finish.  Gerald gets some space and John moves to full mount as the round ends.

McAndrews 10-9

Rd 3:  John connects with a right and Gerald dives for a takedown.  Gerald almost has him down but no dice.  John connects with a combo.  John is connecting with some big punches.  He gets the takedown and is now in half guard.  He moves to full mount and gets in a few hammerfists.  He falls off and Gerald is on top as they are both punching away.  What a fight.

McAndrews 10-9

John McAndrews defeats Gerald Meuse via unanimous decision.

155 AM MMA CJ Kevlin 1-2 (LRVT) vs Brian Cosco 2-3 (Ironhouse/SYT) 

Brian is looking for the takedown.  It didn't come easy CJ ends up on top briefly.  Brian gets the sweep and is now on top in guard.  CJ sweeps and is now on top in guard.  He has the back and is looking for the rear naked but runs out of time.

CJ 10-9

Rd 2:  Brian gets the takedown and CJ gets the sweep.  CJ is now on top but can't get his arms free yet.  Not much action and the ref stands them up.  CJ goes right back to half guard where they were.

CJ 10-9

Rd 3:  They both fall to the mat and CJ is in half guard.  Brian gets some space and CJ pins him back to the mat.  He moves to full mount and takes the back for rear naked choke.  Brian holds on until the end of the round.

CJ 10-9

CJ Kevlin defeats Brian Cosco via unanimous decision.

155 AM MMA Dylan Lockard 3-0 (PMA) vs Chris Mehu 3-1 (Gate City)

Chris starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Chris gets in two more quick leg kick as Dylan fires off one of his own.  Dylan connects with a right that drops Chris.  There might have been an eye poke tough to see from my angle.  He gets in some more punches and the ref stops the fight.

Dylan Lockard defeats Chris Mehu via tko stoppage to strikes at 1:14 in Rd 1.

There was a brief intermission and John McAndrews wins the amateur fighter of the night award.

185 PRO MMA Ralph Johnson 9-16 (FAF) vs Tim Caron 2-0 (Burgess MMA)

Tim starts the round off with a leg kick.  Tim ducks under a punch and takes Ralph down.  He moves to the side and works an armbar for the quick tap.

Tim Caron defeats Ralph Johnson via armbar at 1:40 in Rd 1.

155 PRO MMA Lewis Corapi 6-2 (Sityodtong) vs Jeff Anderson 10-10 (IND)

Lewis connects with a right hand.  Lewis gets in a punch to the body and Jeff counters.  Lewis gets in a leg kick.  Lewis counters with a right that connects.  Jeff connects with an inside leg kick.  A good combo from Lewis.  They connect and fall to the mat.  Lewis ends up on top and takes the back.  Lewis is too high and falls to the mat as the round ends.

Corapi 10-9

Rd 2:  Jeff connects with a right to start the round.  Lewis gets in a pair of leg kicks.  Jeff works in a leg kick and Lewis counters.  Lewis just misses with a knockout right.  Lewis with another pair of kicks.  Lewis gets in two big body shots.  Lewis lunges in with another combo that connects.

Corapi 10-9

Rd 3:  Lewis starts the round off with a couple of jabs.  Lewis connects with a high kick.  Lewis has him hurt and backs him up to the corner.  Jeff survives and is leaving his head right out there.  Jeff eats a body shot and taunts him for more.  Lewis gets a takedown and is dropping bombs as the round ends.

Corapi 10-9

Lewis Corapi defeats Jeff Anderson via unanimous decision.

155 AM TITLE MMA Vince Ciotoli 5-3 (Crowsnest MMA) vs Shawn Melanson 2-0 (Gate City)

They are both swinging away.  Shawn gets in a knee to the body.  Shawn grabs him and slams him to the mat.  He takes the back and in the roll gets the triangle for the tap.

Shawn Melanson defeats Vince Ciotoli via tapout to triangle at 1:29 in Rd 1.  Tap for the strap!

135 AM MMA Danny Abad 4-3 (Jackson’s MMA) vs Michael Scappichio 4-0 (Spero’s MMA)

Danny connects with a spinning back fist.  He connects with another leg kick.  They fall to the mat and Danny ends up on top.  They work their way back up and Danny works another takedown before the round ends.

Abad 10-9

Rd 2:  Mike catches a kick and goes for the takedown.  Abad sprawls and pulls guard with a guillotine.  He transitions into full mount and slips off.  They are back to their feet and Mike gets in a good right.  They both clinch and Mike takes Danny down and has his back looking for rear naked choke as the round ends.

Abad 10-9

Rd 3:  Mike gets in a leg kick that drops Danny to one knee.  Mike gets the takedown and is looking for the triangle.  Danny gets out and now has the back.  It looks like its sunk in but Mike hangs on.  Danny is now on top getting in hammerfists as the round ends.

Danny Abad defeats Michael Scappichio via unanimous decision. Awards
FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Danny Abad vs. Mike Scappichio
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Melanson Armbar
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT:  Dylan Lockard tko victory!

Combat Zone ended their mma year with a bang.  It was another successful night of mixed martial arts and kickboxing/muay thai.  They announced their next event will be Feb 5th for Combat Zone 57 at the same place.  Almost every fight that night went to a decision which just shows how even and well matched the fights were by Ryan Fennelly and Nick Drummond.  As always it was a pleasure to recap the night for you guys and I hope you all enjoyed our write up.  All of our photos will be uploaded to our facebook fanpage in the coming weeks so make sure you support us by liking our page.  As always stay right here as we get you close to the cage!