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November 21, 2015

NEF 20 EVENT REVIEW 11/21/2015

New England fights is having a hybrid event of mixed martial arts and boxing.  We quickly found our spots due the show about to start.  The fight fans were already packed in waiting for the fights to see the carnage in the cage.  The cage is set up on one end and right across from it is the boxing ring.  Pete Cymbor is the host of the evening and the ring girl is Katharine.  The refs are John English, Kevin MacDonald and the new guy.  All 3 refs just worked over at Combat Zone so they are working double duty.  I am sitting enjoying the fights next to our photographer and friend Warchild and Shawn Flanagan who is one of the judges.  Also it was good to see our friend, Joe Harrington who is Mass-MMA's photographer.  Warchild was our photographer for the night.  Follow along as I recap the night.

155 AM Matt Hanning 1-1 (Independent) vs. Levi Sewall 0-0 (Young's MMA)

Matt is winning the round with some big punches.  Levi weathers the storm and knocks Matt down. He goes in guard until he gets pushed off.  Matt gets in a good punch and Levi dives for a takedown.

Hanning 10-9

Rd 2:  They are both swinging hard.  Levi connects with some punches to the body and one knocks Matt down briefly.  Levi gets in an uppercut to the body.  Levi gets in some more punches and Matt is hurt and verbally submits.

Levi Sewall defeats Matt Hanning via tapout to strikes at 1:11 in Rd 2.

170 AM Caleb Swoveland 0-0 (Ruthless) vs Taylor Carey 0-0 (Berserkers)

Caleb gets the single leg takedown.  He is working the guard and got reversed.  He bucks him off and is trying to stand up.  They work their way up and Taylor is running away as Caleb chases him down and punches him.  They both fall to the mat and Taylor works the guard for the rest of the round with not much action.

Carey 10-9

Rd 2:  Carey moves in and goes for the takedown. Caleb works a triangle from the bottom and doesn't even have it locked in yet and Taylor taps.

Caleb Swoveland defeats Taylor Carey via tapout to triangle at 31 seconds in Rd 2.

265 AM Bryce Bamford 0-0 (First Class) vs Bryce Locke 0-0 (Ind.)

Bryce runs in and gets in a combo.  He connects with an uppercut to the body that knocks Bryce to the mat.  Ref has seen enough.

Bryce Bamford defeats Bryce Locke via tko stoppage to strikes at 19 seconds in Rd 1.

185 AM Ruben Redman 1-3 (Mass Effect) vs Caleb Farrington 2-0 (NEU)

Caleb is stalking his prey and gets in a leg kick.  Caleb has his back and is looking for the slam.  Ruben defends the first one.  The second one Caleb gets the slam.  Ruben almost immediately gets back to his feet.  Ruben gets in a strike and Caleb connects with a right of his own.  Caleb works a jab and Ruben fires right back.  Caleb gets the takedown and is now working the side as the round ends.

Farrington 10-9

Rd 2:  Both fighters get in a good straight right.  Caleb looks for the takedown but is stuffed.  Caleb presses Ruben up against the cage and Ruben punches his way out.  Caleb connects with a punch and Ruben went for the takedown.  Caleb sinks in the guillotine for the tap.

Caleb Farrington defeats Ruben Redman via tapout to guillotine at 2:15 in Rd 2.

118 PRO BOXING Ernesto Ornelas 0-0 (Choi) vs Brandon Ali Garvin 0-4 (Frazier's)

Great first round from Ernie.  I am not a boxing expert but I give the first round to him.  Punches in bunches.  Second round Ernie is all over him and backs him up and lets out a barrage of strikes to get the ref stoppage.

Ernesto Ornelas defeats Brandon Ali Garvin via tko stoppage at 1:28 in Rd 2.

120 AM Erin LaMonte 4-0 (Gracie) vs Randi Beth Boyington 1-1 (Boyington’s)

Randi starts us off with a leg kick.  Erin gets the takedown but Randi ends up on the side.  Erin goes for the sweep but Randi ends up on top still.  Erin works an armbar from the bottom and it looks good.  Randi is almost out and the ref stops the fight.  Randi protests as she didn't tap but this one is in the books.

Erin Lamonte defeats Randi Beth Boyington via ref stoppage to armbar at 1:10 in Rd 1.

140 AM David Thompson 0-1 (Shatterproof) vs Richmond Pierce Wiegman (First Class) 0-0

David connects and Richmond goes to the mat.  He bounces back up and the fight continues. Richmond gets the quick takedown and David bounces back up.  Nice combo from David.  An uppercut connects to the sternum from David.  Richmond looks tired and goes for a takedown but it is stuffed.  The 10 second bell sounds and David lets the punches fly.  He knocks Richmond down at the last second.

David Thompson defeats Richmond Pierce Wiegman via ref stoppage to strikes at 2:59 in Rd 1.

155 AM Ricky Dexter 3-2 (Team Irish) vs Steve Bang 3-3 (CMBJJ)

Ricky connects with a jab.  Steve is pressing Ricky up against the cage.  Ricky connects with a few more jabs.  Ricky connects with an outside leg kick.  Ricky connects with a right that knocks Steve Bang.  Nice shot from Ricky!

Ricky Dexter defeats Steve Bang via ko at 1:52 in Rd 1.

135 PRO BOXING Josh Parker 0-1 (Ruthless) vs Elias Leland 0-0 (AMMA)

Great first round from both fighters.  I give the slight edge to Leland.  Another good round for Leland.  He was backing Parker up most of the round.  The next two rounds were real close.

Josh Parker and Elias Leland is ruled a draw.  38-37 Parker, 38-37 Leland and 37-37

200 AM Anthony Spires 0-0 (Independent) vs Victor Irwin 0-0 (Young’s)

Victor goes for the takedown and after a struggle he gets it.  Anthony works his way up and Victor smashes him back to the mat.  He works a slick arm triangle for the tap.

Victor Irwin defeats Anthony Spires via arm triangle at 1:37 seconds in Rd 1.

225 AM Joe Krech 0-0 (Independent) vs Mike Williams 0-0 (CMBJJ)

Mike rushes in with some strikes.  Joe looks for a takedown and Mike ends up taking him down.  He works an armbar for the quick tap.

Mike Williams defeats Joe Krech via tapout to armbar at 26 seconds in Rd 1.

145 AM Caleb Hall 5-3 (Choi) vs Matt Tamayo 0-0 (F2 Arena)

Caleb gets the quick takedown and is now in half guard.  Matt gets some space and works his way up.  Caleb gets in a nice kick to the body.  He gets a double leg takedown and Matt stands right back up.  Caleb works an armbar and the ref stops the fight with no tap.

Caleb Hall defeats Matt Tamayo via technical submission to armbar at 2:28 in Rd 1.

S.HWT AM Nick Gulliver 1-0 (First Class) vs Jason Field 0-1 (Ind.)

Nick rushes in and overpowers Jason and he goes down.  Ref stops the fight.

Nick Gulliver defeats Jason Field via ref stoppage to strikes at 12 seconds in Rd 1.  Same exact fight as the first time Field fought.

155 PRO BOXING Tollison Lewis 1-0 (CMBJJ) vs Zenon Herrera 0-0 (Independent)

Good first round from Tollison.  Another good round for Tollison.  Tollison comes out same as the first two rounds and gets the stoppage.  Great fight Tollison as he improves to 2-0.

Tollison Lewis defeats Zenon Herrera via ref stoppage at 2:31 in Rd 3.

155 AM CJ Ewer 4-2 (Young’s) vs Jason Lachance 2-2 (MMA Athletix)

CJ gets the takedown and Jason has a guillotine.    CJ pulls his head out and in top getting in some ground and pound.  Not much action the rest of the round.

Ewer 10-9

Rd 2:  Jason gets in a kick to the body.  CJ gets the takedown and is working guard.  Jason had an armbar from the bottom briefly and CJ slams him to the mat.  CJ controls the rest of the round from the top.

Ewer 10-9

Rd 3:  Jason starts us off with a kick to the body.  CJ gets the takedown once again and is in the guard.  CJ gets in some hammerfists.  Jason is trying to push off the cage but to no avail.  Jason gets some space and CJ gets in a few more punches as the round ends.

Ewer 10-9

CJ Ewer defeats Jason Lachance via unanimous decision.

155 AM Rafael Velado 1-0 (First Class) vs Ken Dunn 0-2 (MKK)

Rafael gets the takedown and moves right to full mount.  He is looking for an arm triangle but can't get it.  He works a kimura for the stoppage.

Rafael Velado defeats Ken Dunn via technical submission to kimura at 1:42 in Rd 1.

125 AM Justin Witham 0-3 (Shatterproof) vs Brent Ouellette 0-0 (CMBJJ)

They both come out guns blazing.  Brent gets the takedown and Justin bounces right back up.  Justin connects with a punch.  He backs Brent up and gets in some uppercuts and punches and gets the ref stoppage.

Justin Witham defeats Brent Ouellette via ref stoppage to strikes at 1:23 in Rd 1.

140 PRO BOXING Brandon Berry 9-1 (West Forks) vs Roberto Valenzuela 73-69-2

First round looked like it went to Berry.  He ducked under lots of punches and looked to hit the better of the punches.  I score the second round for Berry as well as he had the crowd and backed up Roberto more.  I score that round for Roberto as he seemed to get in more punches.  Real close round, could go either way.  Good round for Barry.  Close round, could go either way.  7th round goes to Berry.   Last round goes to Berry.

Brandon Berry defeats Roberto Valenzuela via unanimous decision.

145 AM TITLE Aaron Lacey 5-1 (Young’s) vs Caleb Horner 6-2 (F2 Arena)

Aaron is working his strikes.  Caleb fires back with a right.  Aaron is winning the round with his striking and staying busy.  Another nice combo from Aaron.  Aaron gets in a good combo and bring Caleb down.  He wants Aaron down but Aaron wants to keep it standing.  Caleb goes for a takedown but is stuffed as the round ends.

Lacey 10-9

Rd 2:  Right back where we left off.  Nice stand up battle so far.  Aaron gets hit in the cup and takes a minute.  Fight resumes and Caleb gets in a combo.  Nice kick from Aaron.  Caleb looks for a takedown and knees Aaron right in the cup.  Ref doesn't see it and fight moves on.  Aaron is fine and fights off another takedown attempt from Caleb.  Nice sprawl.  Caleb is down and Aaron is trying for the finish with knees to the body and to the head.

Lacey 10-9

Rd 3:  Lacey is turning on the heat and punching with some mustard on it.  Caleb falls down from a punch and tries to get Lacey to join him but Lacey backs off and lets him back up.  Lacey gets him down again from a failed takedown from Horner.  He takes his back and is thinking rear naked choke.  Aaron has a north south choke as the round ends.

Lacey 10-9

Aaron Lacey defeats Caleb Horner via unanimous decision.

125 AM TITLE Dustin Veinott 4-3 (CMBJJ) vs Ryan Burgess 1-0 (Berserk)

Ryan is looking for the takedown.  He gets it and has the side.  He gets pushed to half guard.  Dustin gets a triangle from the bottom and is trying hard for the finish.  He cranks on the arm and the head but Ryan hangs on.  Wow!

Veinott 10-9

Rd 2:  Ryan starts us off with a leg kick.  Dustin gets in a good punch.  Ryan trips up Dustin and takes him down.  He has the side and is kneeing to the body.  He is getting in some hammerfists.  Dustin pushes him off with butterfly.  Dustin gets in some strikes from the top as the round ends.

Burgess 10-9

Rd 3:  Dustin gets in a leg kick to start the round off.  Ryan looks for the single leg takedown and can't get it.  Dustin pushes back and Ryan gets the second attempt.  He is now in guard and controlling it on top.  Dustin is looking for a triangle again and gets it with 5 seconds left in the round.

Burgess 10-9

Ryan Burgess defeats Dustin Veinott via split decision.  #newchamp

145 PRO Derek Shorey 3-2 (Shatterproof) vs Damon Owens 2-0 (Young’s)

Dustin gets in a leg kick and gets an awesome slam.  He works a gogoplata for the submision.

Damon Owens defeats Derek Shorey via tapout to gogoplata at 55 seconds in Rd 1.

205 PRO Matt Andrikut 1-0 (Conviction MMA) vs Jesse Baughman 0-0 (Link)

Fast action and Jesse connects with a  right hand that drops Matt.  Matt gets the takedown and is working the side.  Jesse works his way up and is making Matt pay with some bunches.  He is real close to getting the finish but Matt weathers the storm.  He gets the sweep and Matt is now on top in half guard.  Matt is dropping bombs trying to get the finish.  He moves to full mount and lets out strikes side to side, side to side for the stoppage.

Matt Andrikut defeats Jesse Baughman via tko stoppage to strikes at 4:46 in Rd 1.

170 PRO Crowsneck Boutin 1-1 (Choi) vs Matt Bordonaro 2-0 (Victory)

Both fighters start us out with some leg kicks.  Matt goes for the double leg and he gets it.  Matt is trying to scoop him but can't get it.  He works the kneebar for the tap.

Matt Bordonaro defeats Crowsneck Boutin via verbal submission to kneebar at 1:54 in Rd 1.

150 PRO Jon Lemke 4-3 (Team Irish) vs Matt Denning 2-0 (CMBJJ)

Jon gets in a couple of leg kicks.  Matt gets in a kick of his own.  Jon with another snapping leg kick.  Matt misses with a high kick.  Jon connects with another leg kick.  Matt gets in a knee to the head.  They clinch and Matt pulls him down.  Matt looks for the armbar from the bottom and Jon pulls his arm free.  Jon connects with a body shot.  Jon connects with a short right that sends Matt down.  Jon lets him back up.  Jon connects with another knee to the head that drops Matt.  He finishes him off with some ground and pound.

Jon Lemke defeats Matt Denning via ref stoppage to strikes at 4:44 in Rd 1.

155 PRO TITLE Bruce Boyington 11-8 (BKD/Young's) vs Jimmy Davidson 7-1 (Sity)

Bruce connects with a right.  He gets in a leg kick and Jimmy takes him down.  Jimmy has the side and gets pushed back to half guard.  Bruce turns and is trying to get up.  Jimmy takes his back briefly and Bruce pushes him off and they are back standing.  Jimmy connects with a jab.  Bruce connects with a right that stuns Jimmy.  He takes his back and is looking for the finish.  He gets in some shots to the head before the end of the round.

Boyington 10-9

Rd 2:  Bruce connects with a right and Jimmy goes down.  He pops back up and takes his back.  Bruce turns and is caught in a guillotine.  He pulls his head out and has the side.  Jimmy works his way up and Jimmy dives for another takedown.  Bruce stuffs it makes him pay with some elbows.  He is now on top in guard.  Jimmy is doing a good job at minimizing the damage.

Boyington 10-9

Rd 3:  Bruce starts us off with a leg kick.  Jimmy dives for a takedown and Bruce stuffs it.  Bruce connects with another punch.  Jimmy looks for another takedown and is stuffed.  Bruce makes him pay with some ground and pound.  Bruce gets in a knee to the body.  Bruce is getting in some big ground and pound.  He gets the stoppage.  What a fight!!

Bruce Boyington defeats Jimmy Davidson via tko stoppage to strikes at 2:40 in Rd 3.  #stillchamp

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT:  Bruce Boyington vs. Jimmy Davidson
SUB OF THE NIGHT:  Obviously Damon Owens with the Gogoplata!!
KO/TKO OF THE NIGHT: Ricky Dexter with his KO win.
BLUNDER OF THE NIGHT:  The Androscoggin Bathroom Nazi struck again!  I sit down for the entire NEF show so I don't miss a punch.  Then when its all done I try to use the bathroom before I go back to Mass on a 3.5 hour drive and their employee tells me the bathrooms are closed!  I find this odd because there are no bathroom doors!  I told him I would go outside then to no avail. We then walked over to the other side of the arena and used the bathrooms.  Sorry buddy, but I am not going to drive around all over Lewiston trying to find a bathroom that is open at 1AM!!!

New England Fights show went off as usual without a hitch.  They announced their next event will take place on February 6th, 2016.  Now this is Superbowl weekend and it will be a mixed martial arts and a boxing hybrid event.  NEF also announced that Jesse Erickson would be fighting Devin Powell.  They also announced that Josh Harvey would be fighting someone but I missed his opponents name.  This was truly a historic and special event for the state of Maine, New England Fights, and their fans as this is the first time they have had boxing and mma all in one night.  It worked out really well in my opinion as they quickly moved over to the boxing ring and it was spaced out nicely after every 5-6 fights or so.  All of our photos will be posted to our facebook in the next week or so.  As always stay right here as we get you closer to the cage.