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October 27, 2008

Team Ravenous fighter Deivis Rodriguez - Proving Grounds 2 10/25/2008

Here is Deivis' amatuer fight from USFL's Proving Grounds 2. Deivis stuck right to the game plan, and fought great for his second fight. He used his striking to set up takedown's throughout the fight. His opponent showed some damage, as Deivis landed several good shots to his face, not to mention a couple well timed kicks to the body. With only 15 seconds remaining, Deivis made a slight mistake, and was caught in an armbar. As he fought for his escape, the ref prematurely stopped the fight, and robbed Deivis of a chance at winning. The only "excuse" the ref gave, was that he thought the armbar was to tight, and he thought Deivis' arm was in trouble. Deivis trains hard, and knows when to tap....he'll be back, and better than ever!!!!