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November 14, 2008

Ravenous fighters make always!

Team Ravenous fighters Jose "Samurai" Lopez, and "Insane" Ethan Kean both made weight for their fights at WCF 5.
Jose will once again be the first fight of the night. He will be fighting Wayne Harnois at 160lbs. Jose weiged-in at 158lbs, while Harnois failed to make the weigh-in before we left. We later were notified that he weighed in at 159lbs.
Ethan will be fighting third. His opponent is Dan Ferrer at 145lbs. Ethan weighed in at 143lbs., while Ferrer was 144.5lbs.
Both guys are ready to take home victory, for Team Ravenous. Check back for results, and videos of the fights!!!