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November 23, 2008

WMMMA Featured Fighter

1.Name(fight nick-name):Todd Selva

2.Age : 29 years young

3.height: 5'5" on a good day

4.weight-class: 135
5.record : 1-2
6.Team/school :Team Ravenous/Nesf Muay Thai, wrestling, bjj

8.when did you start trainning, and why? About 2 years ago. I liked watching it on tv, knew I was Jacked and when I tried it, found out I was athletic! So basically, I found out I could do something athletic, instead of just look jacked!

9.accomplishments(amatuer, belts etc):1 professional mma win, 1 bjj win (NAGA)

10.favorite technique: Ground and Pound

11.favorite fighter: GSP fight: November 29th 2008