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April 8, 2009

MMA fights, this weekend...IN WESTERN MASS!!!!

That's right, the EFI is back!! Some of you will recall that the EFI had several strong MMA shows the last few years at the Hippodrome in Springfield Ma. They have finally come back, and the show is going to be at the Log Cabin banquet facility in Holyoke Ma. Sadly, because of injury, and some team changes, Team Ravenous will not have any fighters representing the team on this card. A few of us will however be enjoying the show from the crowd.

Keith Gordon, has once again put together a great card. several match-ups could be all out wars! Hopefully this will be a huge success, and we in western Mass will have some great fights to catch every few months. Good luck to all of the fighters and teams.

**Best of luck to our friend Rob Woodard, of East Coast Underground!!!

Here's the full fight card:

Brendan Weafer (FAA) vs. Randy “The Savage” Rowe (Lion’s Den)

Doug Anderson (Rhino) {from Discovery Channel’s “Fight Quest” TV show} vs Brandon Boggs (Link).

"The Large Angry Man" Jason Dolloff vs. “The Irish Hitman” Bobby Favors

Cory LaPlante (CNYMMA) takes on Chris Foster (Lion’s Den)

Randy “The Wolf” Smith (CNYMMA vs. Jesus “Zeus” Ortiz (Ibuke’do)

Abi Mestre (FAA) vs. Brandon Lehman (Bombsquad)

Mike “Spider Monkey” Flores (Silver Dragon) vs. “Hurricane” Peter Cole (Bombsquad)

Anthony Dick (SCAKKS) vs. Harley Beekman (ExtremeMMA)

Robert Woodard (East Coast Underground) vs. Giovani Pagan (Dog Pound)

Paulo Gomes (FAA) vs. John Schonewald (Ryan Clark)

Dan Fonseca (Silver Dragon) vs. Jordan Velenti (Dog Pound)

Mike Fillipone (AMA) vs. Matt Coletta (Bombsquad)

Mike Happy (Lion’s Den) vs. Robert Lang (Team Irish)

Roger Abdali (Abdali MMA) vs. Steve Stosonis (Silver Dragon)

Eric Gas (Kirik/Kimura) vs. Jeffery Cummings (Dog Pound)

Chris Kramer (Team Irish) vs. George Macobe (Doomsday)

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