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February 4, 2010

Team Ravenous grapplers competing Saturday at NAGA in Rhode Island.

(pictured top-Sarah Payant, middle-Jake Smith, bottom-Chad "The Python" Valencik)

This Saturday Feb. 6, 2010at the Twin Rivers Casino in Lincoln, RI, 4 members of Team Ravenous will compete (each for their 1st time) in a NAGA submission-grappling tournament. NAGA stands for North American Grappling Association, it’s one of the world’s largest tournaments of it’s kind.

Representing Team Ravenous will be Chad “The Python” Valencik (men’s novice 179lb division), Joe “Heartbreaker” Lacourse (also, men’s novice 179lb division), Sarah Payant (women’s novice 135lb division), and Jake Smith (men’s novice 149lb division. All four have been training very hard, and should do very well in their respective divisions. We feel very confident each fighter will place, with Chad and Joe hopefully fighting for first and second in their weight class.

The competition starts around 11:00 on Saturday, and runs throughout the day. Check back for results and videos from the event.