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February 11, 2010

Team Ravenous NAGA results

All in all, it was a successful day for team Ravenous. All four Team Ravenous competitors won each of their first matches. Jake and Joe both won by submission, Jake's being a rear naked choke, and Joe finished his opponent with an arm scissor choke. Chad and Sarah both went the distance in their first matches, out pointing and controlling their opponents to win decisions.

Unfortunately, all lost their next matches, and for three the day was over. However, Sarah had one more match to go. She fought for third place, and wasted no time in taking her opponent down, and eventually locked up a nice guillotine choke from the mount. Her opponent had no choice but to tap out, and Sarah was awarded the 3rd place medal!!

Everyone did extremely well for their first competition, and each gained valuable experience, that only can be achieved through competing at this level. The next NAGA tourney is at the end of May, and Team Ravenous will certainly be competing!

Check back for video's and more pictures to come.

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