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August 21, 2010

Premier FC 2 Full Lineup Card Released

pfc_header Tickets can be purchased on as well as at The Mardi Gras and Gold Gym locations in Springfield, Chicopee, & West Springfield.
**Military / Municipal General Admission discount tickets only available for purchase online. Must show proper Military or Municipal ID to pick up tickets. Tickets will be given out at will call.
** All tickets will be picked up on the night of the event at Mardi Gras. Be sure to print out and bring your receipt of payment with you for proof of purchase.
FIGHT CARD (subject to change)
Pete Gaffey (First Family Fight Team) 0-1 vs. Josh Lopez (Gladiator BJJ/American Fight Team) 2-0 140lbs.
James Raymond 0-0 vs. Nate Nadeau (American Fight Team) 0-0 160lbs.
Albe Tremblay (Okinawan Karate) 2-2 vs. Sam Nadeau (American Fight Team) 3-2-1 155lbs.
Chris Standish (Lions Den) 0-0 vs. Jeremy Reipold (Team Ravenous) 0-0 135lbs
Skyler Duke (First Family Fight Team) 0-0 vs. Jeff Henriques (American Fight Team) 1-0 185lbs.
Jeff Piercy (SNEMMA) 170lbs. 4-2 vs. Seth Larue (American Fight Team) 4-1 170lbs.
David Versailles (Independent) 3-2 vs. Boyce Kaman (Blue Devil Fight Team) 1-1 185lbs.
Anthony Abate (Independent) 0-0 20y. vs. Jake "The Mule" Smith (Team Ravenous) 1-0 135lbs.
Eduardo "Macho" Conde (Thunder) 2-0 vs. Khasan Usmanov (American Fight Team) 1-0 170lbs.
Rob Rios (Nitsuj) 1-0 vs. John Esposito (Octane Fighting Gym) 0-0 155lbs.
John Lopez (Nitsuj) 0-1 vs. Josh Laporte (American Fight Team) 145lbs.
Angel Laboy (Team Independent) 1-3 vs. Anthony "Squirrel" Carmonetty 4-4 135lbs.
Jeremy Trotta (SNEMMA) 0-0 vs. Mike Oullette (Blue Devil Fight Team) 0-0 170lbs.
Leroy Derricott (Nitsuj) 1-1 vs. Chris Colon (Mixed Breed MMA) 0-0 155lbs.
Matthew Andrikut (Kut Combat) 2-0 vs. Pete Kerantzas (Blue Devil Fight Team) 0-0 205 lbs.
Comber Boor (Independent) 0-0 vs. Marcus Clark (Independent) 0-2 170lbs.
Henry Rosario (Mixed Breed) 0-0 235lbs. vs. Sandor Binkley (Blue Devil Fight Team) 2-1 240lbs.
Rico Rivera (Mixed Breed) 0-0 210lbs. vs. Claudio Padilla (Octane Fighting Gym) 0-0 220lbs.

This is going to be another great action packed card from Premier FC.  I know I will definitely be there.  Of course I am most excited about the two Team Ravenous fights on the card.  Jeremy “the Boss” Reipold will make his debut in the cage as well as Jake “the Mule” Smith will try to keep his undefeated record of 1-0.