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November 7, 2010

Cage Titans "Carnage" review

On Friday Nov. 5, 2010 myself and fellow WMMMA writer Joe Leonard set out for our 2hr 15min drive to Lambardo's in Randolph Ma. The Cage Titans promotion was having their second show entitled "Carnage". The president of Cage Titans, Micheal Povre was kind enough to provide us with two press passes to cover the event.

We were particularly interested in a few western Mass fighters from American Fight Team, as they had been matched up on the card. Nate Nadeau was fighting Ruso Khubecovn in a 160lb amateur fight. While "The Violence" Anthony Kaponis was taking on Antwan Penn in a 155lb lightweight pro fight. Finally Barrington "Rude Boy" Douse was the main event, as he faced Joe Cushman from the famed Lauzon MMA at 135lbs.

I had a chance to talk with the AFT guys, as well as their coach Jason Franklin, and manager Karyn Wesch. I asked the guys how they all felt, and how the weight cut went for each fighter. Nate had no problem, as he had his first fight at 155, but agreed to fight this one at a catch weight of 160. He felt really good, and was weighing around 172lbs before the fight. Anthony was making his second trip down to the 155lb weight limit, and did pretty well with the cut. He was very happy to replenish himself though, and enjoyed a large banquet with his manager, coaches and teammates after his weigh-in. He claimed to be weighing in at around 178lbs before his fight. Rude Boy made the biggest cut, as he tends to walk around at about 160lbs, pretty much all of which is muscle. He made the 135lb weight, but for his first time used an I.V. to replenish his dehydrated body. He said he felt great, and was ready to bang it out in the cage for the main event!

As I was talking to Jason and Karyn, I witnessed first hand, a fighter's worst nightmare come to life. As we talked, Ruso K., Nate's opponent approached us with some bad news to deliver. He claimed he had a very high fever, and couldn't fight tonight. He was very apologetic, and wanted to say he was sorry to Nate himself. Nate understood, and kept his emotions in check, and asked if Ruso would agree to a future match up, to which he agreed. (Karyn Wesch is trying to set this fight up on the Nov.27 Fury 2 card in Holyoke Ma!)

On to the Carnage!!!! As we walked into Lambardo's we were both very impressed. It was a huge banquet facility/bar-nightclub. The place was classy as hell for an mma show...Huge chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and a large round staircase led us up to the ballroom where the event was held. Much to our surprise, we were seated in an awesome press booth with a great view of the cage and big screens. The staff even brought over bottled water to us guys in the press box! (attn promoters...take note!) The room was packed with excited fans ready for their fix of mma action!!
fight 1 - 140lb amateur
Tom Benjamin - Team Kaos (2-2) vs Moises Rodriguez - Team United (0-0)
Rd1- Few strikes are thrown, as both fighters clinch up, and into the cage. Moises shows some strength, as he lifts Tom up, and slams to side control. Tom looks fine, and quickly retains a tight full guard. He skillfully hips out and locks on a tight arm bar. Moises once again shows his beastly strength, picks up Tom in full arm bar position, and smashes him to the cage floor! Tom is out, but Moises makes sure of it, and gets a few more shots in before the ref steps in.
winner- Moises Rodriguez rd 1 KO slam and punches.
fight2 - 155lb amateur
John Hammond - Independent (0-0) vs Billy Keely - SSSF (0-0)
Rd1- fighters rush into a clinch, but Keely quickly gets the take down, and moves to take the back. Hammond spins back into guard, but gets caught in a head and arm choke from the top. He defends, only to get caught in an arm bar. Hammond stands up, and slams out of the arm bar. Keely pulls guard, and once again takes the back and is working the Rear Naked Choke as the horn sounds to end rd 1. (Keely 10-9)
Rd2- Both fighters are trading punches to start the round. They once again clinch, as Keely starts to use some decent dirty boxing. As they clinch against the cage, Keely gets the TD and proceeds to mount Hammond. From here the ground and pound starts, and continues until the ref has to step in.
winner Billy Keely 1:08 rd 2 TKO ref stoppage.
fight 3 - 165lb amateur
Keegan Hornstra - Team Kaos (2-4) vs Dan Lopez - Sport Specific Fitness
Rd1- Fighters trade low kicks for a bit as the circle the cage. Keegan rushes forward swinging hard and looking to take Lopez's head off, but nothing connects to good. As he's chasing him down, Lopez makes the mistake of putting his head down, and Keegan grabs for a guillotine choke. He jumps guard and looks to have the fight near it's end, but Lopez pops out. He stands up, and passes to half guard, and tries for some strikes from the top. Hornstrah reverses, and sweeps as the round ends. (Hornstrah 10-9)
Rd2- Small exchange on the feet as Keegan once again looks for the guillotine. This one isn't close from the start, and Lopez pulls out with ease and is now on top. Hornstrah quickly reverses though, and moves to side control. Lopez tries fro a guillotine, but Hornstrh gets a great position and locks in a fight ending Von Flue choke the puts Lopez to SLEEP!! winner Hornstrah 2:19 rd2 Von Flue choke submission.
fight 4 -155lb amateur
Mike Morin - Northern Aggression (0-1)vs Mike Cronin - Pedro's Wrestling (0-0)
Rd1- Morin comes out swinging with a nice combo of punches followed by a quick shot. He scores the double leg take down, and ends up taking Cronin's back, and sinks in the hooks. Morin starts to pound on Cronin's face, and the ref sees he can't defend himself, and puts a hault to the action.
winner Mike Morin 1:41 rd1 TKO ref stoppage.
fight 5 - 160lb amateur
Shaun Chadbourne - Clinch MMA (0-0)vs Tim Nguyen - MAXX (0-0)
Rd1- Both guys get huge cheers from the crowd. Shaun rushes into the clinch, seeming to want nothing to do with striking. He's looking for a take down, but Tim keeps on the feet delivering some good knees from the clinch. Chadbourne fires back a few knees of his own, but grabs onto one of Tim's and get the single leg slam for a take down into side control. They scramble back to the feet, but Chadbourne gets another nice slam and finishes the round on top control. (Chadbourne 10-9)
Rd2- Tim comes out way more aggressive with strikes, connecting on some decent punches. Chadbourne gets into another clinch, and scores another take down. Tim scrambles and gets up. He turns up the striking once again, and looks to be in control of the fight while standing. The round ends with the fighters clinching and exchanging knees. (Nguyen 10-9)
Rd3- Both guys are swinging wildly and both are getting tired.They once again clinch, and Shaun gets another take down out of it. As Shaun is passing guard, the ref foolishly stands the fighters up??? Tim once again gets the better on the feet, and Chadbourne is showing some damage. Shaun gets yet another slam into side. Tim retains guard as the horn sounds to end the fight. Very close round, Shaun has a huge mouse under his eye, and has certainly taken more damage, but he had several take downs and control. (?? didn't score on my notes??)
winner - Tim Nguyen rd3 unanimous decision
fight 6 - Heavyweight amateur
Zach zamzow - Team Kaos (0-0) vs Mario Gonzalez - Team United (0-0)
Rd1- Both guys are big, and neither would win a bodybuilding contest.... Rodriguez comes out with a low kick to a superman punch that connects. He instantly clinches up, and forces Zamzow to the ground against the cage. Mario is in side control, and he starts to smash down hard on his opponent. The ref is forced to step in and stop the fight.
winner - Mario Gonzalez 1:18 rd1 TKO strikes.
fight 7 - 145lb amateur
Dinis Paiva - Team JKD (2-2)vs Ricco Disiurilo - Sityodtong (1-0)
Rd1- Ricco comes out throwing hard and agressive. He throws some heavy knees in the clinch, but Paiva gets the take down. He stands and motions Ricco back to his feet, which ends up being a huge mistake! Ricco comes forward throwing hard and fast, as he moves in swinging, he catches Paiva with a hooking left, that crumples him to the cage floor! Ricco follows to the ground, and the ref steps in!
winner Ricco Disiurilo 2:24 rd1 KO
fight 8 - 145lb amateur
Matt Marshall - Team Kaos (1-3) vs Billy Giovanella - Connors MMA (0-0)
Rd1- Billy comes in and gets a take down, and instantly moves to mount. Here he starts to ground and pound, as Marshall looks for control with under hooks to stop the assault. Billy again postures up for some strikes, and Matt gives up his back. Billy works the rear naked, and looks to have it. Marshall defends well though, and gets out, only for a moment though as Billy once again gets his arm under Matt's chin, and this time finishes the rear naked choke for the tap!
winner - Billy Giovanella 1:52 rd1 Rear naked choke submission.
fight 9 - 165lb amateur
Wayne Ahlquist - Lakes Region Vale tudo (1-2) vs "Ill" Will Chan - SSSF (2-0)
rd1- Both guys come out boxing, and Wayne seems to be the aggressor, throwing some crisp, strong punches. Chan fires back, and clubs Wayne with a beautiful right hook that puts him to sleep!
winner - "Ill" Will Chan :21 rd1 KO
fight 10 - 145lb amateur
Johnny Vasconcellos - Clinch MMA (1-0) vs "Crazy" Eddie Lee - Sityodtong (1-0)
Rd1- The crowd is chanting "Eddie Lee" as the fight begins. Lee looks poised on his feet and is throwing some nice punches mixed with kicks. The fighters clinch up, and Lee gets a taked down to half guard. He postures up and begins to reign down punches. He picks up the ground and pound win as the ref is forced to stop the fight.
winner Eddie Lee 2:29 rd 1 TKO strikes.
At this point in the show Cage titans president Micheal Povre stepped into the cage and grabbed the mic. He thanked everyone for coming and wanted to know if they liked the action so far. The crowd cheered loudly as the first half of action was great!! He then awarded the amateurs with Fight of the Night, KO of the night, and Submission of the night awards. (which I though was awesome...again, promoters take note) The awards were as follows: FOTN: Chadbourne vs Nguyen, Sub OTN: Billy Giovanella, and KO OTN: Ricco Disiurilo. At this point the crowd listend to DJ Caucasion spinning tunes while a young girl did some cool karate demo. We then watched a great video, with clips of some of the all time great fight related movies of all was pretty sweet if I do say so myself!! Back to the fights!!!
fight 11 - 165lb amateur
Mike Drohan - Lakeville MMA 90-0) vs Zach Costello - MAXX (1-0)
Rd1- Zach comes out bullying Mike around the cage, and gets a take down. He takes the back for a bit, but Mike is able to stand and the fighters trade some punches. Zach throws a great 1-2 combo then grabs for a standing guillotine as the round ends. (Costello 10 -9)
Rd2- They trade in the center of the ring, Zach rushes in to clinch against the cage. He gets a take down to side control, but Mike quickly reverses to top side control. Mike tries to mount, but instead takes the back as a scramble ensues. Mike continues to ride out the top position, going from mount to back, and back to mount again, finishing the round going for a rear naked choke. (Drohan 10-9)
Rd3- Drohan pushes forward and lands a nice uppercut into a clinch. He gets the take down into side control, but Zach quickly reverses, they scramble and end up standing. Costello then gets a take down and stays on top to close out the round.
winner Zach Costello rd3 unanimous decision.
fight 12 155lb Pro
"The violence" Anthony Kaponis - American Fight Team (4-2) vs Antwan Penn - MMAT Center (1-2)
Rd1- Kap rushes in for the take down, trying to avoid the striking of the much taller Penn.Penn sprawls well at first but another shot forces Penn to the ground and his back. In the scramble Penn grabs for a guillotine. Kap pops out quick, and remains in Penn's active but unsuccessful guard. In a scramble Penn ends up in top mount for a moment , but Kaponis gets back to top position, and reins down some ground and pound to finish out the 1st round. (Kaponis 10-9)
Rd2- Kaponis goes right for the take down once again. Penn sprawls, and a scramble takes place, and Kaponis trys taking the back.Penn retains guard, as Kaponis start to turn up the ground and pound. Anthony stands up in guard and unleashes some vicious strikes. Penn seems hurt, as he shells up and Kaponis pounds away until the ref steps in.
winner Anthony Kaponis 2:39 rd2 TKO strikes. ( Anthony told me after the fight that he will no longer look to stand and trade just to make the crowd happy, he just plans on going out there and doing what he needs to do to WIN!!)
fight 13 135lb Pro
Chris "Kumite" Rowley- Northern Aggression (1-1) vs Johnny "cupcakes" Campbell - SSSF (0-1)
Rd1- Campbell comes out and throws a head kick that misses, and Rowley shoots for the take down. They stand back up and Campbell delivers a hard knee th the body. Rowley shoots again and gets the take down, but Campbell quickly stands again and delivers some more nice knees. Yet again Rowley shoots, this time Campbell fights it off. Rowley presses up against the cage, and Campbell smashes his back with what seems to be about 3o hard elbows. It starts to hurt Rowley as he continues to try for a take down.The scenario continues until Campbell rocks Rowley with another knee followed by some heavy punches and gets the TKO finish.
winner Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell 4:43 rd1 TKO.
fight 14 135lb Pro - Co Main Event
Barrington "Rude Boy" Douse - AFT (6-8) vs Joe Cushman - Aggression/Lauzon (8-4)
Rd1- Rude Boy comes out throwing head kicks with both feet, but misses. Cushman wants none of the stand up and shoots in. Douse sprawls well, and ends up on top, and delivers some nice punches to Cushman's head. Cushman powers through, and gets a slam takedown and ends up in guard. Douse controls well from the bottom, and scores with hammer fists ans elbows every time Cushman tries to posture up. The fighters then scramble to the feet, and trade some knees. Douse is much stronger, and throws Cushman to the cage floor, and starts to ground and pound. Cushman slips on a nice arm bar, but Douse defends as the round ends. (Douse 10-9)
Rd2- More high kicks from Rude Boy that miss, and again Cushman shoots in and slams for a take down into guard. Douse is active on the bottom, utilizing a rubber guard at some points a nice high guard to keep Cushman ground and pound at bay. Cushman slaps on a tight guillotine and looks to have Douse in some trouble. Douse defends well but Cushman tries again as he pulls gaurd. Douse defends well again, but as he pulls out, he instantly finds himself defending a slick armbar. Douse again defends, as Cushman tries for a foot lock. Douse scrambles out, and ends up on top, and momentarily takes the back as the round ends. Cushman is bleeding from some early elbows. (Cushman 10-9)
Rd3- Barrington throws some good leg kicks, that score hard on Cushman's thigh. Another leg kick staggers Cushman, and he shoots in and scores the take down into side control. He quickly gets mount, and as Douse spins Cushman takes the back and works for the rear naked choke. Douse stands and tries to shake Cushman off his back, and after some time spins back into top position in Cushman's guard. Cushman instantly has Douse defending another good arm bar attempt. Douse defends momentarily, as seconds after pulling out , he's put in another arm bar. Cushman is bleeding all over the mat, but won't let go of the arm, Douse is defending as the horn sounds to end the fight. (Cushman 10-9)
winner Joe Cushman rd3 split decision.
fight 15 145lb - Pro title fight Main Event
Bill Jones - Team Kaos (8-3) vs Lee Metcalf - SSSF (5-3)
Rd1- Fighters trade low kicks, and Jones shoots for the take down. Lee slaps on a guillotine as he goes to the mat, and Jones defends. Lee works the high guard , and tries for a triangle. Jones defends with some heavy shots to Metcalf's head. Lee slips on a slick arm bar, and has me wondering if it would end here. Jones defends well, scrambles and takes the back. Moments later, Jones sinks in the rear naked choke, forcing Lee to tap out!!
winner and 145lb Cage Titans Champion Bill Jones 3:24 rd1 rear naked choke submission.

Big thanks to Mike Povre for setting us up with the press passes, and for the great view the press box provided. This was our first Cage titans event, and I was extremely impressed!! I almost can't believe it's only the 2nd show! The venue was big, clean and beautiful. The lighting and sound were amazing. The show seemed to run very smoothly, and the fights were insane!!!! My hat goes off to Mike Povre and his staff at Cage titans. Also, all of the fighters and teams involved! Great job to you all!!

To my western Mass boys at AFT...Nate, that totally sucks, you took the news like a true warrior, hope he agrees to fight you on the 27!! Anthony, way to get it done!! Like you said, stick to your game plan and you will be tough to stop at 155!!! Barrington....great fight!! It was a very close one...if it was going 5 rounds things might be different. You're almost impossible to stop!! Keep training hard and you'll be back to your winning ways real soon! Hope you all enjoy, please comment!!
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