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November 27, 2010

Fury in Fight Town 2: Fight Card

So the wait is over.  I trust that everyone has had their fill of turkey and dressing and is rested after an afternoon of football and shopping.  So you’ll all be looking for a great way to spend Saturday night in and around the Valley. 

Tonight brings the action to Holyoke, MA.  Fury in Fight Town 2 is being held at the Greater Holyoke Boys and Girls Club located at 70 Nick Cosmos Way, Holyoke, MA.



155 lbs
Steve Carr (CTMMA/Carlson Gracie) VS. Sam Nadeau (AFT)

155 lbs
Jon Lemke (Team Irish) VS. Nate Nadeau (Gladiator BJJ/AFT)

165 lbs
Bobby Matheus (CTMMA/Carlson Gracie) VS. Mike McCurry (Boys and Girls Club) 

155 lbs
Eriton Heitor Jr (Lions Den) VS. Brandon Amadon (FAA)

205 lbs
Eric Sommers (CTMMA/Carlson Gracie) VS. Jeff ''Portuga'' Henriques (AFT)

170 lbs
Ryan Sanders (Irish Team) VS. Leon Davis (FAA)


140lbs - Bob O'connel (FAA) VS. Berrington Douse (AFT)
135lbs - Chad Kelly (FAA) VS. Luis Ramos (Gladiator BJJ)

Hope to see you all there.  This is going to be a great show.  Travis and Jere will be there capturing the action with photos and an incisive review.  Also Frontier Community Access Television will be filming the event to be rebroadcast on your local public cable channels. 

Thank you to Gladiator for keeping us in the loop and good luck to all the fighters tonight.  May your efforts be rewarded with much cheering and celebrating as you step into the ring to do what most men or women never imagine themselves doing.

Joe Leonard is a contributing author here at and a student of Team Ravenous MMA at ATA in South Deerfield, MA.

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