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November 14, 2010

Highlights of Western MA Fighters at CFX 11-13-2010

Congratulations to Darby McLaughlin of American Fight Team in East Long Meadow, MA.  Although he did not come away with a victory, he came away with an experience he wouldn’t trade for the world.    Darby fought every second of all three rounds placing his fate in the hands of the judges who rendered a unanimous decision  not in his favor.
McLaughlin who is a High School Wrestling coach by day and bad ass Mixed Martial Artist ,looking to improve wherever he can, by night captivated the crowd with his ability to exploit his opponent’s few weaknesses and keep the battle upright the majority of the time. 
Good luck to Darby in the future as I am sure that this is only the beginning of a prominent MMA career.

Next we saw James Poe, a man I thought was on a crash course with failure and self destruction based on the violent and unnecessary outcome of his Premier FC Debut.

I was fascinated at the very real and perceptible change in Poe’s demeaner.  Poe enters the arena not as a mere man, but as a warrior complete with gladiatorial headgear (see Photo)

Once in the cage Poe seemed to be all business, but unlike his prior fight he didn’t pace the ring and glare into the darkness outside the cage walls.  He was all there present and ready to begin.

His physical prowess certainly cannot be overlooked and his strength is incredible.  He destroyed his opponent by shear force.  The young man Poe faced will be feeling every last blow he was administered by Poe and probably won’t be fighting again soon.
The surprise came at the end of the fight where Poe had lost his cool at PFC he seemed humble and very much in control of his person.  He even shook his young opponents hand after the fight.

I learned after introducing myself to Poe and his Corner man that James has indeed been suspended from the Blue Devils Fight Team until a decision can be made as to James’s character.  If you value a thing then you work to achieve it no matter the cost.  James I wish you much luck and success.  Do what you must to maintain that balance you’ve found and I believe that will be your key to many success within the sport.

Joe Leonard is a contributing author of and a student of Team Ravenous MMA at ATA in South Deerfield, MA.  I welcome all of your comments, criticism, questions, or ideas.  Please use the “Comment” radio button located below this article.