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December 2, 2010

CES: Snow Brawl Full Fight Card

Full Fight Card:

Ruben Rey 1-1 (Team Rockstar) vs. James King 0-1 (Team Extreme) 145 lbs.

Doug Bolanes 0-0 (Team Bolanes) vs. Josh Labossiere 0-0 (Omaplata) 185 lbs.

Tyson Chartier 0-0 (Sit Yodtong) vs. Justin Switzer 0-1 (B&F Boxing) 155 lbs.

Jason Bennett 4-3 (Lion’s Den) vs. Tateki Matsuda 4-3 (Sit Yodtong) 135 lbs.

Lionel Young 4-4 (BJKA)vs. Luiz Rodriguez 3-0 (Sit Yodtong) 155 lbs.

Jeff Anderson 5-2 (B&F Boxing) vs. Hitalo Machado 6-4 (Best Way JJ) 155 lbs.

Mat Santos 2-6 (Team Santos Fighting Academy) vs. Ed Medeiros 3-5 (Snake Pit) 185 lbs.

Greg Rebello 11-2 (Sit Yodtong) vs. Taiwan Howard 7-5 205 lbs.

Dan Lauzon 13-4 (Reality Self Defense) vs. Damien Trites 5-3 (Wai Kru) 165 lbs.

To read a full Preview of tonights event follow click on the following link:
This is Mark Hoxie's preview and it reads very well.  Thanks to Mark for letting me direct folks to his post.

Joe Leonard is a contributing author for and a student of Team Ravenous at ATA in South Deerfield, MA.  Please feel free to leave comments, criticisms, or suggestions by using the "Comments" radio button below.