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December 29, 2010

Prime Athletics Corp joins in 2011…

PrimeFirst off I’d like to thank Sean Rockwell, Chairman/CEO of Prime Athletics Corp. for helping our site to grow in the coming year. is pleased to have attracted so much attention, but continues to look for new and exciting ways to bring only the best MMA action to your screen daily. 
Prime Athletics Corp. is dedicated to bringing you the best gear and apparel as well as supporting great fighters.  It is a struggle for most people to find the time to train hard enough and long enough to reach the ranks of professional athlete never mind pay for that training.  Prime Athletics Corp. sees exceptional athletes all around.  They sponsor a growing number of young men, hopefully women someday soon as well, in their endeavor to reach the apex of the MMA world, The Ultimate Fighting Championship.  The gear, clothing, and monetary investments they make for each fighter is done for the benefit of the sport.  To deepen the ranks of contenders for our enjoyment as this sport grows within our communities and the Commonwealth.

I’d like to take the time now to recognize those fighters that represent Prime in the cage and the ring and also to give you all some background on Prime which has helped them to stay on top of the MMA scene for the past two years.
Prime Athletics Corporation (aka Prime Athletics, Prime Corp, Prime, PAC)

est. Oct 1, 2008

As of today... Prime sponsors:
[Pro] Lee "The Beast" Beane (Wai Kru, Tapout, MAXX, Elite, Bishops)
[Pro] "Relentless" Robbie Leroux (Wai Kru, Tapout, MAXX, SSSF)
[Ammy] Dave "The Freak" Irving (independent)
[Pro] Dan "The Ghost" Keefe (Wai Kru, Xtreme, others... not sure)
[Ammy] Patrick Walsh (Wai Kru, MAXX, Tapout)
[Pro] Ruben "Rukus" Rey (Team Rockstar, Tim Burrell's, Various)
[Ammy] Brandon "Bad Luck" Fleming (SSSF)
[Pro] Brett Oteri (Connor's MMA, SSSF)

Prime has sponsored Strikeforce fighter Lyle Beerbohm, Bellator Fighter Josh Laberge. We also support fighters - Nate Nadeau, Kym Sturdivant, Billy Walsh, Jonathon Hammond, and everyone else who buys Prime's products!

Prime will be supporting Bill Keeley for Cage Titans Jan 28th.

Prime is the official and exclusive Wear and Gear sponsor for Cage Titans FC.

Prime is proud to support Premier FC events and Sponsor when time permitting.

Prime is an official main sponsor of AFO. Prime is in the process of designing the new AFO Belt.

Prime Designed the CageFX Title.

Prime has been seen in Brazil, UK and Japan in addition to all over the US.

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman trains in Prime Shorts.

UFC Fighter John Howard trains in his own pair of Prime Shorts.

Prime can be seen in the 2010 released EA Sports MMA Video Game (on banners and signage).

Prime Owner Sean Rockwell stepped into the cage for the first time on Aug 1st, 2009 to challenge veteran fighter Fernando Rivera to prove a point about himself and his brand. Sean beat Fernando in 4 minutes and 8 seconds in the First Round... winner by TKO (submission due to strikes).

Prime is an approved sponsor for ALL Local shows, Tuff Nuff shows, Bellator shows, Strike Force events and shows.
Thanks especially to those fighters willing to step-up and be one of the PAC. 
Joe Leonard is a contributing author of and a student of Team Ravenous MMA at ATA in South Deerfield, MA.
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