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January 30, 2011

Cage Titans "Mayhem" Review 1/28/2011

On Friday evening Cage Titans held their third event entitled "Mayhem"! The event was held once again at Lombardo's in Randolph Ma. This really is a nice place to see a show, and the place was full! I didn't get a number, as Mike Polvere was a busy man all night long, but the room was packed wall to wall with mma fans ready for a stacked card. I was personally very excited for this card, as it featured several match ups between ranked fighters. As well as a few fighters who fight out of western Mass! Barrington Rude Boy Douse and Josh Lopez were representing AFT/Gladiator BJJ, and Notorious Nick Newell representing Fighting Arts Academy.
My colleague, Joe Leonard and I made it through the I-95 traffic, and arrived just in time, as the first fight was just starting as we walked in the room. The set up was different than the last show, and once again there was a nice press booth set up, with an even better view of the cage!!( Although I didn't get the complementary water this time...;) On to the fights!!

Fight 1 135lb Alandre Martinez (0-0) Wai Kru vs Davis Roast (0-0) Sityodtong

rd1 - Fighters circling, looking tentative, both guys throw kicks, not much lands either way. Roast turns it up and comes forward with some hard punches, that drops Martinez. He pops up though, only to be taken down by Roast. Roast shows his intensity again, as he tries to rain down some hard punches, and maintains top control. He sees an opportunity to take the neck, and jumps guard for the guillotine. It looks tight, but the round ends, and Roast can't finish.     rd1 Roast 10-9

rd2 - Again they circle and exchange kicks, and once again Davis gets a take down into full guard. He postures and again throws heavy right hands, and Martinez turns over exposing his back. Roast takes the back and quickly sinks the rear naked choke for the tap!
 winner Davis Roast rd2 1:49 RNC.

Fight 2 -155lb Shaun Shubert (0-2) Eclectic Karate vs Billy Keely (1-0) SSSF

rd1- fighters circle, Shubert throws a high kick that misses it's mark. As he does this Keely shoots in gets the take down into full mount. Shubert tries to control, but Keeley postures up and starts some heavy ground and pound. Shubert has no answer, and is trapped, the ref steps in for the first round stoppage due to strikes.
 winner Billy Keeley rd1 (missed the official time) ref stoppage.

Fight 3 -155 lb Nate Oses (0-1) BMAC vs Rob Font (0-0) Sityodtong

rd1 - both fighters come to the center and exchange some nice punches. Font lands a nice one that drops Oses. Font starts the ground and pound, but Oses looks good on the ground and keeps working to get out. Font gets a loud punch through, and the blood starts to flow from what looks like a broken nose for Oses. The blood doesn't slow him down though, as Oses reverses to top position to control till the round ends.  rd1 - Font 10-9

rd 2 - Oses throws a left into a shot, and ends up on top in Font's full guard. Rob too looks like no grappling slouch and throws up a triangle attempt. Oses slips out and passes to side control, then to north-south, then back to side.Oses is looking for a choke, but Font puts him back in full guard to finish the round.  rd2 - Oses 10-9

rd3 - Oses throws an inside leg kick into a take down into full guard. He's looking to stand up in the guard
and tries a guillotine. Font stands up against the cage for a moment to escape, but Oses gets it back to the mat. Font is looking for the sweep as he knows time is running out, but the rounds ends with Oses on top and in control.  rd3 - Oses 10-9
 winner - Oses decision.

Fight 4 - 140lb Josh Lopez (3-0) AFT/Gladiator BJJ vs Billy Giovanella (2-0) Connors MMA

rd1 - Billy rushes across the cage into the clinch. He's looking for a take down, and picks up Josh for a big crowd pleasing slam! Josh quickly gets full guard and is working for the arm bar. It looks deep for a bit, but Billy escapes, and the fight goes back to the feet. Billy shoots and gets the double leg take down into full guard. Again Josh wastes no time and is working an arm bar as time expires.  r1- Giovanella 10-9

rd2 - Billy rushes Josh against the cage looking for another take down. Josh defends, and in a scramble ends up taking Billy's back. He's softening Billy up with some punches looking to sink in a rear naked choke. Billy defends and tries to stand, Josh keeps control, and switches to an arm bar attempt to finish out the round.  rd2 - Lopez 10-9

rd3 - Fighters circle, and Billy clinches into the cage. Yet again he's looking for the take down. After a bit, he scores the take down into Josh's full guard. Josh gets busy with his BJJ right away, and is threatening with armbars and a high tight guard. Billy is on the defensive the whole time, as Josh throw subs and punches from the bottom. As Billy postures up, Josh throws up a nice triangle. Billy tries to muscle through, but Josh locks it up. It looks deep, and it's locked in for a good 20 seconds. Billy survives, and the round ends.  rd3 - Lopez 10-9
 winner - Giovanella decision.*
* This fight was a good one, but it shows yet again what is WRONG about judging in MMA!!! Apparently 1 take down wins a round, whether you do NOTHING offensively, and constantly defend submissions while getting punched in the face???? Crap loss for Josh Lopez!!!!

Fight 5 - Heavy weight Zach Zamzow (0-1) Kaos vs Anthony Pepdjonovic (0-0) Best Way BJJ

 rd1 - Anthony rushes across the cage firing 1-2's like a mad man!!! He shoots for the take down, Zach sprawls against the cage. A scramble ensues, and Anthony gets the top, and pins Zach into the cage. From here he unloads heavy punches to Zach's covered up face and head for the ref stoppage!!!
 winner Anthony P. 36 sec. rd 1

Fight 6 - 145lb Sergio Cabrera (2-0) BMAC vs Brett Morris (2-0) Rivera MMA

rd1 - Brett punches into a clinch and is looking for a take down. Sergio sprawls, and they scramble. Sergio gets the top, but Brett quickly throws up a nice arm bar. Sergio slams out, and reigns down some ground and pound. Morris tries for another arm bar, but this one is quickly defended. Sergio ends out the round with some nice ground and pound.  rd1 - Cabrera 10-9

rd2 - Brett throws a huge head kick but misses. Sergio counters with a right hand into a take down and into full guard. Sergio is trying to posture and punch, but the guard is tight. Sergio pushes Brett into the cage, where he works to ground and pound the whole round.  rd2 - Cabrera 10-9

rd3 - Sergio throws a 1-2 combo followed by a ow kick and into a take down. Once again the fighters are in the same place in full guard against the cage. Sergio spends the round posturing and punching to secure the victory.  rd3 Cabrera 10-9
 winner Sergio Cabrera decision.

Fight 7 - 135lb Dan Cormier (3-1) Rock Star vs Dat Tran (3-1) Sityodtong

rd1 - Dan rushes across cage and scores a take down. He grabs the neck for a guillotine try, but Dat stands. Dan fires off a great hook to the face followed by a sweet hard body punch. Dan shoots and gets another nice double leg take down. Again Dat stands back up, but Dan is relentless. He's pushing for another take down against the cage and gets it. He stands in half guard to deliver some ground and pound to end out the round.  rd1 - Cormier 10-9

rd2 - Dan throws a right hand that misses but follows it up with a take down into full guard. Dat is working hard to get up against the cage and finally does. Once again though Dan wants it back to the ground and gets another take down. Dan tries for a guillotine as the round ends.  rd2 - Cormier 10-9

rd3 - Dan shoots out of the gate but this time Dat is ready and sprawls. He clinches Dan and delivers a crisp knee to the body. Dat then muscles through to top position and full mount. From here he punches away until the ref steps in for the stop!! Come from behind victory!!
 winner Dat Tran rd3 1:21  TKO ref stoppage

Fight 8 - 140lb Shayne Stephenson (0-0) Lakeville MMA  vs Matt Tullos (0-0) Connors MMA

rd1 - Fighters touch gloves and start to trade punches. Shayne rushes forward for a bully take down and grabs Matt's neck. Matt picks him up and walks him over to his corner with a big slam. Matt then goes for an arm bar, looks close, but Shayne slams out and gets top position. Matt looks for a guillitone, Shyne pops out, they scramble and Matt ends up on top. Shayne drives for his own guillotine and Matt pops out as the round ends.  rd1 - Tullos 10-9

rd2 - Both fighters trade kicks that miss. Matt throws a high kick into a take down. He throws hard knees to the hamstring of Shayne and passes into full mount. Shayne reverses only momentarily as Matt sweeps back to mount. From here, he unleashes ground and pound until the ref steps in.
 Winner-Matt Tullos rd2 2:13 TKO ref stoppage

Fight 9 - 135lbs Tom Benjamin (2-3) Team KAOS vs Rico Disciullo (2-0) Sityodtong

rd1- The crowd is going wild, chanting 'Rico, Rico'...Fighters circle, trade a few punches, Tom lands one but Rico answers with a hard right of his own, dropping Tom to his knees. He rushes in with a few more rights,Tom is out and the ref steps in.
 Winner - Rico Dissciullo rd1 :09 KO

Fight 10 - 170lbs Fernando Victor (0-0) Team BMAC vs Zach Costello (2-0) MAXX Training

rd1 - Fighters come out and wrestle for position. Zach tosses Fernando to the ground, but they wrestled back up to their feet. Fernando gets the take down, but Zach quickly grabs the guillotine and it looks tight. Fernando starts to tap, but the ref doesn't see it. Zach rolls over to the top position, now the ref sees the tap. The fight is over.
  Winner - Zach Costello rd1 1:09 Guillotine Choke

Fight 11 - 185lbs Title, Joe Palazio (2-1) Allaire MMA vs Joe Lamoureaux (5-1) SSSF

rd1 - Sloppy rushes to the clinch looking for a take down. He gets it against the cage and starts some heavy ground and pound. Palazio defends and grabs guard. Sloppy keeps up the pressure, but Palazio takes the back in a scramble. Sloppy escapes and they are back to their feet. Sloppy gets another take down and finishes the round on top.  rd1 - Sloppy 10-9

rd2 - Sloppy punches into the clinch for a take down into mount. He starts his heavy ground and pound, few get through and you can tell Palazio is hurt. Sloppy keeps up the pressure and the ref steps in.
 Winner - Joe Lamoureaux rd 2 1:21 TKO Ref Stoppage

Fight 12 - 145lbs Title, Andre Soukhamthath (3-0) Team United vs Frank Sforza (3-0) SSSF

rd1 - Both fighters circle tentatively. Frank shoots in and picks up Andre for the big slam into full guard. Frank stands to punch and passes to side control. Andre regains half guard, Frank again stands to punch and tries to take Andres back in a scramble. Andre spins out and ends up on top in guard. Fighters get back to their feet, Andre throws a flying knee and a clinch knee to end the round. rd1 - Sforza 10-9

rd2 - Frank throws a punch instantly into a take down. Andre controlling from the bottom with a butterfly guard into full guard. Frank is trying to posture and punch, not doing a ton of damage, but controlling from the top for the whole round. rd2 - Sforza 10-9

rd 3 - Andre throws a front kick that misses and Frank gets another take down into full guard. He once again is trying to posture for some ground and pound, some get through, but Andre locks down for control. Ref stands them up, Andre throws a nice kick that just misses it's mark. Frank tries for another take down as the round ends. rd3 - Sforza 10-9

rd 4 -  Andre rushes forward, Frank level changes for an easy take down into half guard and throws some nice punches. Andre tries for control, but Frank is relentless with the ground and pound. Andre throws a nice arm bar up, Frank slams out into guard and then passes to side. rd4 -  Sforza 10-9

rd 5 - Andre throws a low kick, Frank shoots in for another take down into full guard. Andre tries to throw up a triangle, but Frank has none of it and passes to side. He stays on top to finish the round out, with intermittent ground and pound. rd 5 - Sforza 10-9
 Winner - Frank Sforza, unanimous decision

Fight 13 - Heavy Weight Sandor Binkley (0-0) NEMMA vs Tyler King (1-0) Connors MMA

rd1 - Tyler shoots in, gets a take down and is instantly looking to pass. He moves to an arm triangle, but can't finish as Sandor slips out. Tyler stays in half guard, grabs Sandor's exposed arm and locks in the kimura for the finish.
 Winner - Tyler King, rd1 3:07 kimura submission

Fight 14 - 155 lbs Billy Walsh (2-5) UFAI vs Nick Newell (3-0) FAA

Billy comes out to 'Why Can't We Be Friends' and Nick comes out to Lion King into 'Beat It' by Michael Jackson.

rd1 - Nick rushes forward, hammering Billy with relentless hooks. Billy backs up to the cage covering up, Nick gets a few through and Billy goes down. Nick jumps into mount and continues his onslaught, smashing down hard punches to which Billy has no answer. Nick sees an exposed arm, spins off for a slick arm bar and gets the tap.
 Winner  - Nick Newell, rd1 1:24, arm bar submission

Fight 15 - 145 lbs Ruben Rey (4-1) Team Rockstar vs Shaun Marmas (2-1) Integrated Martial Arts

rd1 - Fighters circle and immediately clinch. Ruben throws a huge hip toss that lands Shaun on his head. Ruben moves into mount and locks on a nice arm bar that looks very, very deep and close to finishing the fight. Shaun somehow holds on and escapes and gets the top position. Ruben sweeps to top position, but Shawn takes the back in a scramble and works the back for a choke. Ruben bursts up to his feet and throws another hip toss for a take down. Ruben is holding in the scarf hold position and Shaun again slip out and takes the back and unloads some punches to end the round. rd1 - Rey 10-9

rd2 - Ruben looks very tired and is breathing heavily. Fighters trade kicks. Shaun unleashes a high kick, but slips and falls to his back. Ruben gets on top. Shaun is trying to get up against the cage, looks for a kimura and stands up. Shaun throws a low kick, Ruben answers with a one-two into another hip toss take down. He's again holding in scarf positon and again Shaun takes his back. Ruben turns over and Shaun is now on top in half guard. Shaun starts to throw punches, Ruben again gives up his back and Shaun ends the round punching controlling the back position. rd 2 - Marmus 10-9

rd3 - Ruben still looks very tired, but comes out throwing hard lunging punches. Shaun throws a few kicks, at this point Ruben's hands are hanging at his waist and there's not much left in the tank. Shaun grabs the clinch against the cage and throws some nice knees, some of which find a home on Ruben's face. The fighters separate, Ruben again lunges forward with some heavy punches. A right hand conects and Shaun is out. Ruben follows him to the mat and the ref steps in.
 Winner - Ruben Rey, rd3 2:20 KO

Fight 16 -  135lbs Main Event Barrington Douse (6-9) AFT vs Christian Rivera (4-10) Dragon Warrior

rd1 - Fighters trade punches, Barrington looks stronger and throws with more intensity. Barrinton grabs up to clinch and throws up a few nice knees that Rivera wants no part of. Barrington misses with a high kick, but continues pressing the action from the center of the cage controlling the fight. More clinch knees from Barrington and Rivera looks for a take down. It's a no-go for Rivera, Barrington ends up in the top position. Barrington takes the back and sinks in the rear naked choke for the victory.
 Winner - Barrington Douse, rd 1 3:24 rear naked choke

All in all it was a great night of fights and the card lived up to the hype. We saw some great knock outs, submissions and all out wars. Cage Titans keeps doing great things and I can't wait for the next installment. Thank you to Michael Polvere for allowing us to cover the event and great job to our western Mass fighters. Nick and Barrington looked great in their wins and sadly Josh was robbed of what I thought was a clear win. Enjoy the review and let me know what you think.

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