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January 24, 2011

More Than Just A Fighter…

This article was written by Rich O'Sullivan of RichO's photography. This is a great article about a great fighter, who happens to be in action this weekend at the Cage Titans event!!

More Than Just A Fighter…

Over the past year and half, I have covered dozens of fights, met a ton of people, and took over 20,000 photos. Sometimes when you’re in the mix of life, you don’t catch on, or realize things that happen, to yourself, or to other people. In the game of life, we don’t know what will happen, until it happens, and then at that moment we have to deal with the consequences, however we see fit. It may not always be easy, but each person has his or her own way to deal with these life changing events. Now me being a father of two premature twin boys, and seeing them at their worst, struggling day in and day out, and fighting for their life, it puts you in a different mind set, and you harshly realize that life is one of the most precious gifts of all. I was covering an AFO fight last summer, and the place was packed. I was scoping through the crowd, since you never know who you will see at an AFO show, and I was noticing these black shirts with a baby on the front. I knew it was obviously a shirt to support a fighter, and if I was a fighter, I for sure would’ve done the same thing. Then the music started playing, and the “fighter” Andre Soukhamthath was announced. He was wearing the same shirt. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.
I then realized at that moment, that it was Andre’s son on the shirt.  (11.27.07-8.30.08) The back of the shirt summed it up – “Life’s Challenges aren’t supposed to paralyze you, it’s meant to help you discover yourself”. Come to find out, Andre unfortunately lost his son at only nine months old to a rare skin disease. It goes on to prove that the worst things possible happen to the nicest people.
Being a fan of mixed martial arts, and slowly learning the ropes of photographing the sport, I would see Andre at mostly every fight from that point on. Not many people who are fans of fighter’s have the opportunity to get to know the “fighter” and that there’s an actual person that’s more than just a fighter. Luckily for me, I have. I sure I won’t be the only person to say that Andre Soukhamthath is by far one of the most down to earth, caring, and devoted person I have ever met. He is extremely easy to talk to, and goes out of his way to help everyone. Despite the obstacles that life has thrown him, he continues to stay focused and works hard to get himself where he is today.
Not only do the worst things in life happen to the nicest people, but the best things in life go to those who truly deserve it. Andre will step back into the cage on Friday January 28, 2011 at Lombardo’s in Randolph, MA at Cage Titan’s next event. This isn’t just a regular fight, he’s going after the belt. Be sure to come down and support Andre as he puts all his hard work and training to the test inside the cage! Go over to for your tickets!
I did a Fighter Portrait session with Andre this week, and I can’t thank him enough for letting me come down to the gym and get some shots of him. I am proud and honored to know Andre as a fighter, as well as a friend. Come down to the fights and show your support for him, as he truly deserves it. Go get em’ Andre! Thanks for everything man!


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