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January 21, 2011

Premier FC 4 Tenative Fight Card

1. Matt Leddick (New York Boxing) 2-3 vs. Ralphy Cruz (American Fight Team) 2-2 170lbs.
2.  Nicolas Pallini 1-0 vs. Jeremy "The Boss" Reipold (Ravenous) 1-0  135lbs.
3. Jen Rivera (Mixed Breed) 1-0 vs. Sarah Payant (Ravenous) 0-0  135lbs.
4. Todd Matulis (Lions Den) 0-1 vs. Jon Garcia (Blue Devil) 0-1 170lbs.
5. Anthony Carmenetty (Independent) vs. Dan Wilcox (Blue Devil)  125lbs
6. Tim Corcoran 0-1 vs. Jeff Henriques (American Fight Team) 1-1 205lbs.
7. Sterling Mosher (Abdali) 0-0 vs. Rick Rivera (American Fight Team) 0-2 185lbs.
8. Bobby Matthews (CTMMA) 3-0 vs. Mike Filippone (American Fight Team) 4-2 165lbs.
9. Steven Carr (CTMMA) 2-1 vs. Nate Nadeau (American Fight Team) 2-1 155lbs.
10. John Marcheterre (Mixed Breed) 0-0 vs. Ed Thornton (Champions) 0-0 155lbs.
11. Garrett Teune (Independent) 0-0 vs. Rick Langley (Gracie JJ) 0-0 170lbs. 
12. Mike Smith (Guardian) 0-0 vs. Franco Guiffre (American Fight Team) 2-1 205lbs.
13. Matt Petrides (CTMMA) 1-0 vs. Vinnie Mazza (American Fight Team) 160lbs.
14. Mike Amore (Chin Low Lee Mudo)1-0 vs. Lucas "Barely Legal" Cruz (Waikru) 1-0 155lbs.   
Now keep in mind this is most definitely not the fight order and some fights may be subject to change.  Thank you Jason of the PFC for sharing this with us. It’s going to be a great card as always and I look forward to seeing you all there! Buy your tickets from a fighter on this list or click the PFC link!