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January 10, 2011

Review for AFO New Years Redemption 1/8/2011 in Mansfield, MA

     THE REVIEW by Todd Selva

 Follow us cageside as guest writer, professional bantamweight mixed martial artist and coach/certified personal trainer, Todd Selva, gives us his view of the fights at AFO's showing " New Years Redemption" at the Holiday Inn, Mansfield, MA 01/08/11.  This is his story.

We arrived at the Holiday Inn to see the place packed. There were vendors, fans, fighters, fight teams, and staff everywhere.  I recognized many faces. We stopped at the prime athletics booth to say hello and check out the fight gear for sale.  I particularly liked the white embroidered mma board shorts on display.  Search for your gear and apparel at Prime Athletics and here are a few items we loved.

Awesome Shorts!!

Selva Trying on The Prime Athletics Gloves

We took a nice spot standing cageside to watch the fights.  There were approximately 1,400 people in attendance.  The Announcer introduces the fighters for the first match-up as the crowd is eagerly awaiting the action.  The first fight is now under way.

  Fight 1: Anson Hatfield (knuckle up) vs. Lucas Cruz (Waikru-Tapout) 155Lbs

Round 1

Anson comes out with a nice low kick as the two begin to engage.  Ansen is swinging aggressively and even throws a spinning backfist at his opponent.  Lucas throws a low kick which inadvertently strikes his opponent to the groin area. There is a brief break in the action. After a speedy recovery, the two fighters are ready to get back to business.  Lucas lands a nice low kick that drops Ansen to the ground. Lucas proceeds with a little ground and pound which lands him in the mount position. He continues to throw some vicious strikes from the mount. Anson seems overwhelmed by the devastating power in each punch of the motivated Lucas, and is forced into a turtle position. Lucas takes his back and sinks in a deep rear naked choke finishing the fight with less than ten seconds remaining in round one.

 Lucas Cruz winner via RNC 2:57 1st round.

Fight 2: Will Marnik (Pradal-Serey) vs. Richard White (cnymma) 170 Lbs

Round 1

Richard gets the takedown, softens his opponent with a few strikes and passes to mount. Richard begins to ground and pound his opponent and almost takes his back. Will defends and gives Richard back the mount position. Richard continues to ground and pound landing unanswered strikes to the head causing a referee stoppage.

Richard White winner via TKO (strikes) 2:32 1st round

Fight 3: Mark Vogel (Connors) vs. Tom Curcio (N. Shore) 195 Lbs

Round 1

Tom lands a few devastating low kicks. Mark counters by punching and upper-cuts his way into the clinch. The two battle for position. Mark controls the pace of the clinch fight with his  dirty boxing. The two separate from the clinch as Tom throws a kick and looks to defend himself. Mark takes it to the ground and takes his back to finish round one.

Round 2

 Tom comes out swinging aggressively. Mark goes for the takedown but it is stuffed as the two engage in a clinch battle once again. Tom lands some devastating knees from the clinch. Mark weathers the storm and takes the fight to the ground. They scramble for position and Tom turtles. Mark lands a couple of knees to the body at the end of the round. Both fighters go to their corners with swelling to the face. The doctor checks the safety of both fighters. Mark's eye is swelled completely shut and he cannot see clearly. The referee stops the match before round three to end the fight in favor of Tom Curcio.

Tom Curcio winner via doctor stoppage.

Fight 4: Devin Pilkington (RI combat) vs. Andrew Davis (Waikru-Tapout) 135 Lbs

Round 1

The two fighters exchange punches and engage in the clinch. Knees to the body are landed by both fighters. They punch their way out of the clinch and have an exchange of punches and kicks. The two fighters clinch again briefly and then separate. Andrew lands a superman punch. Devin answers with a stiff left hook that hurts him as Andrew works into the clinch to end the round.

Round 2

Both fighters exchange punches. Andrew shoots and has to fight for the takedown. He succeeds and lands in his guard. He works to pass but struggles in doing so. Devin is working a high guard looking to set up a triangle. He sets in a triangle which looks deep, but Andrew manages to  make enough space to breath. Andrew is bleeding and throws strikes to the ribs while dripping blood onto his opponent to end the round. 

Round 3

Andrew comes out with a nice kick followed by a left hook. The two fighters square off as Andrew shoots for a takedown and finishes it. Its a struggle to pass guard and they battle for position as Andrew passes to the mount. He works some ground and pound and ends the round with hammer fists to the face of Devin. This one is a good candidate for fight of the night.

Andrew Davis winner via  unanimous decision.

Fight 5:

Matthew Doherty (Pradal- Serey) vs. Brett Morris  (Rivera MMA) 145 Lbs

      Round 1

The two fighters look determined and Hungry for victory. Brett shoots instantly and scores the takedown. Brett gets to mount and transitions to the back as Matt tries to get back to his feet. Brett looks for the choke as Matt defends. Brett controls Matt on the ground in dominating fashion but is unsuccessful in his attempts to finish by rear naked choke. Matt finally transitions into Brett's guard but has no time as the round ends.  

Round 2

Brett shoots, finishes the takedown, and passes to side control. Matt regains the half guard and Brett passes back to side control. Brett passes to mount and lands a few punches as he controls his opponent on the ground with his superior wrestling. Brett looks for the arm bar but runs out of time as round two ends.

Round 3

Matt comes out looking to finish as he is behind on the judges score cards. He lands a kick and the fighters go to the ground. Matt ends up on top and looks for some ground and pound from the guard. Brett throws up an arm bar attempt that looks nice but Matt defends and Brett ends up on top. Matt sweeps and begins to ground and pound Brett from the guard. Its another arm bar attempt from Brett which turns into a scramble and Brett ends up in Matt's guard. Brett used his top notch wrestling to pass the guard into a side control position. He works for the mount and gets it as the round ends. This was a close round. Brett used his superior wrestling and jiu jitsu skills to control and threaten his opponent, which renders the judges decision. A stellar performance from Brett Morris.  This one has fight of the night potential written all over it.
      Brett Morris winner via unanimous decision. 

Fight 6: Nate Andrews (Rockstar) vs. Sean Nichols (waikru-tapout) 170 Lbs

Round 1

Sean throws a side kick into a spinning back kick but gets taken down. Sean sweeps and scrambles back to his feet but Nate shoots in, picks Sean up and slams him to the mat. The crowd erupts. Nate passes to the mount with some ground and pound causing Sean to give up his back. Nate takes control of his opponent as he works for the rear naked choke and gets the finish in dominating fashion. A very impressive victory for the talented and determined Nate Andrews.

Nate Andrews winner via RNC round 1.

Fight 7: Billy Giovanella (connor's) vs V. Phinney (N. shore) 145 Lbs

Round 1

The two fighters clinch and it is a battle for position as they take it to the ground and Billy lands on top. Billy lands a few strikes from the mount. Phinney looks for a sweep but Billy has strong base from the top position. Phinney looks to get back to his feet, but in doing so, Billy takes control of his back and wins by rear naked choke.

Billy Giovanella winner RNC 2:12 round 1

Fight 8: Gabe Perlman (Tim Burrill) vs. Tim Song (waikru-tapout) 170 Lbs

Round 1

The two fighters come out and clinch. Tim lands a couple knees. The fighters separate and have a quick exchange. Tim uses his explosive power to pack a straight punch right into Gabe's chin, zinging his mouth guard across the cage, causing him to hit the mat like a ton of bricks. It is the first knock out of the night by Tim Song. Its an entertaining display of celebration by Tim Song that catches the crowds attention even more than the knock out itself as he jumps up onto the cage flexing and screaming in victory. What a knockout!

Tim Song winner via KO 37 seconds in round one.

Fight 9: Brandon Newman (RI combat) vs. James Smith (Varner)  Heavyweight

Round 1

The two fighters come out and the fight immediately goes to the ground. They scramble for position as Brandon get the mount. James works to get up and ends up on top, throwing down some lethal blows. Brandon works to get back to his feet as James is in side control and pulls off a rear naked choke with no hooks.

James Smith winner via RNC 3:00 round 1

Fight 10: Joe Powers (Dexter) vs. Lewis Corapi (Sityodtong) 155 Lbs

Round 1

The two fighters come out swinging and exchange punches as they work into the clinch. They exchange some knees back and fourth as Joes grabs his leg and gets a takedown. Lewis sweeps and moves to side control and then transitions to the back. He lands an elbow to the head and a couple to the body. Lewis throws up an inverted triangle attempt but Joe gets out. This creates a scramble and Lewis gets a hold of him and slams his opponent to the mat. Lewis gets control of his back and lands a few punches to end the round.

Round 2

Both fighters exchange punches once again and into the clinch. Lewis get the takedown and lands a few hard punches from standing. He passes the guard into the mount and smashes his way to victory in impressive fashion.

 Lewis Corapi winner via TKO due to strikes.

Fight 11: Mike Dexter (Dexter) vs. Shawn Gallano (Varner) heavyweight Title fight

Round 1

The two glare across the cage at each other as they prepare for battle. They immediately work right into a clinch and Mike gets the takedown. Shawn works for a guillotine but Mike pops his head out and works a little ground and pound. He passes to the mount position looking to work an americana which distracts his opponent and lets him transition into the mount position. He lands a few punches from the mount and sets up a tight arm triangle for the finish.

Winner Mike Dexter AFO Heavyweight champion via arm triangle 4:44 in round one.

Fight 12: Paddy Thompson (SSS) vs. Steve "sandman" Dunn (Waikru-tapout) 170 Lbs Title Fight

Round 1

The crowd is pumped for this fight. Steve shoots, gets it, and lands some punches from the guard. The crowd chants, "sandman, sandman, sandman!" Paddy works diligently to defend the ground and pound of the "sandman." Not for long, as the sandman gets a few punches and elbows through. Paddy sets up a triangle from the bottom as he controls his opponent landing some nice elbows to the top of the head. He continues to punch the sandman in the face as he locks in the triangle and the sandman is forced to tap.  A slick submission by the talented Paddy Thompson.

Winner 170 Lbs AFO champion Paddy Thompson via triangle choke 4:46 in round one.

Fight 13: Tyler King (Connor's MMA) vs. James Quelle (Waikru-Tapout) Heavyweight

Round 1

Tyler gets the takedown and works punches back and forth from the body to the head.  He passes to the mount as James looks to control his posture.  Tyler punches to the body, breaking the grip of James from around him and lands some strikes.  James works out of the mount, but Tyler is still in side control.  Tyler transitions back into the mount and lands some vicious hammer fists.  Tyler continues to rain down powerful unanswered blows to the head causing a referee stoppage.

Tyler King Winner Via TKO (strikes) Round 1 4:06

Fight 14: Chris Rowley (Maine) vs. Sean Patrick Brady (Greg Swanson) 135 LBS

Round 1

Chris comes out explosively and gets the takedown.  He passes into the mount as Sean gives up his back in an effort to escape.  Chris takes control and sinks in a tight Rear naked Choke causing his opponent to tap out.

Chris Rowley Winner Via RNC 0:52 Round 1

Fight 15: Francisco Ferreria (Tim Burrill) vs. Chris Paolini (Spirit Fighting) 185 LBS

Round 1

The two fighters have a quick exchange of punches and they clinch.  Francisco takes the fight to the mat and moves immediately into the mount.  He lands a devastating Right hand knocking his opponent unconscious.  He continues to swing only to get one or two more punches in as the referee move in and stops the fight.  An impressive knock out by Francisco Ferreria and the second one of the night.

Francisco Ferreria Winner By K.O. 0:33 Round 1

 Overall, a good night of fights.  The two title fights came immediately following the intermission.  With more than half of the action put behind us, I was looking forward to seeing what type of skills the title contenders had to display for the fans.  I was intrigued with the grappling Jui Jitsu skills of both champions as they declared their titles in an impressive fashion.  Dexter by Arm triangle and Thompson by triangle choke.  I wish both of these men luck in the near future.  Good showing.  Thanks for reading "The Review" by Todd Selva.


 Fight of the night: Matthew Doherty vs. Brett Morris 145 Lbs
       Knockout of the night: Tim Song 170 Lbs
 Submission of the night:  170 Lbs AFO champion Paddy Thompson (triangle choke)

Here are a few pics from the night we wanted to share with you all.

Tim Song
The Coveted Belts!
The Crowd

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