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February 8, 2011

Breaking News From AFO’s President Pete DiLorenzo


I just sat down with Pete DiLorenzo the AFO’s president and he wanted to share some exciting news with all of you.  On April 22nd, everyone mark your calendars for another installment of AFO.  This one is going to a show everyone will be talking about at the water cooler at work the next day.  What is so special about it you ask??  Well Pete shared with me that this is going to be a 3rd Night of Champions.  He is also proud to bring championship title fights for amateurs to the AFO!!  He explained this was something he was against for a long time but after talking to many fighters and teams, he gave in and is giving everyone what they want.

So in one single night of fights the AFO plans on titling every weight class with the best fighters the AFO has including some amateurs from 135lbs to heavyweight.  In the professional fights of that evening they plan on putting champion against champion with catchweights.  He could not share any particular fights yet with us because none have been signed. 

Also Pete shared that the second season of Proving Grounds has been signed and is in the works as we speak.  This is aired on MYTV so 2.5 million homes will still be able to watch the AFO Weekly.  I asked him to share some more info about the show.  He stated MYTV New England is on DirectTV, COX and Comcast and covers most of New England.  Last year they aired 11 episodes on every Saturday morning at 11AM.  This year they signed on for another 11 episodes and it is available throughout MA, Maine, VT and some parts of RI.  Sorry CT. Pete also shared that season one will be available on AFO’s website in 3 weeks or so. 

Now for the AFO’s next show which is March 4th,2011 at the Holiday INN so far they have a few fights set.  It is title Last Man Standing and here is the poster below.


Several Months back the AFO found themselves with a 145 lb title and no Champion after they stripped Jason Mclean for not defending his title after making several attempts with his camp.  AFO President Pete DiLorenzo is a fan of the lighter weights and filling that spot took top orders.  Today we are pleased to let everyone know that two top Brazilians will face off for that top spot in the AFO.  Saul "The Spider" Almeida (7-1) who is also Bellator's open invite winner will battle Rodrigio Almedia (6-2).  Both fighters are in the middle of training and both fights have a large following!! This fight very well be in the running for fight of the year!

Another great fight has been added to LMS! Without any delay --March 4th you'll see Ricardo Georges 5-1 (Pradal-Serey)  vs  Jerimiah Diruzzo 3-0 (Redline).

Two more fights to share with the fans that have just been added are Joe Cloutier 3-2 (Doomsday) Vs Tom Venticinque 2-0(USA Karate) and Mike Shannon 1-0 (Maxx) vsAnthony Ellison 1-0 (Lauzon).  All four of these fighters are coming off impressive wins and will step in the cage March 4th at Last Man Standing.  Tickets to this event are selling fast, we suggest you get yours early.

We had a few extra minutes left so I asked Pete a few questions.

First question I asked him was

Travis: What was the reasoning for having AFO shows on Friday Nights?

Pete: Most of the AFO shows we do are on a Friday night..I’d say about 5 out of 8 of the year and then the summer months we try for Saturday.  We like friends getting together after work and talking about it.

Travis: How many shows do you plan on having for 2011?

Pete: 8 for this year.  We have had more shows than any other promotion in the east coast the last 3 years with a few boxing shows in there too.

Travis: Will the Holiday Inn in Mansfield, MA be the exclusive for all these shows?

Pete: Yes for 2011 they will all be at the Holiday Inn.

Travis: Nice. It was a great venue and could fit a lot of people in there.  How will you ensure the lights won’t go out next time? I asked jokingly.

Pete: They sell a $3 dollar plug to keep it in. The light belongs to a guy I rent the cage from.

Travis: People should get their tickets ASAP for the March 4th show. You guys usually sell out right??

Pete: Yes, most of the time.

Travis: It was packed last time.  I could barely see an empty seat in the house!

Pete: I think last year we really stepped it up and it showed. Getting the promotion of the year from the Boston Herald was a big deal for us. I hope to be a part of the sports future and help it grow.

Travis: Yeah your organizations hard work showed off at the last AFO show I was at. 

That is all CityBoy Sinclair has for now.  I hope to see you all at the AFO show!!