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March 28, 2011

Roll With The Pro: Gorilla Grip

This month we begin working on our grip. Defeating Muscle Pump is our goal with these few exercises.
Equipment recommended for this circuit are:
*Truck Tire
*(2) 4lb sledge hammers
*Climbing rope no smaller than 3"dia
*(2) Barbell plates whatever weight you are comfortable with
*51 lb Kettle Bell
*5ft of 3"dia rope

This is a circuit training and should be done three times in one session.

Double Hammer Strike
20Sec Work / 10 Sec Rest
1Min Rnd
Key Points:
Ears, Shoulders, Hips in line
Strike starts at hip and ends
in a wrist snap (knuckles down)

Rope Climb
10 times up and down
Key Points:
Rope hangs from stable structure
Hand over hand
Try for 10 times up and down 

Lapel Pull-up
10sec hang / 10sec rest
1Min Rnd
Key Points:
Use Gi top or other strong fabric
Drape Gi over Pull-up bar 
Grasp Lapel and lift keeping elbows tight to sides

Lapel Break
20sec work /10sec rest
1Min Rnd / Alt. Sides
Key Points:
4 finger grip w/ thumb inside lapel (Attacker)
Break Grip by forcing hand down and away using both hands at wrist (Defender)

Plate Lift
20sec work/ 10sec rest
1Min Rnd
Key Points:
Use two plates and work both hands
Simply curl fingers enough to maintain grasp on plate then lift and squeeze making a closed fist

Kettle Bell Rope Swing
20sec work / 10 sec rest
1Min Round
Key Points:
Ears, Shoulders, Hips in line
This is a swinging motion, but remember to control each movement.  The more control you have the more focused the workout becomes.

Kettle Bell Rope Row
20sec work / 10 sec rest
1Min Rnd
Key Points:
Start with standing across the mid line of the tire, arms relaxed, shoulders relaxed, chest over knees, knees slightly bent
Next bring the rope up to your mid section while maintaining posture, squeeze shoulder blades together, keeping elbows tight to sides.

Lapel Cross Choke (Guard/Mount)
10sec hold / 10 each side
1Min Rnd
Key Points:
Hand 1: Deep into collar palm up
Hand 2: Crosses over top of extended arm and grasps opposite shoulder
Knees to chest (Guard position) breaking opponent's posture and pulling them to you. Bring your elbows to your sides.

From Mount
Hand 1 and 2 same as before
Drop your weight onto opponent's chest and touch forehead to mat on Hand 1 side.

Thanks to Gladiator Santos and Jeremy Ross for demonstrating these techniques.

My friend Gabriel "Gladiator" Santos wishes to express his thanks in your interest and God's Blessings to all.  Gladiator is a veteran fighter, BJJ student, and a skilled instructor.  Jeremy Ross is also a skilled instructor and a proud student of Gabriel Gladiator Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Check out Gladiator's website to learn more about him, and his training opportunities by clicking on his advertisement in the upper left hand corner of our site.

Joe Leonard is a writer and photographer for as well as a student of Team Ravenous MMA in located at ATA in South Deerfield, MA.  Please leave your comments, questions, criticism, or suggestions on our Face Book page or our site by clicking the radio buttons below.