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April 20, 2011

"The Beast Comes East!" Beast vs. Beast, DCU Center, May 20th, 2011

Jesse Camp was nice enough to share part of the card with us.  Check it out.  We at can’t wait for it.

beastposternewThis should serve as a reference to supplement the announcement of Lee "The Beast" Beane being added to the card in the main event versus Dan "The Beast" Severn!!  These are the tentative amateur fights scheduled for this epic local event of historic value with the main event featuring two clear champions of common grounded talent with solid basis in the sport of wrestling which has proven to play an influential role in MMA.  Full card to be released soon with completion of the the pro matches!  "GET THE FIGHTERS READY!"

Tentative Card.
3x3 125 lbs  Dan Cormier 4-2 (Team United) vs. Colton Blanchette 4-0 (Cage Strikers)
3x3 135 lbs  Andre Soukhamthath 3-1 (Team United) vs. Josh Bourque 5-3 (Cage Strikers)

3x3 135 lbs  Anthony Carmenatty 5-8 (Independent) vs. Jared Sarno 2-0 (SSSF)
3x3 140 lbs  John Youngs 0-0 (CNY MMA) vs. Jack Greene 0-0 (Cage Strikers)
3x3 145 lbs  Mike Taylor 0-0 (CNY MMA) vs. Tim Bartoszek 0-0 (Team Link)
3x3 150 lbs  Matt Goorahu 0-0 (Atwaters/Blue Devil) vs. Mike Materkowski 1-0 (Cage Strikers)
3x3 150 lbs  ChrisTier 1-4 (CNY MMA) vs. Mike O'Conell 1-1 (SSSF)
3x3 155 lbs  Richard White 2-0 (CNY MMA) vs. TBD
3x3 170 lbs  Camillo Arredondo 0-0 (Tapout Boston) vs. Matt Leddick 3-6 (N.Y. Boxing)
3x3 170 lbs  Matt McConell 0-0 (CNY MMA) vs. Phil Lemire 0-1 (Gracie Barra)
3x5 265 lbs  Lee "The Beast" Beane vs. Dan "The Beast" Severn (MAIN EVENT)
Great card so far!! Click the Warrior Nation picture on the side for more details and order your tickets!!