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April 10, 2011

Premier Fighting Championship 5 4/9/2011 Mullins Center Review


I arrived at the Mullins Center at 6pm.  PFC5 was kicking it up a notch and bringing us the event at the Mullins Center in Amherst, MA.  I walked in and saw the cage setup.  They had a nice big screen setup for the fans to watch courtesy of FCAT.  The final card for the night ending up being 12 fights total and one Grappling match due to some fighters not getting their medicals or not making weight.  Four of these fights were professional fights. Tickets were sold at which was really an easy and trustworthy source for the fans to get their tickets.  The advertising was great for this event.  A lot of posters hung up around UMASS and a radio commercial on Lazer 99.3.  I received a nice seat up front next to Jay Pagliaro who was doing the commentating for the night. 

The show kicked off at 8:06PM and Leslie from Lazer 99.3 kicked us off with some funny jokes.  Then Desiree Ramirez sang the National Anthem and a fine job it was.  Enough babbling and now onto the fights. The crowd was ready.

PFC 5 012PFC 5 024

Fight 1: Jamie Courtney(Team Sityodong) 1-3 vs. Mike Jensen(Greater Hartford Bando)0-0 160lbs

Courtney came out to Chris Brown Featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Wayne Look At Me Now and Jensen came out to Connecticut’s own Hatebreed-Live For This.   

The fighters come out and touch gloves.  Jensen quickly starts out with two leg kicks.  Courtney then counters with a few leg kicks of his own.  Jensen gets in a nice left jab.  They both continue on exchanging leg kicks to the inner thighs.  Courtney throws a nice kick punch combo which connects but Jensen takes it with pride.  Courtney gets in another nice combo.  Courtney then misses with a leg kick.  Courtney then throws a nice kick to the body as the round ends.

Very tough round to call but I went with Courtney 10-9.  It really could have gone either way.

Rd 2: This round starts off right where we left with more leg kicks.  I can hear the thwack of the leg kicks and believe me they are adding up.  Courtney throws a nice leg kick to the head that connects but again Jensen looks tough for his debut and takes them in style.  Several times during this fight he told Courtney to bring on some more.  Warrior!  They both exchange some nice jabs to the face both fighters looking for an opening to finish but to no avail.  They clinch slightly and get in a few knees but then break.  They both exchange some more nice combos.  Jensen then gets a nice jab to the head and I saw Courtney’s head snap back but he takes it and does a nice counterpunch that connects and the round ends.

Again a very tough round to call but I give this one to Courtney 10-9. 

Rd3: They come out and touch.  Both fighters have very much respect for each other.  Jensen starts the round with a front kick.  They clinch and Jensen gives a nice kick to the body.  Courtney is now pushing Jensen up against the cage.  I notice Courtney is bleeding a little bit out of his nose.  Jensen gets in a nice jab the the head.  Courtney then gives two nice roundhouse punches to the head.  Courtney gives a nice combo to Jensen.  They both exchange more kicks to the inner thigh.  Jensen is now bleeding out of his nose.  Jensen does a nice jab which stuns Courtney and he drops but Courtney quickly recovers and goes for a takedown.  Jensen reacts and goes for a guilliotine choke and is trying to finish it but the bell sounds. 

Jensen 10-9.

Jamie Courtney defeats Mike Jensen via unanimous decision. Jensen goes to 0-1 but he put on a great fight and I know he will be back.  Courtney improves to 2-3.  What a fight to start out the night. Great job to both fighters.

PFC 5 054PFC 5 099

Fight 2: Matt Tuthill(Renegade Kumite) 0-0 vs. Shannon Carballo(CTMMA) 0-2 155lbs.

Tuthill came out to Godsmack-I Stand Alone and Carballo came out to Eminem 2.0 Boys. 

Carballo comes out and does a nice kick to the body.  They both come out swinging for the fences with a flurry from both fighters.  They both looked evenly distributed.  Carballo is now pushing Tuthill up against the cage working for a takedown.  Tuthill reverses and gives a punch to the head.  Carballo doesn’t like it and goes for a takedown but gets stuffed.  They exchange some blows and eventually they both go to the ground.  Tuthill moves to full mount showing some excellent transition.  Carballo sweeps out and gets back up.  Tuthill gives a nice kick to the body.  Tuthill catches Carballo with a good right hand which stuns him and Tuthill quickly covers and overpowers him with punches and the ref is forced to stop.

Matt Tuthill defeats Shannon Carballo via ref stoppage at 1:51 in the round.

PFC 5 113  PFC 5 120

Fight 3: Matt Leddick(NY Boxing) 3-5 Vs Kemran Lachinov(AFT/Gladiador) 4-2 170lbs

Leddick came out to Lil’ Wayne Drop the World and Lachinov came out to Eminem Not Afraid.  I have seen Leddick fight before and he is an all around tough fighter and I have heard good things of Lachinov so I was expecting a big war.

Lachinov immediately goes for a takedown via a trip and gets it.  Lachinov is now trying to pass guard.  Lachinov is using the cage and pushing Leddick’s head into the cage.  Lachinov shows some excellent ground game and passes guard to full mount.  Leddick shows some good defense from the bottom and tries to buck but Lachinov remains on top.  Lachinov gets in a few punches here and there but not any significant damage is being done.  Lachinov throws some body punches and tries to stay busy.  Leddick then tries to buck out and is successful and stands up but Lachinov puts on a quick guiliotine but the round ends.

Lachinov 10-9

Rd2: They come out and exchange some punches.  Lachinov was very happy with the first round and is persistent to take it to the ground again and goes for a trip takedown and gets it.  He immediately lands on top in full mount.  Leddick sweeps out and Lachinov takes Leddick’s back and goes for a rear  naked choke and gets it but Leddick muscles out.  Lachinov transitions back to on full mount and tries to throw some punches but Leddick sweeps out again.  Lachinov again puts on the rear naked choke but Leddick twists out of it again as the bell sounds.

Lachinov 10-9

Rd3: Leddick knows he is behind in the rounds so immediately goes for the takedown and gets it.  Lachinov bucks off and takes the top position but Leddick gets a guilliotine.  It doesn’t look too deep and Lachinov wiggles out of it.  Lachinov then moves to side and then to north south briefly but then back to the side.  Lachinov does some nice knees to the body.  They scramble and Lachinov sinks in the guilliotine with seconds left but it is too deep and is forced to tap.

Kemran Lachinov defeats Matt Leddick via guilliotine submission in 2:58 in round 3.

PFC 5 172PFC 5 134

Fight 4: Shawn Cosway(Guardian) 0-0 vs Jeremy Reipold(Ravenous) 2-0 135lbs.

Cosway comes out to some nice heavy metal song and Reipold comes out too as always Beastie Boys but this time the track is Intergalactic.  Both fighters look in great shape at 135lbs and are tatted like true sikos. 

They come out and touch gloves.  Cosway throws a front kick and slips but gets back up quickly.  They both feel each other out briefly and Jeremy takes a nice jab but counters with a fierce right hand which drops Cosway.  The Ravenous fans start roaring and Reep covers and lays punches in bunches.  The ref stops it due to a KO.  Jeremy displayed why he is “The Boss!” Very proud of you Jeremy.  Keep up the hard work!

Jeremy Reipold defeats Shawn Cosway via KO to punches 33 seconds into the round.

PFC 5 194PFC 5 203

Fight 5: Adel Lolic(Blue Devil) 3-1 Vs Rafael Cruz(AFT/Gladiador) 3-2

Lolic came out to Cascada-Everytime We Touch and Cruz came out to The Game-Feat 50 Cent Westside Story.

Both fighters come out and touch gloves.  Cruz throws a leg kick and draws the first hit.  Cruz then throws another leg kick.  They clinch and Cruz pushes Lolic up against the fence.  They both battle it out for position trying to tire each other out.  Lolic goes for the takedown but gets caught in a guilliotine.  Cruz sinks it in WICKED DEEP and Lolic is forced to submit. 

Rafael Cruz defeats Adel Lolic via guilliotine submission in 1:33 in first round.  Great job Cruz.  Cruz and his wife are huge fans of WesternMassMMA and we love it!

PFC 5 232PFC 5 244

Fight 6: Dustin Linden(Independent)0-0 vs. Dexter Rhodes(CTMMA) 1-0 225lbs.

Linden came out to Fort Minor Remember the Name and Rhodes came out to 50 Cent-Psycho.

They exchange some blows and leg kicks.  Both fighters look very comfortable standing.  They stand for a bit and exchange some brutal kicks back and forth.  Linden ends up pushing Rhodes against the cage.  Linden gets some nice uppercuts in.  They end up separating and Rhodes fires another brutal leg kick.  Rhodes throws another leg kick but misses and Linden covers and throws a flurry of punches but Rhodes weathers the storm.  Linden is now in half guard position.  Linden gets in a few hammerfists as the round ends.

This one is a very tough round to call but I give it to Linden 10-9

Rd 2: Rhodes starts out with a quick jab.  They both exchange some more blistering leg kicks.  Linden’s inner thigh is taking a beating and you can see a nasty bruise on it.  Linden drops his hands and is walking away and maybe to taunt Rhodes or maybe just tired. I am not sure.  The fight continues and LInden goes for a takedown via trip and is now in Rhodes guard.  Linden goes for a kimura attempt but Rhodes is too strong and the bell sounds.

I give this round to Linden again 10-9.  He had the takedown and a valid submission attempt although he was taking more damage so again a tough round to call.

Rd 3: Rhodes fires some nice leg kicks.  They clinch and Linden tries for a judo throwing takedown but Rhodes stuffs it.  Linden goes for another takedown but is stuffed and eventually they both fall.  Linden is in half guard.  Now here there is a lot of wrestling and fighting for position going on.  Not a lot of damage being done here but Rhodes does end up going for a triangle and is trying to force Linden to submit but the bell sounds.

Again very tough to call for the round.  Rhodes got in some good kicks and did very well defending on his back and got the submission attempt.  Rhodes 10-9.  The judges agree with a very tough fight and it is a split decision.  29-28 Rhodes. 29-28 Linden. 29-28 Rhodes. Definitely a contender for Fight of the Night. Congrats to CTMMA for the win!!

Dexter Rhodes defeats Dustin Linden via split decision.

PFC 5 281PFC 5 286

Fight 7: Robert Rios(Nitsuj) 1-1 vs. Nestor Xicohtencatl(Renzo Gracie) 0-0 145lbs

Rios comes out to Wisin and Yandel-Intro and Nestor came out to some techno song.  Now Nestor’s last name is pronounced “Shangotenga” which is an awesome name but for this review I will refer to him as X.  Being from a Gracie school I would expect X to be really well trained on the ground so we will see if that is a factor.

They start out and feel each other out and eventually X goes for a slamming takedown and gets it.  The crowd goes wild!  X goes to North south then back to the side.  Then switches back to North South and Rios tries to get up but X then takes his back.  Rios continues to try to stand up and shake X off and gets halfway up but X takes the back again and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke.  X knowing it is deep falls back and sinks it in WICKED DEEP and Rios is forced to tap.

Nestor Xicohtencatl defeats Robert Rios via Rear Naked Choke in 1:25 in first round.  Great fight by Rios and I know he had a few fans in attendance from CT as well did X. 

PFC 5 296PFC 5 301

Fight 8: Irving Cortes(Independent)1-0 vs Sam Nadeau(AFT/Gladiador) 3-3 145lbs.

Cortes came out to a rap song and Nadeau came out to Doug Ratner-Redhead who is one of Sam’s buddies.

They come out and tough gloves.  Nadeau offers a nice leg kick.  Cortes gets a nice slamming takedown.  The crowd erupts.  Nadeau is trying to sweep but Cortes is just too strong.  Cortes is now in Nadeau’s guard and both are fighting for a better position.  Nadeau eventually gets a butterfly guard and trying to push off Cortes but to no avail.  Cortes ends up getting a few hammerfists in.  Nadeau uses the cage and gets up.  They sprawl and end up going to the ground as the round ends.

Cortes 10-9

Rd2: Nadeau throws some leg kicks to start off round 2.  They clinch and Nadeau offers up some nice kicks to the body.  Nadeau then gets in a nice kick to the thigh.  Cortes gets in a few knees to the body of his own.  Sam then gets a single leg takedown.  Nadeau creates some separation and throws some  big hammerfists and but there was a lot of wrestling fighting for position for a bit and the round ends.

Nadeau 10-9

Rd3: They exchange some punches and Nadeau is stalking looking for an opportunity to add some more footage to his highlight video.  They clinch and Nadeau scores a takedown.  Nadeau is now in half guard.  He creates some space and drops some massive bombs to the face of Cortes.  Cortes obviously not liking it gets up and they are back on their feet again.  Nadeau stalks again and goes for another takedown but Cortes goes for the neck for a guilliotine.  Nadeau pulls out and ends up getting full mount and gets a few punches in as the round ends.

Nadeau 10-9

Sam Nadeau defeats Irving Cortes via unanimous decision.

PFC 5 347PFC 5 355

This concludes the amateur matches.  Next we have the female grappling match and the four professional fights!

Fight 9: Grappling Match between Kate Merril(Wai Kru) vs. Sarah Payant(Ravenous) 135lbs

I missed Merril’s song but Payant came out to Far East Movement-Feeling Like A G6.  Payant was supposed to be fighting but unfortunately her opponent weighed in at 150lbs so she agreed to a grappling match instead.  Merril came out with some bruises under her left eye so I am not sure if she got that in training or fought recently but thanks to Wai Kru for taking this match on such short notice!  Roger Denton from CTMMA who is a great guy and coach was the guest referee for this match.

They touch gloves and are both stalking each other.  Merril quickly gets a single leg takedown and quickly transitions to the back and sinks in a rear naked choke.  Sarah fights it for a bit but to no avail and she is forced to tap.

Kate Merril defeats Sarah Payant via rear naked choke.

PFC 5 367PFC 5 373

Now onto the professional fights.  For those of you who don’t know these are 5 minute rounds and allow elbows.

Fight 10: Brandon Chagnon(Sityodong) 2-1 Vs. Mike Filippone(AFT/Gladiador) 0-0 165lbs

Chagnon comes out to Heaven Shall Burn-Endzeit and Filippone came out to Five Finger Death Punch-The Bleeding.  Filippone making his professional debut against as always a tough opponent from Sityodong.

Filippone starts out with a swarm of punches and then they go to the clinch.  Filippone is pushing the action and pressing Chagnon against the cage.  Chagnon reverses but Filippone quickly reverses right back.  Filippone gets in  a nice elbow.  Chagnon appears to be bleeding from his nose now from that sik elbow.  Filippone goes for a takedown and gets it.  They are now in the open guard position with Filippone on top.  They battle for position and Filippone gets in a nice forearm to the head.  Chagnon doing a decent job on the bottom tries for an arm bar but to no avail.  Chagnon then pushes Filippone up and Filippone stands over him waiting for a good opportunity to get a nice punch to the head.  He then rushes in and gets a few punches and takes the full mount position.  Filippone now drops some heavy elbows to Chagnon’s poor head.  Chagnon desperate to get out of this position tries to sweep out but  Filippone sinks in the rear naked choke and flattens him out.  Chagnon is forced to tap nearing the end of the round.

Mike Filippone defeats Brandon Chagnon via Rear Naked Choke in 4:51 of rd 1.

PFC 5 392PFC 5 411

Fight 11: Mark Hoxie(Team Hoxie)0-8 Vs Kym Sturdivant(AFT/Gladiador) 3-6 Hvywt

Hoxie comes out to Nine Inch Nails-Pilgramage and Kym comes out to B.O.B.-The Kids.  Both of these fighters are cool dudes so I was torn who to root for.  Both fighters are awesome people and big supporters to the MMA community in Western Mass.

They have much respect for each other and touch gloves.  Kym strikes first with a leg kick that catches Hoxie in the groin.  Hoxie is one tough BAMF and takes maybe 30 seconds and he is fine.  They touch gloves again and after a moment of staring each other down they go to the clinch and Hoxie gets hit with a knee to the body which drops him.  They fall to the ground and they are in the North South Position briefly.  Kym just overwhelms Hoxie at this point with punches to the side and to the head and the ref stops it.

Kym Sturdivant defeats Mark Hoxie via submission to strikes in 1:54 in Round 1.

PFC 5 434PFC 5 442

Congrats to Kym and his win and to his family for having a child last week.  Kym determined still fought and that is how much he loves MMA people.  This will not be the last you hear of Hoxie because he has his second book coming out soon. Check out his first one on  Awesome stuff! He is a very multitalented guy.

Fight 12: Tyson Chartier(Sityodong) 2-0 vs Tommy “Gunnz” Marcellino(Stryker) 1-0 160lbs.

Now Tyson is a beast at 2-0 and Marcellino hasn’t fought in 5 years or so.  I am not sure why, maybe he was in the slammer or something?  Who knows but he is in great shape and has a lot of fans in the crowd.  Tyson comes out to Maino Ft T-Pain-All the Above and T-Gunnz comes out to Diddy Dirty Money Ft Skylar Grey-Coming Home.

They come out and Tyson shoots for the takedown but Marcellino puts up a fight and they have a good sprawl but eventually they fall to the mat.  Marcellino gets in some underhooks and they end up standing again.  Marcellino is pushing the action and pushes Tyson up against the cage.  Marcellino gets in some nice shots to the head of Tyson.  Chartier gets a guilliotine attempt but grabs Chartiers legs and they fall and the choke slips out.  Chartier stands up and Marcellino follows.  Marcellino is continuing the pace and gets a kick to the midsection of Chartier.  Marcellino follows it up with some good punches to the head.  Chartier gets a throwing takedown.  Marcellino is now in the halfguard.  Marcellino gets in a few punches on the ground and the bell sounds.

Marcellino 10-9

Rd2: Chartier is going for a single leg takedown but Marcellino fights it and eventually they fall.  Marcellino quickly rolls out and takes the side.  He gets in a few shots and does some nice knees to the body.  Marcellino creates some separation and gets some awesome shots to the head.  Chartier is tough and takes em with pride.  Chartier tries to get up but Marcellino makes him pay with some nice uppercuts to the chin and he bucks.  Now they are in the halfguard position with Marcellino still on top controlling the fight.  They get up and  Chartier gets a nice trip takedown.  Chartier goes for a rear naked choke but cannot get it to slide in under the chin too deep. 

Marcellino 10-9 he controlled more of the round.

Rd3: They square off and Chartier knows he is behind in the rounds and needs to finish Marcellino.  Marcellino gets in some good punches and also a nice leg kick in .  Chartier gets a takedown but Marcellino is just too overpowering on the ground and quickly is back on top.  Chartier does show some great defense from the bottom during this fight and doesn’t take too much damage.  Marcellino sees and opening and gets in a few elbows.  Eventually they get back up and Chartier is again looking for a KO and they end up clinching and falling to the ground.  Marcellino ends up on top in the half guard position.  He gets in a few shots and the bell sounds.

Marcellino 10-9

Tommy “Gunnz” Marcellino defeats Tyson Chartier via unanimous decision 30-27.  Great fight from both fighters.  Marcellino showed great all around skills and that he is back!  Tyson takes his first professional loss but I know he will bounce back because he is tough. 

PFC 5 503PFC 5 495

PFC 5 015PFC 5 004

Fight 13: Elias Rivera(Dog Pound) 7-4 Vs Gabriel “Gladiador” Santos(AFT/Gladiator) 9-6 185lbs

Rivera came out to AC/DC-TNT and Gladiator came out to Nas ft. Puff Daddy-Hate Me Now

They start out and feel each other out trying to get the right opportunity to make the other fighter pay.  Rivera gets the first hit with a jab to the body.  Gladiador goes in and gets the slamming takedown.  Gladiador gets in some nice elbows and also some nice shots to the body.  Gladiador holds the leg down and gets some fierce shots to the head of Rivera.  Gladiador takes the back as Rivera is trying to get up and goes for a rear naked choke.  It looks really deep but Rivera is a beast and fights it and somehow gets out of it.  Rivera ends up getting the top position and is in Gladiador’s guard.  Rivera gets some good separation and gives Gladiador a good pounding.  I think I counted at least 15 punches to the head in there but Gladiador is tough and hangs on til the end of the round.

Rivera 10-9.

Rd2: Rivera gets in a nice quick jab to the head. Gladiador goes for a takedown but Rivera stuffs it.  Rivera gets in some nice uppercuts but Gladidador shakes it off and goes for the single leg takedown and gets it.  Gladiador is now at the side of Rivera’s back and does some brutal knees to the body.  Gladiador also does a lot of hard elbows to the neck and to the ear of Rivera’s poor head.  Rivera sweeps and tries to get up but Gladiador grabs his leg and gets another single leg takedown.  Gladiator is now on top and gets in some more huge elbows to the neck and ears of Rivera.  He sees an opening and goes for the Peruvian necktie and tries his best to get Rivera to submit but Rivera knows its near the end of the round and hangs on.  Wow what a fight!

Santos 10-9

Rd 3: Rivera gets in some more quick jabs which Gladiator does not like but takes them with pride.  Gladiador goes for another takedown and gets it.  Again Gladiator gets some massive elbows to the head of Rivera trying to soften em up.  Gladiator takes the side of Rivera’s back and fires more elbows and shots to the body.  They start to get up and Rivera gets a takedown now and Gladiator takes the back once again.  Gladiator lays him flat and gets some good shots back and forth from left to right of the head of Rivera.  Awesome ground and pound from Santos.  Rivera has shown he is a tough fighter and and belongs in this sport.  Gladiator sinks in the rear naked choke and this time he will not let go.  Rivera fights it hard but is forced to tap.

Gabriel “Gladiator” Santos defeats Elias Rivera via Rear Naked Choke in Round 3.

PFC 5 050PFC 5 063

PFC 5 067PFC 5 099

What a fight!! The crowd was going wild and on their feet at the end of this one.  Rivera looked impressive and both fighters fought their heart out. 

I would like to thank Karyn Wesch and Jason Franklin for the excellent job letting us take the pics and do this review.  Their hard work showed by the quality of the fights.  They sold 1900+ tickets and I don’t think there was anyone in the crowd who was not happy with the show.  Well I am told there will another installment of Premier FC in June.  The location will be announced in the coming weeks and I hope to see all of you there!  Now onto the awards.

Fight of the Night: Jamie Courtney Vs. Mike Jensen.  Awesome fight all standup for 3 rounds. Insane.
Submission of the Night: Gabriel Gladiator Santos.  Pulling off the Peruvian necktie and getting the win with the RNC.
KO of the Night: Jeremy Reipold KO in 33 Seconds! Impressive.
Blunder of the Night: None.  Everything ran smooth.  I guess there could have been an intermission. Bathroom break please!

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)5
Quality of Fights:5
Star Quality:2 not any stars cause that’s now how they roll but Gladiator was in attendance and Leslie from Lazer 99.3
Sound:5 excellent quality from DJ Caujcajion and Mullins Center sound.
Refs:5 excellent job.  Called it great.
Announcer:5 Marty always does a great job.
Ring Girls:5 hotties especially Colleen.
Overall: 4.29!!