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May 6, 2011

The Beast Comes East Fight Card for May 20th,2011

Paul Vandale Promotions and Bud Light present:
“The Beast Comes East"
(Fight Card subject to change)
Main Card:
3x5 265 lbs Dan "The Beast" Severn vs. Lee "The Beast" Beane
3x5 145 lbs Saul “The Spider” Almeida (Team Nogueira/Dragon's Lair) vs. Jason “Magic” McLean (AMA)
3x5 170 lbs Abner "Skullman" Lloveras (Team Link) vs. Ralph Johnson (Independent)
3x5 185 lbs Fran Collins (The Factory) vs. Carlos Rivera (Dog Pound)
3x3 125 lbs Dan Cormier (Team United) vs. Colton Blanchette (Cage Strikers)
3x3 135 lbs Anthony Carmenatty (Independent) vs. Jared Sarno (SSSF)
3x3 140 lbs Josh Bourque (Cage Strikers) vs. Matt Doherty (Team Pradal Serey)
3x3 140 lbs John Youngs (CNY MMA) vs. Jack Greene (Cage Strikers)
3x3 150 lbs Matt Goorahoo (Atwaters/Blue Devil) vs. Mike Materkowski (Cage Strikers)
3x3 150 lbs Chris Tier (CNY MMA) vs. Mike O'Conell (SSSF)
3x3 155 lbs Dan Quinn (Tapout Boston) vs. Tim Bartoszek (Team Link)
3x3 170 lbs Camillo Arredondo (Tapout Boston) vs. Joseph Lampson (Team Link)
3x3 170 lbs Matt McConell (CNY MMA) vs. Phil Lemire (Gracie Barra)
3x3 185 lbs Frank Falso (Team United) vs. TBD
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Thanks for sharing this card with us Jesse.  What a night of fights it will be.  Dan Severn is looking for 100 MMA career wins and Lee Beane is next on his list.  It is Beast Vs. Beast.  Then a rematch everybody has been waiting for Saul Almeida Vs. Jason McLean.  Also on this card we got Skwirl Vs. Badger….a battle of the animals!  Then we got two 135ers who are cutting to 125lb and it’s a killer matchup! I am also excited to see all the Team Link guys.  I don’t get to see a lot of them fight around here so I am pumped about seeing a bunch on this card!  Get your tickets by clicking on the warrior nation ad before it sells out!!!