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May 20, 2011

Beast Comes East Live Fight Results

Keep checking and refreshing because I will update the Live Results to this post later tonight. Just arrived and updated the fight card!!

Main Card:
3x5 265 lbs Dan "The Beast" Severn (Tripp Academy) vs. Lee "The Beast" Beane (Wai Kru) Beane KTFO Severne RD 1

3x5 170 lbs Abner "Skullman" Lloveras (Team Link) vs. Ralph Killa Johnson
Abner wins via armbar RD1

3x5 185 lbs Carlos Rivera (Dog Pound) vs. Fran The Fury Collins (The Factory) Collin wins triangle Rd 1


3x3 140 lbs Matt Doherty (Team Pradal Serey) vs. Josh Bourque (Cage Strikers) Doherty wins unanimous

3x3 150 lbs Chris Tier (CNY MMA) vs. Mike O'Connell (SSSF)
Tier wins RNC Rd 3

3x3 155 lbs Tim Bartoszek (Team Link) vs. Dan Quinn (Tapout Boston)
Dirty Dan wins via Triangle Rd 1

3x3 150 lbs Matt Goorahoo (Atwaters/Blue Devil) vs. Mike Materkowski (Cage Strikers)
Goorahoo wins 29-28 unanimous

3x3 135 lbs Anthony Carmenatty (Independent) vs. Jared Sarno (SSSF) Badger wins RNC Rd3

3x3 140 lbs John Youngs (CNY MMA) vs. Jack Greene (Cage Strikers)Greene wins ref stoppage to strikes in Rd 3

3x3 170 lbs Jarrid Heon (Team Link) vs. Camilo Arredondo (Tapout Boston) Arredondo wins UD

3x3 130 lbs Dan Cormier (Team United) vs. Colton Blanchette (Cage Strikers) Cormier comes out to Bieber Lol!! Cormier wins UD. Beast!!!