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May 31, 2011

Featured Fighter: Damien “The Omen” Trites



Name: Damien Trites


Fight Weight: 155-170lbs

School:Trains at Wai Kru MMA and AFT

Record: 6-4

City/State Born: Springfield, MA


1. When and Why did you get into MMA??

I got into mma to get out of hanging in the streets and because i loved to fight

2. Do you have a background in martial arts, boxing , wrestling etc?

I boxed when I was a kid and I did Kung Fu. I am a purple belt in BJJ and I train Thai boxing

3. What's you nickname, how did you get it?

My nick name is The Omen my friend who fights gave it to me and it stuck.  I got it because I was evil when I was younger.

4. What are your ultimate goals in the sport?

To fight in the UFC and to own my own school

5. What do you think about your next opponent?

My next opponent is tough and underrated but I’m more well rounded

6.  How do you see the fight going/being finished?

I see this fight ending by KO or submission either way I will finish him

7.  What weight do you walk at/how much do you cut to fight?

I walk at 180 and i cut 10 pounds of water

8.  What's your favorite part about fighting?

My favorite part is my hand being raised and the feeling u get to win plus I love to compete and train

9.  What's the worst part about fighting?

The worst part is losing the weight and losing I hate to lose

10.  Anyone locally or in the big's that you really would love to fight, and why?

No I don’t think to much about that too much. I’ve always fought tough guys doesn’t matter to me its all about timing!

11.  What do you feel is your best weapon in your fights?

My heart!!

12.  What is your favorite foods that you miss while cutting weight??

Breads I love bread,pizza,pasta, burgers lol!! I love food.  I’m a fat kid at heart.  I swear when I’m done fighting I’m gonna be fat haha!!

13.  What is your most memorable moment to date in MMA??

Winning in front of my son and bringing him in the cage. I  was holding back the tears my son was so happy and its all about him. I love my son more then anything in the world.

14.  How else do you spend your time when you are not training??

Trying to make money

15.  What do you do for a living besides fighting??

I bounce at a club

I wanna shout out my son lil Damien I love u so much words cannot describe this is for u, all the sacrifce and time I missed with U. Im sorry! I wanna thank my Family, My team, WAI KRU/AFT Gladiator BJJ and all my teamates who push me at the gym. I love u guys all my coaches that put the time in to help me! Kru John for being like a brother to me from day 1! John Doomsday Howard my brother Nicky Booms Kuh Boom aka lil Dave And my Strength and conditioning coach Mark Monayhan Slaine For always supporting me. Necro for my walkout Tee and song! And my Gangster ass brother Sandman for always helping me when he can.

Thanks to Damien for taking his time and doing this new installment of featured fighter.  We wish him the beast of luck June 10th, at the CES at the Twin River Casino in RI.  We will be there covering the show.  The Artist promises some Live Updates so stay tuned!!