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May 13, 2011

Featured Fighter: Dan Cormier

Name: Dan Cormier
Height: 5"3

Fight Weight: 124 pounds
School: team united muay lao/rockstar
City/State Born: boston ma

  1 When and why did you get into mma?

When i was about 21 years old is when i started to mess around with the sport. How i got into is was because luis rockstar felix was starting up a team. So I showed up and did a few practices and then got hooked to it. however though, the true reason on why i started doing it is because several people told me that i was to small and would have to fight people much bigger than myself, then, thats when i said to myself, im going to prove them wrong.

2 Do you have a background in a martial art?

Wrestling is my background. Tried wrestling out when i was age 6 and 10. Then took a few years off cause i was a competitve soccer player. Ironically, i got back into wrestling around the age 13 because during a soccer game, my foot broke, and i could not kick a ball more than 10 ft at the time. Also, my older brother just started wrestling in high school, and was picking on me, so i had to learn how to defend myself from

3 Whats your nickname, and how did you get it?

the nickname is "the hamburgler". Got this nick name during the TOC because every weigh-in that i went to i was so far under weight that i could have cheese burgers in my hands and be fine. the name came from my brother andrew with the help of team mate ruben rey

4 What are your goals in the sport?

As of right now, to become a better fighter everytime i step into the cage, and ending with becoming a better person.

5 What do you think about your next opponent?

My next opponent is Colton Blanchette. He is a very dangerous submission fighter. He is young and hungry, and someone you cannot take lightly. Come May 20th, people are going to see the battle of wills, with two fighters that dont know how to back down.

6 How do you see the fight being finished?

Honestly, i cannot see how a fight is going to be finished until it actually happens. We train so man disciplines that whomever makes the first mistake, will take full advantage of it.

7 What weight do you walk around at...and how much do you cut?

the funny thing is, people dont realize that im only 124 pounds on an average day. Since i started competing, i been fighting at 135. So when people say o yea hes going down to 125, i just smile and say yea thats my normal walk around weight, lol.

8 What is your favorite part about fighting?

everything. the people who you surround yourself with, the dedication, preparation, sacrifice, learning, patience and the humbleness it teaches you. the fact that it has put me on a more positive path because i have the ability to do something i love everyday. when you finally reach that moment of glory you been striving for since day 1.

9 What is the worse part about fighting?

when you have a person that doesnt understand why you do it because of all the characteristics above. Espically if you want to be a champion, people tend to try to pull you down.

10 Is there anyone locally, or in the big show that you would like to fight?

I would like to fight the "king" from burgerking because the hamburgler is a way better character with an awesome possy. I will fight any of the locals that are around here. the one match up that i did ask for is happening june 17 for the afo 125lbs ammy title against jarred sarno. It will be an interesting match up. but im not going to worry about that one right because all i have on my mind is colton blanchette.

11 What do you feel is your best weapon in a fight.

as people already know, they have to watch out for my takedown cause once i get ahold of you, your going to a ride aka "the slamburgler" as i call it. But everyone has weapons because we are all evolving, so your going to have to watch and see.

12 what is your favorite that you miss while cuttin weight?

well ummmm, i dont cut weight really so i can enjoy any food. however, i am conscience on what food i put into my body while i am in trainning mode so i can get the best workouts possible.

13 what is your most memorable moment in mma?

Still young, it truely hasnt came yet. when it does, you will know about it.

14 How else do you spend your time when you are not trainning?

when isnt there a time when im not trainning? i enjoy simple things, spending time with my family, visiting a few friends, going fishing, walking around my old neighboorhood (so i never forget where i come from), skateboarding, coaching wrestling, hanging out with my brothers, and even when im not trainning, ill go to the gym just to sit there and meditate invisioning my next fight. otherwise this sport is all i know in means of a social life, competitve life and family life lol.

15 What do you do for a living besides fighting?

Currently in school working towards a degree in general business managment. Also work at a local ymca for an after school program for elementary school children (I know people trust me with their children lol). As well as coach wrestling for Team United Muay Lao.

16 First off i want to thank you westernmassmma for having me as a featured fighter. i would like to make a shout out to all my family, friends, trainning partners, wrestling, ju-jitzu,and stiking coaches. ESP Team United Muay Lao, Tim Burrills, and Team Rockstar. if it werent for these guys, i would be in the position i am in now. Lastly tThank you to East Providence for helping me be a touigh kid as i was growing up. .

Big thanks to Dan for answering our questions. I recently met Dan, and he's a really cool kid, who has a bright future in MMA!! I watched the fight he had with Dat Tran, and Dan was dominating, until he took a knee to the face, and ended up getting TKO'd in the 3rd round. Now that he's finally fighting in his true weight class, I see him being a force!! Best of luck to Dan, next Friday May 20, in Worcester Ma for Paul Vandale Promotions,and bud Light Present  "The Beast Comes East"!! We'll be there watching, and covering the show for the site....check back for the review after the show!

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