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May 2, 2011

April: Roll With The Pro “ Building that sweet takedown “

As you might be aware MMA is anything if not unpredictable.  Take a matchup between two strikers.  After showing their abilities aren’t going to win them anything, but a drawn out battle, who has the edge?  Luckily you do because in this latest edition of R.W.A.P. we’ll be showing you that critical edge over an opponent.

Chest Harness with several lengths of resistance bands
Two willing helpers to act as both training partner and resistance bands holder.
MMA Gloves or Boxing Gloves.
A wall or cage section
Lunges into double leg takedown (2min round/ no rest)
Next: using your head exert pressure to your opponents ribs.  At the same time pulling the opponents legs forward and together causing the takedown.
Add a lift for a devastating show of force.(2min round/1min rest)
Now that your warmed up it’s time to step it up.  Have your partner glove up and repeat each take down technique while blocking and slipping punches.  (2- 2min rounds/ 1min rest between)
After removing the harness and gloves you and a partner should find a section of wall or cage to work against.  Your partner assumes the defensive position with back to wall.  Please enjoy our last technique as demonstrated by Instructor: Gabriel “Gladiador” Santos and his student Luis Ramos.

Thanks for reading along and watching as we build an arsenal of highly effective MMA and BJJ techniques.
A word about Luis Ramos.  This young up and coming student of Gabriel “Gladiador” Santos and American Martial Arts Academy  is currently ranked #1 in Western MA in H.S. Wrestling.  He has achieved 4 N.A.G.A. championship wins as well as success in Fight Quest.  Ramos is looking to break free of his Grappler status to enter the ranks of Ammy Fighter in coming months.  Good Luck Luis and thanks for your time.