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May 22, 2011

Paul Vandale Promotions: Beast Comes East Review 5/20/2011

Beast Comes East 021
Action packed card of 11 fights.  It took place at the DCU Center in Worcestor, MA.  It was very easy to get to and easy to get out of.  The cage looked great.  The Warrior Nation Girls looked amazing.  The Artist and I were fortunately sitting right behind them.  Matchmaker Jesse Camp put on a great show for us all and sat us in some wicked awesome spots.  I chatted it up with Zack from MMAPhotography.  Wicked cool humbled dude.  Also got to talk to Cathlin Daley from Daley Photography and she was wicked nice too.  There were 8 amateur fights and 3 professional fights.  The sound system was great here.  I find this very important because it is important to hear the announcer clearly.  Take note other shows!!  The Saul Almeida fight was taken off the show due to illness.  Well onto the fights!!
Beast Comes East 014
Beast Comes East 031
Fight 1: Matt Doherty(Team Pradal Serey) vs. Josh “The Wicked” Bourque(Cage Strikers) 140lbs
Bourque came out to Disturbed-Voices and Doherty came out to Metallica-Wherever I May Roam.  The fighters come out and decide to not touch gloves.  Bourque gets in a nice kick and they quickly clinch.  They break and Doherty gets in a nice kick and later follows with a night right jab.  Bourque fires with a superman punch but misses.  Doherty continues with a leg kicks as they circle the cage.  Doherty shoots for a takedown but is stuffed and the round ends a little later.
Doherty 10-9
Rd 2: Doherty continues with some nice kicks followed by a nice right hand body shot.  Doherty yes you guessed it got in another kick to the poor leg of Bourque.  Bourque gets in a great right hand which quickly stuns Doherty and he falls but gets right back up.  He then follows with some more leg kicks.  Towards the cage Bourque ends up missing with a kick and Doherty makes him pay with a nice 2-2 combo.  Bourque then follows with a nice right hand to the face of Doherty.  Doherty gets in yet another kick.  Doherty ends up getting in a nice counter right hand at the end as the bell sounds.
Doherty 10-9
Rd 3: Bourque starts off and misses with a kick and Doherty counters with a fierce right hand.  Doherty shoots for the takedown but is stuffed.  They both get in a nice exchange which was pretty evenly distributed.  They have another big exchange of fists.  Doherty seemed to get the better of this exchange.  Doherty then fires 3 leg kicks which all connected to Bourque’s poor leg.  Bourque then goes for takedown and gets it.  He is in Doherty’s guard. Doherty bucks and Bourque is now in half guard.  Bourque picks up Doherty and goes for the slam but Doherty ends up standing and gets his own takedown.  Doherty gets in a few punches as the round ends.  What a way to kick off the night!!
Matt Doherty defeats Josh Bourque unanimous decision
Beast Comes East 131
Beast Comes East 136
Fight 2: Chris Tier(CNY MMA) Vs. Mike O’Connell(South Shore Sports Fighting) 150lbs
Tier comes out to JJ-My Life and Mike comes out to Asking Alexandria-Not the American Average
They start out and touch gloves and then go right into a nice exchange which was pretty evenly matched.  Mike throws a nice kick which stuns Chris for a moment but he gets back up quickly.  Mike then goes for a takedown but misses and Chris makes him pay by slamming him with a takedown of his own.  Tier is now in Mike’s half guard.  Tier gets in a few punches to the head and Mike tries to buck and is successful.  They both scramble and stand up once again.  They end up clinching and fall to the ground.  Tier sets up a triangle as the round ends.
Tier 10-9
Rd 2: They exchange blows right off the bat.  Tier ends up getting a takedown via trip.  Mike is now on the top in Tier’s guard.  Mike gets in a few good shots to the head from this position.  Tier sweeps and they scramble for a few seconds and then they both fall to the mat once again.  Tier gets caught in a guilliotine and it defends it well but eventually pulls out.  Tier gets a little bit of ground and pound in as the round ends. 
Tier 10-9
Rd 3:  They started exchanging punches.  Tier gets a takedown via a trip then takes the side and starts working.  Mike bucks and Tier ends up going to guard.  Mike sweeps but Tier continues to stay on top and eventually takes back.  Tier gets a few punches in.  Tier takes the back then back over to full mount.  Mike sweeps and Tier takes the back again and works the rear naked choke.  It sinks in deep and Mike is forced to tap.
Chris Tier defeats Mike O’Connell via Rear Naked Choke in Round 3.
Beast Comes East 169
Beast Comes East 195
Fight 3: Tim Bartoszek(Team Link) Vs. Dan Quinn(Tapout Boston) 155lbs
Dirty Dan came out to Wu-tang-Triumph which is a great song and Tim came out to some hardcore song I did not catch the name.  Perhaps it is a local song.  Let me know Tim and I will update it on here.
They come out and touch gloves.  Tim goes for a takedown but is stuffed by Dirty Dan.  Tim then goes for a second takedown and gets it.  He is now in Dan’s guard who is looking very comfortable on the bottom.  Dan works the triangle and very quickly locks it in deep.  Tim is forced to tap.
Dan Quinn defeats Tim Bartoszek via Triangle in 52 seconds in Rd 1.
Beast Comes East 203
Beast Comes East 209
Fight 4: Mike Materkowski(Cage Strikers) vs. Matt Goorahoo(Atwaters/Blue Devil) 150lbs
Mike comes out to Deftones-Root and Matt comes out to Lamb of God-Now  You’ve Got Something To Die For.  Great song Matt.  One of my favorite bands.
Mike comes out and gets in a nice right hand and starts us off for this fight.  He follows it with another nice right hook.  Matt goes for a takedown and gets it via a trip.  Matt is now in Mike’s guard.  Matt is working a kimura but Mike is very strong and Matt is having no success.  Matt does however get in a few punches of ground and pound and works for it and gets full mount.  He gets a few punches in and the round ends.  Matt is looking very comfortable on the ground.
Goorahoo 10-9
Rd 2: They come out and exchanging blows.  Materkowski seemed to get the better from this exchange.  Goorahoo does get a good punch in.  Materkowski is looking very good in his standup.  Mike gets in another straight right in.  Matt goes for a takedown but is blocked by a Materkowski uppercut special!  Mike gets in another nice right hand.  They go at each other as the bell ends.
Materkowski 10-9.
Rd 3: Mike starts the round off with a straight right.  Matt gets in a nice right.  Matt then goes for a takedown and gets it via a trip.  He is on the side working.  He passes the guard and goes to full mount.  Mike bucks but Matt is laying heavy and to no avail.  Matt bucks again and is successful and they scramble and stand up right as the bell sounds.
Goorahoo 10-9
Matt Goorahoo defeats Mike Materkowski via unanimous decision.
Beast Comes East 260
Beast Comes East 299
Fight 5: Anthony “Skwirl” Carmenatty(Independent) vs. Jared “The Badger” Sarno(SSSF) 135lbs
Sarno comes out to 311-Jackpot and Skwirl comes out to Halo Theme rock mix.  Great song Skwirl!!
They come out and touch gloves.  They come out exchanging blows.  Skwirl is looking confident and seems to be taunting keeping his hands down.  They clinch and end up falling to the ground.  Badger is on top in guard controlling the fight as he always seems to do very successfully.  Badger gets in a few shots of ground and pound in and the round ends.
Badger 10-9
Rd 2: They come out and Skwirl immediately pulls guard and Badger slams him down for the takedown.  Badger gets in some nice punches to the body and to the head.  The rest of the round goes with the Badger on top controlling the fight.
Badger 10-9
Rd 3: Badger gets the takedown right away and Skwirl knows he needs to something to win and sweeps but Badger takes his back.  Skwirl rolls again and Badger goes on full mount.  Skwirl sweeps again and Badger takes the back once again.  He works the Rear Naked Choke but it isn’t deep yet.  Skwirl defends it for a big but Badger twists Skwirls body and sunk the rear naked choke WICKED DEEP.  Skwirl is forced to tap.
Jared Sarno defeats Anthony Carmenatty via Rear Naked Choke in 1:35 into Rd 3.
Beast Comes East 317
Beast Comes East 324
Fight 6: John Youngs(CNY MMA) vs. Jack “The Shadow” Greene(Cage Strikers) 140lbs
Greene came out to Red Hot Chili Peppers-Can’t Stop and Youngs came out to Pantera-Walk.  Both great songs!!  Cityboy was pumped for this one!!
Young comes out and gets a nice leg kick.  Greene gets a slamming takedown.  Youngs gets Greene in a guilliotine but the Shadow pops his head out.  They scramble and get back up.  Youngs gets a nice knee to the body from the clinch.  They end up falling to the ground. Youngs gets in some shots and stands up.  He then backs off and they are back to standing.  Youngs does a roundhouse kick.  They clinch Greene gets in a nice knee and Greene tries for a takedown and gets it as the round ends.
Greene 10-9
Rd 2: Greene is pushing the action.  They eventually end up clinching and they fall to the ground.  Youngs gets in on top in the guard.  Young works a little then backs up and stands.  Youngs does a nice leg kick to the right leg of Greene who is still on the ground.  He then jumps on top and Greene sweeps and gets on the top position now.  Young goes for a heel hook but Greene does all the right stuff and rolls and gets out.  Youngs then goes for an arm bar as the round ends.
Youngs 10-9
Rd 3: Greene starts us off with a nice front kick.  They clinch and end up falling with neither guy initiating the takedown.  Greene is now on top.  Youngs goes for a triangle but Greene rolls and stands up and lays down the Ground and Pound like a beast.  Youngs wasn’t defending so the ref is forced to stop.
Jack Greene defeats John Youngs via ref stoppage to strikes.

Beast Comes East 337
Beast Comes East 403
Fight 7: Camilo “LaBamba” Arredondo(Tapout Boston) vs Jarrid Heon(Link) 170lbs
Camilo comes out to Ennio Morricone-The Ecstasy of Gold and Heon comes out AC/DC-Thunderstruck.
Heon comes out swinging and connects with a good punch that drops  Camilo for a second.  Heon jumps on top and is now in guard.  Camilo pushes him off and the are now back standing.  They clinch and Heon gets a nice kick in.  Heon then gets a takedown via trip and is now on top.  Arredondo sweeps and is now on top and gets some ground and pound at the end.  Very tough round to call.
Heon 10-9
Rd 2: They clinch and eventually both get tripped off and fall.  Arredondo is now in the half guard.  Heon reverses and they scramble and have a nice sprawl.  They get back up and Heon shoots for a takedown but is stuffed nicely by LaBamba.  They eventually fall and Arredondo gets on top in the half guard position.  He gets in some nice ground and pound and eventually passes to full mount.  LaBamba gets in some nice punches to the head as the round ends.
Arredondo 10-9
Rd 3: Arredondo gets a nice body shot in.  They clinch and fall to the ground.  Arredondo is controlling the side nicely.  There is a power struggle and it is like this for a bit.  Arredondo controls the rest of the round and gets in a few ground and pound here and there.
Arredondo 10-9.
Camilo Arredondo defeats Jarrid Heon via unanimous decision
Beast Comes East 441
Beast Comes East 470
Fight 8: Colton Blanchette(Cage Strikers) vs. Dan Cormier(Team United Muay Lao) 130lbs
This one ended being at a catchweight because Colton failed to make weight.  Cormier walks around at 125lbs so had no problem making the weight.  Colton comes into this fight 5-0 and a very impressive resume so Cormier knew he would be tough.  Colton came out to All That Remains-The Air That I Breath and Cormier came out to Justin Bieber Ft Jaden Smith- Never Say Never.  Cormier trying to taunt Colton with the Bieber song and I gotta say he does look a litte like Bieber but Colton is a beast.
Colton starts us off with a nice kick.  Cormier responds with a nice right hand.  Cormier looking very comfortable standing and ready for a war.  Cormier gets in a leg kick.  Colton gets hit with a right hand and falls to the ground trying to get Cormier to go to the ground.  Cormier declines his offer and backs up.  Cormier gets in a fierce left hook.  He gets in another left hook which stuns Blanchette but he gets up fairly quickly.  Blanchette gets in a nice jab at the end but this round was all Cormier.
Cormier 10-9
Rd 2: They start off with a nice exchange.  Cormier gets in a nice leg kick.  They clinch and Cormier gets in some knees to the body.  Cormier gets in a nice left hook.  Colton gets in a good right hand which stuns Cormier for a second but he comes right back.  Cormier then gets some more leg kicks and the round ends with another all striking round!!
Cormier 10-9
Rd 3:  Cormier starts us out with a leg kick.  Cormier connects with some good punches and pushes Colton up against the cage.  Blanchette goes for a takedown but Cormier stuffs him and they have a nice sprawling session.  Cormier makes him pay with a few uppercuts that looked real crisp.  Cormier has some outstanding takedown defense and some awesome striking composure.  Cormier gets some more punches in.  Cormier then gets in another leg kick.  Colton goes for another takedown but misses again.  The ten second mark hits and they both go at it swinging for the fences.  What a finish. 
Cormier 10-9
Dan “Hamburgler” Cormier defeats Colton Blanchette via unanimous decision 30-27.  Colton suffers his first loss but has nothing to be ashamed of.  He took all the punches Cormier threw at him and didn’t look tired or hurt at the end.  I know you will bounce back Colton!! 
Beast Comes East 586
Beast Comes East 534
Beast Comes East 590
Now onto the Pro Fights!!
Fight 9: Carlos Rivera(Dog Pound) Vs Fran “The Fury” Collins(Factory) 185lbs
First off let me say that Fran had a lot of fans in attendance and they had awesome shirts that looked sik in the neon lights.  Feel free to send us some The Factory Smile Collins comes out to Lil Wayne-Drop the World and Rivera comes out to Wiz Khalifa-Black and Yellow. 
They come out and touch gloves.  Rivera goes for a takedown but gets caught in a guilliotine.  He ends up picking up Collins and Collins does this amazing acrobatic fliplike maneuver and lands right back on his feet.  They are clinching again and the same thing happens.  Collins will not go down.  That was impressive moves from the Fury.  Rivera finally gets his takedown and is now in the guard.  Collins works the triangle and locks it in and Rivera fights it for a bit but to no avail.
Fran Collins defeats Carlos Rivera via triangle in Rd 1.
Beast Comes East 623
Beast Comes East 628
Fight 10: Ralph “Killa” Johnson(Independent) Vs. Abner “Skullman” Lloveras(Link) 170lbs
Killa comes out sporting a sick mohawk.  Definitely the best hair of the night award!!  Killa comes out to Glee-Bad Romance cover which turns into a nice metal song.  Abner comes out to Kris Keyes-Bring it On which talking to his coach Marco Alvan he told us that this was written for Gabriel Gonzaga who came out to it a few times and they pulled it out of the archive for good luck.  Lets see if it works…
Killa gets in a nice right hand.  Killa does a nice looking superman punch but it ends up missing.  They get closer and have a huge exchange which was evenly distributed by both fighters.  Abner goes for a takedown and gets it via trip.  Abner is on top and switches to north south briefly then goes right back to the side.  He is working a Kimura but Killa fights it and Abner moves onto something else.  He maneuvers into a pretty slick armbar and forces Killa to tap.
Abner Lloveras defeats Ralph Johnson via armbar in 2:49 in Round 1.
Beast Comes East 652
Beast Comes East 643
Fight 11: Lee “The Beast” Beane(Wai Kru)  Vs Dan “The Beast” Severn(Tripp Academy) 265lbs
Severn sporting a record of 99 wins looking for 100.  He looks to do it against one of the top ranked Heavyweight guys in MA with a record of 7-2.  Beane comes out to Drowning Pool-The Game Triple H’s Song and Severn comes out to Sevendust-Black.
Beane comes out and starts out with many leg kicks.  Severn threatens leg kicks but never really connects with any.  I could hear the snap of the leg kicks so I know they were hurting Severn a ripe age of 56 years.  They circle the cage a bit and Beane gets in many more leg kicks.  Beane throws a nasty brutal right hand that connects on the jaw of Severn.  He collapses immediately and Beane covers and gets a few punches in.  The ref is slow to get over there but Beane knowing when a guy is knocked out since all 7 of his wins were from knockouts backs off and tells the ref he is out, are you gonna call this??!!  Sure enough the ref stops it and it was a crisp clean knockout.  Severn is on the ground for a good 3-5 minutes as the doctors check him and he eventually gets up.  Severn gives a speech and thanks the fans for coming out and passes the generation torch to Beane.  Beane thanks his fans and Wai Kru.  Very impressive Beane!  It is not everyday I can say I was literally 5 feet away from a UFC Legend getting knocked out.
Beast Comes East 696
Beast Comes East 685
Beast Comes East 702
Fight of the Night: Dan Cormier Vs. Colton Blanchette
Submission of the Night: Abner Llovera Vs Ralph Johnson Arm-bar submission
KO of the Night: Obviously Lee Beane vs Dan Severn
Blunder of the Night:  Everything went pretty smooth.  I guess blunder is that we had to wait a bit to get in and that there was no intermission! Also I had to pay 10 bucks for parking!! LOL

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)
Quality of Fights:5
Star Quality:5
Ring Girls:5
Overall: 4.57
Overall this was a great show.  Jesse Camp matched up some great fights.  The trophies were very nice and I am sure the fighters loved them.  The ring girls were very sexy and the outfits looked great.  The announcer was very clear and did a great job.  The sound was crisp and I could pick up all the songs very easily.  The ticket sales may not have been the best but was very reasonable for a first show by Paul Vandale Promotions.  Not very often you got MMA downstairs and a Prom going on upstairs like we had that night at the DCU. I also heard there was boxing going on nearby so that might have taken away some fans.  Overall it was great on paper and I am looking forward to seeing more shows put on by Paul Vandale and Jesse Camp.  I close this out with a few more pics of the night.  All the photos will be up on our facebook fan page in a few days so stay tuned all and please if you like our work please like our fan page!!!
Beast Comes East 300
Beast Comes East 163
Beast Comes East 631