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May 21, 2011

Reality Fighting May 21st,2011 Live Update

Fight 1:

Kirkor Papasian(Jim Hughes & Royce Gracie) 0-1 Vs.

Erik Lee(Blue Devil Fight Team) 2-0 145lbs.

Lee wins UD 30-27

Fight 2:

Ryan Castillo(Serra/Longo) 4-2 Vs Joe Boxer(Black Dragon) 2-0 145lbs.

Castillo wins via guilliotine in Rd 2

Fight 3:

Dominic Gagliardi(SNEMMA) 2-0 Vs Mark McLaughlin(Kipp’s Basement) 3-0 185lbs.
Gagliardi wins via RNC in Rd 1

Fight 4:

Leroy Derricott(Nitsuj MMA) 0-1 Vs. Joe Powers(Dexter Valley Tudo)0-2 155lbs.

Derricott wins via RNC in Rd 2

Fight 5:

Dwight Grant(Anderson’s Martial Arts) 3-1 vs Jason Ward(Black Dragon) 2-0 185lbs

Grant KTFO Ward in Rd 1 at 3:43 in the round

Fight 6: Women’s Superfight

Kaline Medeiros(Gillett’s MMA) 2-2 Vs Marianna Kheyfets(American Top Team) 2-0 125lbs
Kheyfets wins triangle in 1:14 Rd 3

Fight 7: Welterweight Superfight

Joe McGann(USMMA) 3-1 Vs. Ryan Quinn(American Top Team) 6-2 170lbs


Fight 8: Lightweight Superfight

Oz Pariser(Underdog BJJ) 4-0 Vs. Joe Proctor(Team Aggression) 6-1 155 lbs Proctor wins split decision

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