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June 9, 2011

CES Live Fight Results

First live update. Western Mass Pro Fighter Barrington "Rude Boy" Douse being taped by teammate and AFT cornerman Jeremy Ross. Douse looks relaxed and focused.

Keep refreshing this article tonight for live updates.

Fight 8) Alex Karalexis (10-5) SSS/Sityodtong vs Tiawan Howard (8-7) Cleveland , Ohio
Well the fight between the fighters was heated and exciting, but the fight that ensued was the best. The decision was split and Howard takes it. We'll let you decide when you see the video.

Fight 7) Damien “The Omen” Trites (5-4) Wai Kru/Gladiator BJJ/AFT vs Jeff “Candyman” Anderson (8-3) B+F Boxing
The Omen looks for a triangle as the round ends. Tough to call who took the round. Rnds 2&3 play out the same way. Damien takes some submission attempts to the Candyman, but the judges see it both ways and Jeff Anderson takes the split decision. The ref let the fight stay on the ground the whole time. The ref couldn't even in control as the decision was read. The Candyman bolted around the cage an the ref never brought the fighters back to the center to officially raise the winner's hand.

Fight 6) Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens (8-1) AMA vs Saul “The Spider” Almeida (8-1) Dragon Lair
The Wolverine survives his first round in this catch weight fight. The Spider seems to be on his game. Saul Almeida is the taller lankier fighter and forces The Wolverine into a 3rd round. Almeida takes a beating this round, but takes The Wolverine's knee home with him trying for a leg lock. The Spider takes the unanimous decision 30-27.

Fight 5) Marc Stevens (13-6) Jiu-Jitsu Nation vs Abe Pitrowski (5-0) Tim Burrill Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Rnd1 ends with a flourish as Stevens is forced to defend a deep guillotine from Pitrowski. Stevens dominates the fight in rnd2. Stevens continues to control this fight all through rnd3 for the judges unanimous decision.

Fight 4) Barrington “Rude Boy” Douse (7-9) American Fight Team vs Jason Bennett (4-4) American Martial Arts
Rnd's1& 2 end with Douse dominating over Bennett. Rnd3 sees a comeback by Bennett, and the judges score it 29-28 unanimous Jason Bennett.

Fight 3) Ralph Johnson (4-3, 4 KO’s) Independent vs Tim O’Connell (3-3, 3 Submissions) Omaplata
Johnson taps to a Rear Naked Choke after enduring a fury of fists and a take down that O'Connell dominates in 48 seconds.

Fight 2) Dan McGuane (2-0) Gillette’s MMA vs Kenny Hazard (2-3) Team Execution
Kev the Ref stops the fight in the first round as Hazard taps out to McGuanes Rear Naked Choke.

Fight 1) Jon Marchettera (0-1) Mixed Breed vs Dinis Piava Jr. (Pro debut) Keith Allen’s Fighting Academy.
Dinis Piava Jr. wins by first round ref stoppage. TKO due to unanswered strikes.

Eight Solid Fights….We will be rooting for Rude Boy and The Omen of course but good luck to all the fighters!!  We are looking forward to covering our first CES so stay tuned!!

First updates to come shortly

We also have run into Damien "The Omen" Trites and man is he looking shredded. Looks like things are getting ready to get going.

Rolling intro vids. Sick. Hope you're all ready for the action.