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June 17, 2011

Review: AFO Summer Brawl 6/17/2011

We arrived at the AFO a little early so we can get some nice photos for you guys.  This show, the Summer Brawl is taking place at the lovely Holiday Inn. Pete DiLorenzo is wearing the infamous leather jacket that makes us all jealous of!!  We are scheduled for 10 fights.  For vendors we have Get Punched,Impact Fighter and a few others. They are playing Sharmera on the loud speakers.  The atmosphere is set and the fighters are ready for war.  Let the review begin.  Shamera wasn't able to play this event but thats ok Vinny, we forgive you!!  The announcer John Vena starts us off.  AFO has some new ring girls and they are looking super hot especially Jenna Doll!!  The Artist is with me taking some lovely photos for you all.  DJ Hurrakayne is the DJ for the evening!

Fight #1 Sean Nichols 2-2 (Waikru-Tapout Boston) Vs. Brandon Amadon 1-1( Fighting Arts Academy Gardner) 159lbs
Nichols comes out to Jimmy Cliff-The Harder They Come and Amadon comes out to Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff- The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.  Awesome song Brandon!! If you start doing the Carlton Dance then we might start to worry!!

Rd 1: They come out swinging.  Nice exchange both fighters are looking good.  Amadon tries for takedown and ends up getting a single leg takedown.  Amadon is on the side but is caught in a slight guillotine.  Amadon pops out his head and Nichols rolls out they scramble and are back standing.  Nichols gets in a nice 1-2 combo and they clinch for a moment.  They separate and start swinging again, Nichols had a good exchange.  Amadon goes for another takedown and gets it via slam.

Amadon 10-9

Rd 2: They come out swinging for the fences. Amadon connects with a nice combo.  Amadon gets the takedown once again. They scramble and get back up and start swinging.  Amadon is swinging for the fences. Awesome fight so far.  Amadon goes for the takedown but gets caught with 2 crisp knees to the head.  They separate and clinch again.  Amadon gets his with another knee to the head.  Nichols goes for the takedown but Amadon defends it well.  They separate and start swinging.  Both fighters are starting to get tired.  They clinch and the crowd chants "KNEE" as the round ends.

Amadon 10-9

Rd 3: Amadon connects with a nice left and we see the sweat fly from Nichol's head.  Nichols throws a kick and slips and falls to the ground.  Amadon quickly covers.  Amadon works side control and passes to full mount.  Nichols gives up back and Amadon is working the rear naked choke.  Nichols works it but it is too deep and he is forced to tap.

Brandon Amadon defeats Sean Nichols via Rear Naked Choke 1:39 seconds in Rd 3

Fight #2 Matt Durling 2-0 (Sityodtong) Vs. Chris Tier 3-5 (CNYMMA) 145lbs

 Durling comes out to Metallica-Enter Sandman and Tier comes out to House of Pain-Jump Around.  Great songs by both fighters.  The crowd is pumped.  I have seen both of these fighters before and they both are solid fighters so I expect a good battle.

Rd 1: Tier is wearing Bruin colors.  I am not sure if he planned that but I am loving it.  They come out swinging.  Durling gets a takedown early and they scramble and get back up.  Durling is on the back working for a rear naked choke standing.  Tier falls back to slam him off.  It is very difficult for Durling to get it from this angle but he is trying.  Tier rolls and they stand back up.  Tier gets a nice right left leg kick.  They are swinging but nothing is connecting too cleanly yet.  They clinch up against the cage and they fall to the ground. Tier is on top working the full guard position as the round ends.

Durling 10-9

Rd 2: They start swinging Tier gets a nice right hand in.  Tier goes for takedown and gets it.  Durling sweeps and is working what looks like an armbar but Tier slips out and takes the top position.  Tier is now working the side  and switches to north south.  He is working a guillotine but is unable to get it.  They stand up and Durling gets in a nice uppercut as they are standing.  They come out swinging and Tier gets caught with a nice combo and they fall to the ground.  Durling is on top working the guard position as the bell sounds.

Very tough round to call.  CityBoy scores it Tier 10-9

Rd 3: They come out and clinch.  Durling gets the takedown  and is working the half guard position on top.  Tier is sweeping and Durling takes the back and working the rear naked choke.  Tier stands up and they start swinging.  Durling works another takedown and gets it.  Durling is again in guard.  Tier is working a triangle but Durling muscles out. They stand as the round ends.

Durling 10-9  Lets see what the judges say.

Matt Durling defeats Chris Tier via unanimous decision.

Fight #3 Jeremiah Diruzzo 3-0 (Redline) Vs. Dicky White 2-0 (CNYMMA) 165lbs

Diruzzo comes out to Maino Ft. T-Pain-All of the Above and Dicky comes out to Linkin Park-The Catalyst.

Nice exchange of kicks.  Both fighters are looking to keep their undefeated records intact.  Dicky scores the takedown via trip and is working in the guard.  He gets in some good punches to the body.  Dicky is now working from the half guard.  Diruzzo rolls and Dicky takes the back.  Dicky is working the rear naked choke as the round ends and Diruzzo was forced to tap.

Dicky White defeats Jeremiah Diruzzo via rear naked choke 2:50 seconds in Rd 1.  Dicky White remains undefeated and improves to 3-0.

Fight #4 Kody Nordby 0-0 (Team Ronin) Vs. Mark Johnson 0-0
(Florian Martial Arts) 135lbs

Nordby comes out to Maino Ft. T-Pain-All of the Above.  Apparently this is the song to walk out to tonight!!  Johnson comes out to Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists.  Nordby just graduated from high school.  Congrats bro!!  Both fighters are making their amateur debut.

Rd 1:  They clinch and fall to the ground.  They stand back u and Nordby is working a takedown and gets it via a slam but Johnson is working a guillotine.  Nordby gets a nice right hand as Johnson is standing up and takes the back.  Johnson rolls and Nordby is trying for a rear naked choke but is unable to sink it in but is hanging onto the back very well.  Johnson rolls but gets caught in the rear naked choke.

Kody Nordby defeats Mark Johnson via rear naked choke 2:37 seconds in rd 1.

Fight #5 Danny Shields 0-2 (Battleground) Vs.Gene Lang 0-0
(CNYMMA) 170lbs

Shields comes out to College Smart-Im a Beast and Lang comes out to Lonely Island-I'm on a Boat.  Shields is clearly the crowd favorite.

Rd 1: Fighters come out and touch gloves.  Lang gets a slamming takedown and is working the side.  Shields is doing well on the bottom and is working an arm bar.  they scramble and get back up.  They fall to the ground and Lang is working the guard position.  He is laying on some ground and pound but not alot is getting through.  A few punches get through.  He gets in a few more shots to the body as the round ends.

Lang 10-9

Rd 2: They touch gloves again.  Shields jumps guard and gets the takedown.  Lang gets full mount and is trying some ground and pound but Shields sweeps and is now on top in the guard.  He is now full mount on the side and is working the back.  Lang rolls out is now on top working the side.

Shields 10-9

Rd 3: Shields gets in a nice kick and they clinch.  Sheild's gets the takedown via judo slam and is now on the back of Lang.  He is working the rear naked choke Lang is trying to shake him off but Shields is hanging on tight.  Lang is out and Shields is trying to soften him up.  Shields continues to work the back and has an excellent body lock on.  The round ends like this.

Shields 10-9

Gene Lang defeats Danny Shields via majority decision.  I did not score it that way but hey its my opinion and I am entitled to it!!  One thing is for certain, Danny Shields is a very tough 0-3 so do not underestimate him.

We have a brief intermission and then we start back up.  The rings girls change into a smaller top.  Love it!!! These girls are smoking!!

Fight #6 Nate Andrews 3-2 (Team United Muay Lao) Vs. Sergio Cabrera 3-0 (BMAC) 155lbs

This is a title fight due to Thane Stimpson going pro and so now the title is vacant.

Andrews comes out to Lil Wayne-Drop the World and Cabrera comes out to Daddy Yankee-Gasolina.  He does a little dance before he walks down the ramp. Both fighters want that belt bad!!!

Rd 1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves.  Cabrera stars us out with a kick.  Cabrera is working the takedown and gets it.  Cabrera is on top working the side.  Nate is defending very well on his back.  Cabrera gets in a few punches.

Rd 2: They clinch and Cabrera gets another takedown.  Andrews is working the armbar and he locked it in tight.  Cabrera is forced to tap.

Nate Andrews defeats Sergio Cabrera in 32 seconds in rd 2 via arm bar.  Congrats to Nate the Snake Andrews for getting the belt!  Andre Soukhamthath was in his corner I noticed as well.

Fight #7 John Johnston 0-0 (Sityodtong) Vs. Sandor Binkley 0-1(NEMMA) Hvywt

Binkley comes out to Nine Inch Nails-Head Like a Hole and Johnston comes out to Motorhead-The Game.  The crowd is going wild for Johnston to make his professional debut.  I got goosebumps as Johnston walks out.  This is gonna be a good battle!! Johnston is in perfect shape at young 40 years old.

Rd 1:  The fighters are pacing feeling each other out.  They clinch and Johnston gets in a nice knee.  He has a great clinch due to his mad Muay Thai skills.  He drops Binkley with a knee to the head.  They get back up and Johnston gets in huge right hand that drops Binkley and Johnston covers and lays some massive ground and pound and the ref stops it after about a 15 second beatdown of ground and pound.

John Johnston defeats Sandor Binkley via TKO  ref stoppage in 1:26 of Rd 1.

Fight #8 Tyler King 3-0(Connor’s MMA) Vs. Randy Smith 11-9-1 (CNYMMA) Hvywt

King comes out and raises his arms up getting the crowd roaring.  He comes out to Rage Against The Machine-How I Can Just Kill A Man and Smith comes out Hank Williams-Lone Wolf. This fight is for the vacant Heavy Weight belt.

Rd 1: Tyler comes out with a fierce right hand and works for a takedown.  He gets the single leg takedown and is now working from the guard position.  King is jamming his forearm into Smith's neck for a bit.  He gets some separation and works some ground and pound.  Tyler is now working the kimura for a bit but is unable to get it.  King is now working the side and getting in some shots to the body.  They scramble and get back up.  King is working for another single leg takedown.  Smith is defending well and gets some good shots to the head of King.  King is determined to get the takedown but is unable to get it.  They scramble and Smith gets in a shot to the head as the round ends.

King 10-9

Rd 2: King immediately goes for the takedown but is stuffed.  He is working the single leg takedown.  They fall and Smith is on top  but King is working for an arm bar.  He is unable to get it.  Smith gets in a huge shot and Tyler sweeps and gets on half guard on top.  Tyler is now working the side and fighters are struggling for position.  Tyler gets some separation and gets a few elbows in.  They scramble and Smith ends up on top  and gets in a few shots at the end as the bell sounds.

Very close round but I give Tyler King the edge 10-9 because he controlled the majority of the round on top.

Rd 3: Tyler gets in a good right hand.  They clinch and Tyler gets in some nice uppercuts.  Smith is pushing Tyler up against the cage.  It goes like this for a minute and then they separate.  Both fighters throw some huge punches.  Nice exchange.  It looked pretty evenly distributed to me.  Both fighters exchange some some knees to the body up against the cage.  Smith is pushing King up against the page.  Smith gets caught in a groin shot and takes a minute break.  King comes charging and gets the takedown via trip and slam against the cage.  The whole cage shakes!!  Smith is now on top working from the guard position.

Another tough round to call.  I am gonna give this round to King 10-9 due to pushing the action and the takedown.

Rd 4: They immediately clinch .  Tyler is pushing Smith up against the cage and getting in some nice knees to the body.  Smith reverses for a minute and then King reverses.  Tyler works the single leg takedown and gets it but Smith ends up on top.  It looks like King was working an arm bar and Smith gets out and Tyler is pushing him down against the mat.  Smith sweeps out and is now back on top.

Another tough round to call.  I am gonna go with Smith 10-9.

Rd 5: They clinch and King presses Smith up against the cage.  Tyler must have got hit with a good shot and is starting to bleed.  The ref stops to have the doctor look at it.  There is no blood in the eyes to they allow it to go.  Tyler is again pushing Smith up against the cage.  They separate and clinch again.  Smith is now pushing King up against the cage.  Both fighters are very tired.  The ref separates them.  They immediately clinch again and Smith is pushing King against the cage.  They separate.  Tyler throws a superman elbow.  and they clinch and again Smith is pushing King onto the cage.

Very tough round to call.  I want to say Smith 10-9.

Randy Smith defeats Tyler King via unanimous decision 50-45.  Wow I knew the rounds were close but certainly Smith did not win all 5 rounds!!  Tyler clearly won the first round.

Fight #9 Paddy "ThunderKitten" Thompson 10-3(SSSF) vs Jason Sarbacker 2-1 (Sityodtong) 170lbs

Billy Squier-The Stroke and Paddy comes out to the Divinyls-I Touch Myself.  Apparently he is saying he loves!!  Its OK Paddy we all do but we just won't admit it! Looking at the record Sarbacker is clearly the underdog but Sarbacker is an Iraqi veteran and being from Sityodtong you cannot count him out!!

Rd 1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves.  Sarbacker gets in a nasty right hand that connects to the jaw of Paddy.  Sarbacker catches him with another one and Paddy falls to the ground but gets back up.  Sarbacker is looking great on his standup.  He pushes Paddy up against he cage and gets him with a nasty uppercut that drops Paddy.  Sarbacker is now in the guard standing and dropping some bombs.  They get back up and Sarbacker lands a huge knee to the head from the clinch.  Paddy gets in a nice knee and they separate.  Paddy has a good exchange and Sarbacker presses Paddy up against the cage and gets the takedown via trip.  Sarbacker is on top working the guard as the ends.

Finally an easy round to score. Sarbacker 10-9.

Rd 2: They touch gloves and start swinging.  Sarbacker gets a nice spearing takedown.  He is now working on top but Paddy is working the triangle and gets it.  It appears to be WICKED DEEP. Sarbacker being a beast did not tap but went out and the ref stopped it!!

Paddy Thompson defeats Jason Sarbacker via triangle in Rd 2 in 1:04.  Great fight!! Congrats to Paddy for keeping his belt and is now the 3 time reigning champion.  Keep your head up Sarbacker.  You will be back!


Fight of the Night: Tyler King Vs. Randy Smith

Submission of the Night: Paddy Thompson Vs Jason Sarbacker. Sorry Jason!!

KO of the Night: John Johnston Vs. Sandor Binkley.

Blunder of the Night: Absolutely nothing. The show went flawless.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights:5

Star Quality:5 Tisha Rodrigues was in the house. Oh yeah how can I forget. Chuck O'Neil was there. We got the pic to prove it. Thanks Chuck for being such a standup guy and allowing us to take your photo.

Sound:4.5 DJ Hurrakayne played some sweet Mortal Kombat sounds that said "Round 1 Fight" and the sound system sounded great.

Refs:3 The refs were pretty much the same as they usually are. I docked a few points due to the ref stopping for King's nose bleeding. It is not in is eye ref let them fight!!!

Announcer: 5 John Vena is top notch.

Ring Girls:5 Love the new outfits. Love the new ring girls I did miss Michelle Barbara there though ;)

Venues:5 Impact Fighter, SuckerPunch and all sorts were there and the Holiday Inn is a great place to have some fights.

Overall: 4.64

We had a blast. We hope you all enjoyed the review. Thanks to Pete and the entire AFO community for letting us get photos and write this review. Please don't flame me too bad guys!!
"Go ahead, you can flame him.  It's good for him." says The Artist

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