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June 21, 2011

WCF 11 Review

On Saturday June 18, WCF made it's much anticipated comeback after taking a brief hiatus. The card was stacked with some of New England's best fighters, and with the addition of the well respected, fighter/manager/local mma legend,  Dan Bonnell as the match maker, I new we'd be in for a great show!
The event took place at the WCF's home base, out in Wilmington Ma, at the Aleppo Shriner's Auditorium. I made the trip out, with WesternMassMMA's newest "guest writer", my big brother, Jason Reipold. It was a nice ride down, and we made it to the venue at about 6:30pm. We made our way inside, to hopefully check out the free autograph session they had set up for the fans. Local MMA superstars, TUF/UFC vet Chuck "Cold Steel" O"Niel, WEC/UFC fighter Josh "The Fluke" Grispi, and Bellator/Olympic Judokan Rick Hawn were all signing autographs for the WCF fans. Unfortunately we were a bit late, and missed this part of the event.We made use of the extra time we had before the show started, and had ourselves a stiff drink, to "get our creative juices flowing"....
As we walked around the event, we checked out the vendor booths, including Boston Brawler and Get Punched, and filled out a card for a chance at 2 ringside tickets to the next WCF event!! Since I haven't started my diet yet, I scarfed down a hot dog before the show started : p
We made our way out to the ring, and found our AWESOME  RINGSIDE seats!!!! Now I'm not talking first row, (where in fact I did see the likes of: Grispi, O'Niel, Hawn...etc) but I'm talking edge of the ring, where the judges and commission sit!! It's a great vantage point , and I got some sweet pictures!! The night was announced by Chris Collins, and the amazing guitarist Gary Hoey played a sik rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to kick off the show!! ......... on to Jason Reipold's review!!!

185 poundsAndrew Hughes of Team Irish 0-0 vs. Corey Jameson of Maxx 1-0
 Both guys come out swinging and Jameson rocks Hughes early and shoots for a take down. He gets the take down but Hughes secures top position and mounts Jameson. Hughes lands a few punched from the top and while Jameson tries to escape Hughes gets his back and locks in a tight rear naked choke. Jameson taps and Hughes wins via RNC at 2:07 of round 1.   

140 pounds 
Kenny Murphy of MFS/NH 1-0 vs. Chris Chartier of Kaos 0-0
Round 1) Murphy comes out looking get started quickly and gets stung with few left hooks from Chartier. Both fighters are hitting each other with solid punches. Chartier shoots and Murphy catches him with an uppercut on the way in which stands up Chartier. They end up clinched in Chartier's corner and stay busy trading knees to the body and dirty boxing against the ropes. Round 1 ends and its a tough one to call.
Round 2) Both men cone out in round 2 eager to trade punches, which they do.  Murphy tags Chartier with a good left causing Chartier to try and tie up. Chartier gets a Thai clinch and begins throwing knees, one of which is accidentally thrown to Murphys head which opens a small cut above his left eye and also earns a 1 point deduction for Chartier. When action resumes Chartier lands a few punches and takes Murphy to the canvas where he spends the rest of the round on top, mostly in side control. He lands 4 or 5 good solid punches from the top and would have clearly taken the round if not for the illegal knee.
Round 3) Again both fighters come out swinging and landing, Murphy catches Chartier with a good hard right, they clinch and go to the ground. Murphy tries to get back position but ends up on the bottom with Chartier in side control. Chartier lands a few shots to the body and head, Murphy escapes and they are back on the feet in a clinch. Murphy grabs a leg and Chartier attempts a standing guillotine, they end up on the ground with Chartier in the mount where he relinquishes the choke and throws a few punches before the round ends. 
The fight ends with two judges scoring it a draw and one in favor of Chartier which results in a majority draw decision.

155 pounds
Nathan Oses of BMAC 2-1 vs. Mike Materkowski of Cage Strikers 2-1
Round 1)The fight begins with Materkowski denying Oses's request to touch gloves. Oses begins stalking Materkowski try to land leg kicks but Materkowski is keeping distance and evading most of the stikes. Oses is the aggressor early, throwing punches and kicks and landing a few. Materkowski is circling the ring and pawing out jabs keeping Oses out of striking distance. Later in the round Oses begins to find the range firing leg kicks which are finding Materkowski's left thigh, and some right hands also finding home. Other than one right hook Materkowski only threw jabs in thee first. Round one goes to Oses

Round 2) Oses comes out firing hard leg kicks and connecting with them. Materkowski starts to land very effective jabs keeping Oses from closing the distance. Oses decides to shoot, gets a double leg and takes the fight to the mat landing in side control. Oses is throwing big knees to the body and keeping top position, he tries to trap Materkowski's arm but is not successful. Round 2 goes to Oses.
Round 3) Oses comes out and shoots, again securing the double leg and landing in side control. He lands some body shots and and traps Materkowsi's arm. Oses locks in a tight arm triangle forcing Materkowski to tap at 1:05 of round 3.

155 pounds
John Lemkee of Team Irish 0-1 vs. Casey Lamonte of SSSF
Round 1)These two fighters come out looking hungry, they circle and paw out a few jabs. Lamonte connects with a heavy right that stuns Lemkee. Lemkee decides to try and take the fight to the ground with a big slam that rattles the ring. Lemkee is trying to throw puches from Lomonte's guard and leaves his arm open for an attempted arm bar from Lamonte but is able to pull out and then lands a heavy hammerfist to Lamonte's face. Lamonte sweeps with a good display of jiu-jitsu but is quickly swept by Lemkee. Lemkee advances to side control where he finishes the round with a barrage of shots to the body and head. Looks like round 1 goes to Lemkee.
Round 2) The fighters circle, engage and up on the ground with Lemkee again in top position. He is landing some good strikes from Lamonte's guard. Lemkee eventually makes his way to side control landing more solid strikes. Lamonte works back to guard and goes for a triangle that never really gets tight and round 2 ends with Lemkee getting the nod.

Round 3) Begins with both fighters looking like they want to stand. They trade punches until Lamonte catches Lemkee with a hard right that hurts him. Lemkee then decides to get it to the ground where he takes side control but does little damage from the position. Lamonte gets him back into his guard and is looking for another triangle attempt, which he ends up securing but Lemkee escapes and the round ends, it's going to the judges. 
John Lemkee wins via unanimous decision.

180 pounds
Hiago Fontoura of Fenix 0-0 vs. John Deluca of Pacheco's 0-0
Fontoura looks very eager to get this fight underway from the second he gets in the ring. They come to the center of the ring and Fontoura instantly grabs Deluca and slams him to the mat. Deluca scrambles and gets back to his feet. Fontoura again quickly slams him again and starts landing big shots from half guard. He traps Deluca's arm behind his head and is pounding him with heavy lefts to the face until the ref steps in and ends this contest at 1:04 of the first round. Fontoura looks like a very strong and aggressive fighter.


180 pounds
Thomas Roy Gussler 0-1 vs. Zack Costello of Maxx 0-0
Gussler comes out throwing punches creates some space and gets off a spinning roundhouse kick that just misses. Costello clinches and throws Gussler to the canvas and easily moves to side control and secures an arm triangle causing Gussler to tap at 0:52 of round one.

145 pounds
Nelson Gaipo of Dragons Lair vs. Mike Marchioni of SSSF
Round 1) The fighters come out exchange a few jabs and Marchioni lands a spinning kick to Gaipo's body that hurts him. Gaipo rushes to clinch, secures the neck and pulls guard looking for an arm in guillotine, he is squeezing for  over 3 minutes taking numerous shots to the ribs before Marchioni  can escape just before the round end. Too close to call.
Round 2) Marchioni begins the round with an uppercut that lands flush and hurts Gaipo. They clinch and exchange knees where Marchioni lands the better of them. Marchioni takes Gaipo to the canvas and lands a few punches. Gaipo almost scrambles out but in doing so exposes his neck. Marchioni takes advantage and locks in a tight guillotine forcing Gaipo to tap at 2:11 of round 2.

150 pounds
Lucas Cruz of Tapout  1-0 vs. Lionel Young of Maxx 4-5
Round 1) They quickly meet in the center of the ring where it is apparent that Young wants this fight on the ground and takes Cruz down landing in full guard. Young has trouble controlling Cruz's active guard. Cruz scrambles and Young ends up securing a tight guillotine that looks to have Cruz in serious trouble. Cruz is able work out of the choke and ends up on top with side control. The jiu jitsu on display from both men is quite impressive! Young attempts a sweep and almost has it when Cruz hooks his leg at the last second and is able to take Young's back. A few seconds later Cruz gets both hooks in and gets his arm under Young's chin. The choke is tight and Young is forced to tap. The ref stops the fight at 3:28 of round 2.
Lucas Cruz is an extremely talented young man with a bright future.

145 pounds
Anthony Leone of Bombsquad 8-4 vs. Bill Jones of  Kaos 9-3
Round 1)Leone and Jones meet in the center of the ring and exchange a few feeling out punches. Leone lands a really nice right that appears to stun Jones. Jones clinches, takes Leone down and lands in side control. Jones is able to land only a shot or two and is swept by Leone. Leone is now in control from Jones's guard and is looking to control rather than strike. Leone eventually advances the side of Jones and keeps control doing little damage. Jones is able to escape and in the ensuing scramble is able to get Leone's neck and pulls guard. Jones looses grip of the choke and the round ends with Leone on top. Round one goes to Leone.
Round 2) Jones comes out looking to strike and throws a leg kick which Leone catches and uses to take Jones down. Jones moves for an arm bar but Leone is able to spin out. They both continue to battle for top position with Leone maintaining more control. In one of the scrambles Leone is able to take the back of Jones where after some hand fighting he gets an apparent rear naked cinched in. Jones is eventually able to free himself of the choke and the rest of the round is spent with Leone on top maintaining position and not striking. Round 2 goes to Leone.
Round 3) This round doesn't last very long on the feet as Leone again drops Jones to the canvas with his excellent wrestling. The battle ensues to take control with both fighters looking to take top position. Leone is able to stay on top and when Jones tries to scramble Leone is close to securing a north south choke that Jones is able to escape. Jones is able to get position as both fighters are on their knees and locks up Leone's left arm for a deep kimura that just wasn't quite at the right angle to force a tap. Leone again uses his superior wresting to put Jones on his back where this round ends. Round 3 goes to Leone.
Leone wins via unanimous decision in a fight loaded with a lot of wrestling and very little striking.

155 pound lightweight championship. 
Noah Weisman of Rail City BJJ 5-1 vs. Dan Lauzon of Lauzon MMA 14-4
The main event of the evening, Dan Lauzon is clearly the crowd favorite.
The fighters come out from the opening bell with intentions to keep it standing. They circle each other throwing a few jabs to feel each other out. Weisman is using a lot of head movement and throwing mostly jabs. Lauzon is looking to counter of the jabs and is stinging Weisman with lefts. One of the lefts connects square on Weisman's nose and hurts him. Now bloodied  Weisman is looking more cautious and Lauzon more confident. Lauzon is letting his hands go and connecting. A big right drops Weisman, Lauzon pounces and quickly lands 5 or 6 heavy shots and the ref steps in to stop this one. Lauzon wins via TKO, ref stoppage at 3:56 of round 1.

Thanks for stepping up on very short notice to help out your little brother, and WesternMassMMA Jason, Great review!!
Just to add a few things....The Main event was for the new 155lb Championship title...which makes Dany Lauzon the New CHAMP!! Big congrats to Dany and his coaches and team!! He looked really poised, and his punches were BOMBS!! Noah's face told that tale very quickly!! Also, big thanks to Joe Cav, Rick Caldwell, and Dan Bonnell from the WCF for allowing us to cover the event. Although the crowd wasn't as big as past shows,( Bruins parade day??, lots of other shows this month?? etc...) the WCF continues to put on some of the best mma in New England!!
****I got a great piece of info from Bonnell, that I think will make MANY happy, and probably ensure more fighters want to fight for the WCF....they will be getting rid of the damned ring, and finally getting a CAGE!!! I'm really looking forward to the next WCF!!!

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