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August 9, 2011

Results from the 1st Western Mass BJJ Open!!

On Sunday Aug. 7, 2011 some of the surrounding area's best grapplers got a chance to compete in the 1st western Mass BJJ Open. The event was held in east Longmeadow, at American Mixed Martial Arts, and   was put together by BJJ black belts Gabriel Gladiador Santos, and Danilo Cherman. Several great teams were represented on the day, including: AFT/Gladiator BJJ, Nova Uniao, Underdog BJJ, DCNU, Best Way BJJ, Marcelo Garcia BJJ, American top Team, Buffalo Carlson Gracie, Soul fighters, and Team Ravenous.

I got to AMMA around 10:00am,and the place was already starting to fill up. The competitors were weighing in, and stretching out on the mats, each hoping to bring home a medal from the event. After an hour or so, the 1st matches were set to begin!!
The matches moved along well, and some amazing grappling took place. It did get a bit hot, as the weather outside was in the 90's, and the gym was full of competitors and spectators. About 80 or so fighters competed throughout the day. All in all it seemed a great success, and I think the next one may need a bigger venue!!  Great job to all the fighters and teams involved, and big thanks to Gladiator and Danilo for putting on the event!! Here are the final results of the day:

White Belt(140-150)Gi

1- Irving Cortes(Underdog BJJ)

2- Al Cruz(DCNU)Danilo Cherman Nova Uniao

White Belt(150-160)Gi

1- Roger St Onge(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Sam Nadeau(Gladiator BJJ)

White Belt(160-170)Gi

1- Anthony Sciareto(DCNU)

2- Ryan Brozol(DCNU)

White Belt(170-180)Gi

1- Bruce Sylouia(Best Way)

2- Ralph Cruz(Gladiator BJJ)

White Belt(180-190)Gi

1- Mark Kaminski(DCNU)

2- Kevin Smith(Gladiator BJJ)

White Belt(190-200)Gi

1- Boyce Kaman(Underdog BJJ)

2- Cristopher O'conell(BEst Way)

White Belt(200-210)Gi

1- Imre Pogacsas(Marcelo Garcia BJJ)

2- Jeffrey Henriques(Gladiator BJJ)

White+Blue Belt(+200)Gi

1- Kym Sturdivant(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Kory Saxer(Gladiator BJJ)

Blue Belt(130-140)GI

1- Adan Basiel(Soul Fighters)

2- Farid Silva(Marcelo Garcia BJJ)

Blue Belt(140-150)GI

1- Leo Coelho(Marcelo Garcia BJJ)

2- Thiago Dias(Marcelo Garcia BJJ)

Blue Belt(150-160)Gi

1- Luis Ramos(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Nick Lofredo(Gladiator BJJ)

Blue Belt(160-170)Gi

1- Josh Kaplan(Underdog BJJ)

2- Ryan Murphy(DCNU)

Blue Belt(170-180)Gi

1- Daniel Webb(Best Way)

2- Jim Thurston(Best Way)

Blue Belt(180-190)Gi

1- Mike Pennine(Best Way)

2- Damian Malon(American Top Team)

Purple Belt(160-170)Gi

1- Leonardo Lopes(ATT)

2- Joel Pinero(Gladiator BJJ)

Purple Belt(Absolut division)GI

1- Yure Bebbs(Buffalo Carlson Gracie)

2- Tim Kennedy(DCNU)

Orange Belt Superfight

1- Joe Gregorzyk(DCNU)

1- Jason Vargas(Gladiator BJJ)

Girls Gi Superfight

1- Alison Thurston(BEst Way)

2- Vanessa (DCNU)

Blue Belt Gi Superfight

1- Mark Moynihan(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Pablo (DCNU)

White Belt Superfight(140-150)

1- Irving Cortes(Underdog BJJ)

2- Mike Flores(Gladiator BJJ)

NO GI(140-150)

1- George Wilson(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Mike Flores(GLadiator BJJ)

NO GI(150-160)

1- Luis Ramos(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Miguel Santos(DCNU)

NO GI(160-170)

1- Josh Kaplan(UNderdog BJJ)

2- Dan Lawson(DCNU)

NO GI(170-180)

1- Mario Di Natale(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Ralph Cruz(Gladiator BJJ)

NO GI(180-190)

1-Damian Malon(ATT)

1- John Durrett(Undedog BJJ)

NO GI(190-200)

1- Tim Kenedy(DCNU)

2- Jeffrey henriques(Gladiator BJJ)

NO GI +200

1- Kym Sturdivant(Gladiator BJJ)

2- Kori Saxen(Gladiator BJJ)

Final Team results:
1- Gladiator BJJ

2- Danilo Cherman Nova Uniao

3- Underdog BJJ..

Some random pictures from the BJJ Open!!

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