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September 11, 2011

CES Road To Glory Review

We arrived at CES right at 7pm.  We quickly grabbed our media passes and I took my spot on the media section.  The venue is simply gorgeous. The pic above doesn't do it justice.  The media section is set up all in a row very nicely.  In case a fight is hard to see they got 3 huge jumbotrons showing all the action courtesy of Fight Stream including the instant replays.  I first sat down with the First Fight guys who thankfully loaned me some paper or else you all would have gotten this review from my memory and that would not have been good.  Thanks guys.  I chatted with them for a bit then moved over next to Grant and Old School from who are always a pleasure spending time watching great fights with them.  Jimmy Burchfield and the CES crew have put together a MINT mma card for us tonight. Enough about the small talk lets get on with the fights. These are all 10 professional fights.

Fight 1: Brendan Rooney (Ultimate MMA) 1-0 Vs. John DeRusha(SSSF) Pro Debut 155lbs

They both start out swinging.  DeRusha gets the quick takedown and Rooney pushes off and they are right back to the feet.  DeRusha gets in some decent combos and they both circle for a bit.  Eventually DeRusha gets the right combo and gets the KO win.

John DeRusha defeats Brendan Rooney via KO 4:10 in Rd 1.

Fight 2: David Versailles(IND) Pro Debut Vs. Fran Collins(The Factory) 1-0 185lbs

David comes out to an Eminem/50 Cent song.  David gets the quick takedown but Fran ends up on top in the guard.  Fran gets in some ground and pound.  Fran gets pushed off and he stands over him trying to lay the smack down.  David ends up getting up and David takes Fran's back but Fran smoothly maneuvers back into guard.  He then follows it with some more ground and pound and Fran The Fury spices up the ground and pound with some elbows.

Fran 10-9

Rd 2: They start out swinging and Fran gets in a nice solid uppercut.  He also gets in some nice elbows from the clinch.  Fran ends up getting a single leg takedown and is now in guard.  He eventually passes to full mount and does some ground and pound here and there til the round ends.

Fran 10-9

Rd 3: Again they come out swinging and Fran gets a takedown.  He then passes to full mount and is looking very comfortable on the ground against a tough David Versailles.  The round continues as Fran lays down some ground and pound and both fighters look exhausted.  Fran controls on top in the full mount and offers too many unanswered strikes and the ref is forced to stop it.

Fran Collins defeats David Versailles via ref stoppage to unanswered strikes in 2:12 in Rd 3.  Great job Franny from Worcester!!!

Fight 3: Chris Cole(Sitydtong) 2-1 Vs Chris Conception(Dragon's Lair) Pro Debut 125lbs
Conception comes out to Rage Against the Machine and Cole comes out to Dropkick Murphys Amazing Grace.

Rd 1: Both fighters come out swinging.  Cole gets in a nice right hand that drops Conception but he gets right back up.  They continue to stand and swing.  Conception tries for a takedown but is stuffed quickly.  Conception tries again and gets the double leg takedown.  They quickly stand back up.  Conception gets another slamming takedown.  Again they get right back up.  Conception goes for another takedown but is stuffed and is countered with a huge combo from Cole.  Blood is running out from Conceptions nose now.  Cole gets in a nice knee to the head from the clinch.  Conception goes for a takedown but Cole sprawls nicely.

Cole 10-9

Rd 2: They stand and swing.  Cole drops him and applies a guilliotine but is unable to force Conception to tap.  Conception stands up and eats a few knees to the head.  Cole pushes the action and keeps pounding Conception but he hangs on.  Conception gets the takedown and Cole quickly rolls into a nice arm bar submission and gets the tap.

Chris Cole defeats Chris Conception via armbar in Rd 2

Fight 4: Dinis Paiva Jr.(Keith Allen's Fighting System) 1-0  Vs. Jimmy Collins(Aggression) 3-0 155lbs.

Collins comes out to no music and Dinis comes out to Beastie Boys-Sabotage.  The Boss Jeremy Reipold would approve!!
Rd1: They touch gloves.  Collins goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  Dinis gets in a nice right leg kick and punch combo.  Collins is bleeding a little out of his right eye.  Collins gets in a some big shots.  Dinis gets in a nice leg kick that drops Collins.  Collins ends up taking Dinis's back and works the rear naked choke and ends up getting it.  Awesome fight!!  Dinis's stand up looked super fast and crisp.  I know he will bounce back!!

Jimmy Collins defeats Dinis Paiva Jr via rear naked choke in Rd 1.

Fight 5: Eric Henry(Bombsquad) 10-6 Vs. James Boran(Dragon's Lair) 5-0 170lbs

Boran comes out to Metallica-Damage Incorporated.  Love that song!!

Boran is sporting the Prime Athletic shorts.  They touch gloves and go right at it.  Henry has a muay thai/karate stance.  They both exchange high kicks but none connect.  Both fighters prove that they can get their kicks very high on each other.  They clinch and Boran catches him with a kick to the head and drops him and he finishes it off with a few uppercuts and the ref is forced to stop it.

James Boran defeats Eric Henry via ref stoppage to strikes in Rd 1 in 2:21.

CES then pauses for a bit to interview some of their boxing guys. Hank Lundy from Boxing. Vladine Biosse  super middleweight champ. Joey Spina was also in attendance.  Now onto more MMA.

Fight 6: Francisco Ferrara(tim Burrils) 2-0 Vs Wilfredo Santiago Jr(American Top Team) 2-1 185lbs

Ferrara comes out to Cypress Hill-How I Can Just Kill A Man.  Santiago comes out to Marilyn Manson Beautiful People.

Rd 1: Touch gloves.  Santiago gets the first punch and it was a big one.  Ferrara gets rocked with a right hand and he is out cold.

Wilfredo Santiago Jr. defeats Francisco Ferrara via KO in Rd 1 at 27 seconds.

Fight 7: John Ortolani(Gracie/Barra NH) 5-2 Vs Mike Medrano(AMA Fight Club) 9-8 155lbs

Sorry I was talking to Old School and missed the songs LOL.  Crowd is chanting "ORTO".  Both fighters exchange some punches. Orto gets in a leg kick.  Orto stuns him for a second with a fierce right hand.  He covers but Mike gets right back up.  They circle around the cage being very cautious for the remainder of this round.

Ortolani 10-9

Rd 2: They come out swinging for the fences.  Ortolani gets the slamming takedown.  Orto works the side.  Mike spins out and they are back up.  Both fighters are being very cautious and not a whole lot happens the rest of the round.

Ortolani 10-9

Rd 3: Again they come out swinging.  Medrano gets the takedown.  He works the guard.  Medrano threatens with a heel hook but Orto slips right out and they are back standing. Orto gets a nice right hand in and the sweat flies off into the air.  Medrano goes for another takedown but is stuffed nicely and the round ends.

Medrano 10-9

John Ortolani defeats Mike Medrano via split decision.  I put on the Live Update that I did not agree with the decision but after reviewing my notes, the judges got it right.  Although two judges had 30-27 and clearly it seemed like Medrano got the third round.  Great fight from both fighters!

At this point I am watching the remainder of the fights with fellow heavyweight fighter Tyler King and we are then joined by Cody Lightfoot's girlfriend.

Fight 8: Steve Skrzat(The Factory) 4-4 Vs. Scott Rehm(Pro Elite Training Center) 5-5 

They start out swinging and Rehm ends up getting the quick KO in 29 seconds.  Not a whole lot to sum up this one!!  I would like to note Rehm is a young 43 years old and gets the quick KO.  Great job Rehm!!

Fight 9: Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle(Team United) 9-6 Vs Elias Rivera(Dog Pound) 5-6 185lbs

Todd comes out with his own personal rapper.  Let us know who it is Hulk so we can give em a shoutout!!  Rivera comes out to Metallica-Enter Sandman.

They both come out swinging which is to be expected from these guys.  Hulk ends up landing a big combo and it rocks Rivera and he goes to the ground.  Hulk finishes with some uppercuts and hammerfists and gets the KO finish.

Todd Chattelle defeats Elias Rivera via KO to punches in Rd 1.

Fight 10: Greg Rebello(Sitydtong) 12-3 Vs. Cody Lightfoot(Seacoast BJJ) 6-1 205lbs

Rebello comes out to DMX Ain't No Sunshine and Cody comes out to Motley Crue-KickStart My Heart.

They clinch and Cody gets in a few nice knees to the body. Cody gets a takedown and is working the half guard.  Greg gets up using the cage.  Rebello gets a slamming takedown.  Cody gets right back up.  Greg gets another takedown and Cody scrambles but Rebello takes his back but doesn't have the legs hooked and he ends up sliding down Cody's back.  Cody ends up on top as the round ends.

Tough round to score. I went with Lightfoot 10-9

Rd 2:  Rebello starts it off with a high kick to the head that connects but Cody shakes it off.  Rebello goes for a right hand and Cody gets the slamming takedown.  Cody is now in halfguard.  Blood is starting to flow from above his right eye.  Cody passes to the side.  The blood is definitely coming down and the ref stops so  the doctor can examine it.  The doctor decides that it was ok and then the fight resumes with Cody on the side on top.  Cody gets in some ground and pound and again the blood is coming down.  The next thing I see is Kevin stops the fight and the announcement was a doctor stoppage for a cut.  I totally understand the concern for a cut but the blood was not going into the eye.  Cody had both of his eyes wide open and could see fine.  He often bleeds and is used to it.  He was also winning the fight in my eyes and was still to that second throwing punches.  At a professional level they gotta let the fight go on!!  But unfortunately fans it is not up to me and it is what it is.  I was further away and maybe I missed something but that is how I saw it.  I guess I will finish off by saying..."Lets have a rematch!!!" I think we all want to see it!!  What a war!!

Greg Rebello defeats Cody Lightfoot via doctor stoppage in 1:58 in rd 2


Fight of the Night: Rebello Vs. Lightfoot
Submission of the Night: Chris Cole's Armbar
KO of the Night: Scott Rehm KO!!
Blunder of the Night: CityBoy forgetting his laptop charger and not having paper....

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 5
Star Quality:4, many pro boxers, Saul Almeida and many other fighters!!
Sound: 5 Sound was top notch.  In fact my seat was vibrating during Rebello's song LOL
Refs: 5 Very good job reffing...I cannot really complain much about any early stoppages.  Great job guys. Kevin had the perfect slicked back hair!!
Announcer: 5 Always does a great job...someday I will learn your name Mr. Announcer.
Ring Girls: 3
Vendors: 5 SuckerPunch, Estner Chiropractic sponsor.
Overall: 4.57

This is the second CES show we have gone to and it was like the first, a great time.  It is a great venue and it is very professionally done.  We have plenty of bottled water and pretzels at our media tables.  Great view of the fight and I love the replays by Fight Stream on the jumbotrons.  As Jimmy stated this is their one year anniversary of doing MMA and they have just begun!!

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