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October 2, 2011

Updated AFO Halloween Havoc Card

AFO Mansfield October 7 2011

145 Sean Serriano 2-0 v. Lionel Young
HW Randy Smith 10-7-1 v. Marcelo Rocha Pereira 5-0
135 Joe (Julio) Reverdes v. Fred Mandracchia
145 Ruben Rey v. Antwan Penn
170 Tyler Keene v. Mike Burke 2-0
170 Sean Boisclair 1-0 v. Anson Hatfield
170 Thiago Benetti v. TBA
155 Jarrid Heon 2-0 v. Dicky White 3-0
135 Kyle Salliant 0-1 v. Jesse (Jesus) Gutierez 0-1
145 George Nassar v. Caleb Gosselin
135 Billy Giovanella v. Alandro Martinez
185 Jeff Harder v. Joe Polazio
155 Jake Brolin 1-0 v. Peter Segro 1-0
130 Mike DeLos Rayos v. Mark Johnson

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