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November 30, 2011

Breaking News: Premier FC Fight Change

 We were just informed from Jason, the matchmaker from Premier FC (you know the one whose Lexus one of you may take home this Saturday night) about a fight change.  Premier FC was informed that Ralph Johnson was not cleared to fight.  So unfortunately we will not see that fight but here is the good news.  Jason told me "Tyson Chartier will be facing Barrington Douse at 160lbs. Barrington found out Tyson needed someone and says he only has a few lbs. to cut and is down! Should be interesting for sure."  I totally agree with you Jason and this is going to be a great fight.  We were anxious to see the matchup of before with a tall striker against an awesome wrestler ground guy of Tyson Chartier.  Now with this matchup it stays to that caliber.  Barrington is indeed a striker and his striking is so unorthodox.  Every fight is an entertaining one so get ready folks for this one.  Thanks for stepping up Barrington!  I know Tyson and all of us thank you for it.

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