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November 18, 2011

CES Undisputed November 18th, 2011 Review

Arrived at the Twin River Casino around 7pm with a special guest photographer Cody.    Place is starting to fill up right away which is sure to be a packed house.  FightStream is all ready to go with their siko filming.  Fighters galore are all around.  I have seen Mike Campbell, Todd Chattelle and Kaline Medeiros walking around.  For vendors I have seen SuckerPunch gear who we love here at  There was a booth for Get Punched. Prime Athletics has some fighters here and I saw Sean one time throughout the night. I was sitting near my buddy Grant and Old School.  Mike Polvere was at the table and I even heard that Pete DiLorenzo was there but he ignored me! Around the cage I see Estner Chiropractic and Double Cross. Red Stag and Suckerpunch as well. Onto the fights.

Fight 1: Vincent Ramirez(Pro Debut) Vs. Keith Ferreira(1-1) 155lbs

Ramirez is from Fighting Arts in Springfield, Ma and it is his pro debut.  We will be keeping a close eye on him as the fight goes on.  Both fighters are being cautious.  There is alot of swinging going on and some kicks but nothing is hitting too hard just yet.  Vincent gets in a nice knee from the clinch.  Keith attempts a takedown but is stuffed and they are back up standing.  Keith ends up getting a nice slamming takedown but they get right back up.  Vincent catches Keith in a huge right hand and he goes down and Vincent takes the back trying to finish as the round ends.

Ramirez 10-9

Rd 2: They come out and touch gloves.  Vincent starts us off with a leg kick.  Vincent ends up getting a takedown and works the side control.  He is pressing him up against the cage trying to lay down some ground and pound.  He ends up finishing it off with some big punches and the ref is forced to stop it.  Keith gets up slow and bleeding from what appears the nose.

Vincent Ramirez defeats Keith Ferreira in 2:13 seconds Rd 2 by TKO from the blue corner.

 Sorry, our pictures came out blurry and we did not have a good seat on this fight.

Fight 2: Gilvan Santos(1-0) Vs. Rob Costa(1-1) 135lbs

Kevin the Ref is handling this one and his hair is perfect as ever.  Costa gets the takedown via hip toss and they get back up quickly.  Santos gets another nice kick in.  Costa gets in a nice combo backing up Santos to the cage but he escapes.  Santos gets in a  kick to the body.  Santos tried a spinning kick but missed.  The crowd cheers.  Santos gets in a combo and tries a flying knee but ends up getting slammed down.  Costa passes to full mount.  He was not able to do much damage and Santos uses the cage to sweep and ends up on top in the guard.

Santos 10-9

Rd 2: The fight starts out with Santos pushing the pace and getting in some good kicks to the leg.  I noticed Santos keeps switching his stance.  Santos gets a nice knee to the body up against the cage.  Costa works the double leg takedown and gets it.  Santos is using the cage and is back standing.  They separate and are back standing.  Costa gets in a nice right hand to the face.

Santos 10-9

Rd 3: Costa is pushing the pace and Santos is defending well by peppering the outside leg.  Costa ends up getting a single leg takedown and is now in the guard of Santos.  Not a while lot happens and Santos ends up bucking him off and they stand.  Both fighters finish the round hard by throwing out everything in their arsenal.

Costa 10-9

Rob Costa defeats Gilvan Santos via split decision 30-27 Costa, 30-37 Santos and 29-28 Costa.  Not the way I saw it but hey what does CityBoy know.

Fight 3: Keith Jeffrey(5-2-1) Vs. Kevin Horowitz(3-3) 170lbs

They clinch and Jeffrey gets in a nice kick.  Jeffrey gets a nice jumping knee.  Jeffrey works the takedown then fires off a knee to the head.  They are working the clinch up against the cage.  They break and eventually Kevin pushes Jeffrey up against the cage and they fall and Jeffrey takes his back and gets in some shots to the face as the round ends.

Jeffrey 10-9

Rd 2: Jeffrey works a takedown right away and gets it.  He immediately takes the back and has the hooks trying to get the rear naked.  Kevin slides out and ends up standing briefly and Jeffrey hooks the legs in again and takes him to the ground working the back.  Kevin slips out and they are back standing.  Kevin gets in a nice elbow to the face.  Kevin misses with a punch and ends up falling.  Jeffrey is in ground briefly and then takes the back again as the round ends.

Jeffrey 10-9

Rd 3: Jeffrey works a single leg takedown and is now on top in the guard.  Kevin is very active and scrambling and gets caught in a rear naked choke.  Beautifully done, he sunk the arm under and then hooked the legs.

Keith Jeffrey defeats Kevin Horowitz via rear naked choke in 1:45 in Rd 3.  Jeffries nickname is Sonic Boom.  I am guessing it because he looks like Guile from Street Fighter.  Love it!!

Jimmy Burchfield, President of CES MMA gave a nice speech telling the fans that this is your event and lets not blow it by having fights in the crowd.  Great speech Jimmy.  way to rile up the crowd!!  I totally agree with this.  Twin River Casino is nice to have MMA here in Rhode Island and we don't want to upset them because they really have a great location and spectacular venue.

Fight 4: Dinis Paiva Jr(1-1) Vs. Cliff Moulton(Pro Debut) 135lbs

Cliff tries a high kick and misses and Dinis counters with a right hand.  Dinis gets in a big punch and stuns Cliff and gets in a some shots but Cliff gets back up.  Dinis gets a nice knee to the body.  Dinis stuns him again and takes the back.  Cliff stands and Dinis gets a slamming suplex.  Dinis is controlling the back and they stand right up.  Cliff has a chin.  Dinis throws an illegal knee to the head which was totally accidental.  Kevin the Ref gives Cliff time and deducts a point from Sweet Bread Dinis.  Dinis apologizes and Cliff is unable to fight again.

Cliff Moulton defeats Dinis Paiva Jr via disqualification due to illegal knee to the head.    Dinis apoligizes on the mic to the crowd and to his opponent.  Top class guy Dinis!  These things happen in MMA and if it was dubbed accidental which it appeared that way to me, I feel this should be a draw instead of a loss on Dinis's part but time will tell what holds up.

Fight 5: Marcelo Rocha-Pereira(1-3) Vs. Erik Bedard(2-0) HeavyWeight

I am pumped for this fight.  Rocha-Pereirra is coming off a loss from the last AFO from Randy Smith.  Lucky Strike's Bedard has a perfect record and looks to continue his streak.  Bedard with his Roy Nelson physique is all ready to go.

Marcelo is working the takedown but is stuffed.  Marcelo worked a knee bar and they go down but Bedard slides out of it.  Bedard uses the cage to stand up and Marcelo takes the back and is hanging on there.  Bedard walks over to his corner with a 200lb guy on his back for instruction.  Marcelo eventually falls off and the fight ensues. Bedard gets in a good left hook and drops Marcelo.  Bedard is on top and Marcelo slides into a heel hook but Bedard slips out.

Bedard 10-9 Very close round.

Rd 2: Bedard rocks Marcelo again and is on top.  He goes into the crucifix position and sinks in a kimura.

Erik Bedard defeats Marcelo Rocha-Pereira via kimura in 57 seconds in Rd 2. Bedard is looking good and I would personally love to see him fight Tyler King or Randy Smith.  What do you guys all think???

Fight 6: Shaun Marmas(3-2-1) Vs. Robbie Leroux(2-1) 135lbs

Robbie gets a single leg takedown and is now working the guard.  Robbie works some ground and pound Eventually Shaun sweeps out and they stand.  They end up going to the ground as the round ends.

Robbie 10-9

Rd 2: Robbie stays true to his name and is Relentless and works another takedown and gets it.  He is now on top in the guard.  Robbie gets in some elbows and some ground and pound.  Marmas uses the cage and stands up.  Robbie gets in a good right hand.  Robbie gets in another good shot.  Marmas clinches him up against the cage and gets in a knee and they separate.  Marmas is bleeding from his left cheek and is breathing out of his mouth.  Marmas gets an inside leg kick.

Robbie 10-9

Rd 3: Robbie starts us off with a big left jab.  Robbie puts together some nice combos.  Marmas is now bleeding from the nose as well as the cheek.  Robbie stuns him with a good shot and gets in some good ground and pound.  He backs off and Shaun is forced to stand.  They just continue to stand and bang.  Robbie gets in a good front kick to the body and drops Shaun but he gets right back up.

Robbie 10-9

Robbie Leroux defeats Shaun Marmas via unanimous decision.  Fight of the night material right here!!

Fight 7: Saul "The Spider" Almeida(10-1) Vs. Kevin Roddy(11-13) 151 lbs

Spider comes out to Eye of the Tiger.  They come out working their standing game.  Not too much damage going on.  Saul clinches Kevin up against the cage.  Kevin separates them.  Saul gets in a good kick that connects to the body.  They end up going to the ground and Saul works his jiu jitsu.  He is now in the guard and gets in a few shots to the head.  Saul attempts a heel hook and is now on bottom.  He has a half butterfly guard and pushes him off as the round ends.

Saul 10-9

Rd 2: Saul gets hit with a good punch and goes for a takedown.  He gets it and but takes some elbows to the side of the head.  Saul works his jits again and gets the full mount.  Kevin sweeps and Saul rolls into a nice armbar. Kevin slides out and Saul works the ground again.

Saul 10-9

Rd 3: Saul got caught with a good punch and goes for a takedown.  He eventually gets the takedown and is now working from the guard.  Kevin uses the cage and gets up but Saul goes right back for another takedown.  The rest of the round ends on the ground with not a whole lot going on.  Great jiu jitsu display from Saul.

Saul Almeida defeats Kevin Roddy via split decision, 30-27 Almeida, 28-28 Roddy, 30-27 Saul Almeida. Great fight from the Spider!!  Saul's record is now 11-1.  Dana White I hope you are paying attention to this guy!!

Fight 8: Mike Campbell(9-4) Vs. Jeff Anderson(10-4) 155 lbs

Both fighters are keeping the fight standing. They are working their jabs and getting in their fair share of kicks.  Mike gets in a good right hand and has Jeff backing up but he goes for the takedown and recovers.  They separate and are right back to standing.

Mike 10-9

Rd 2: They keep the fight standing.  Campbell gets Jeff with a good right hand.  They continue to stand and bang for a bit.  Mike gets a good kick head and drops Jeff.  He then throws a kick and it is hard to see if it hit the head or the shoulder of the downed opponent.  He then finishes him off with some ground and pound and the ref stops it.

Mike Campbell defeats Jeff Anderson in 2:53 from ref stoppage to strikes.  Jeff's corner has asked for them to review the decision due the controversial knee but for now its in the books.  Mike Campbell took the mic and said he would be more than happy to rematch him!!  After seeing the replay, it was unclear if the kick hit the head or shoulder.  Also to note the ref was right in front of it with a better view than any of us.  Either way I would love to see a rematch!!

Fight 9: Todd "The Hulk" Chattelle(10-6) Vs. Brett Oteri(8-2) 185lbs Vacant MiddleWeight Title

Great national anthem done by Katie Siggins and yes you read the name right, that is Old School's daughter!!  Great job Katie!!  This is for the title so it is for Five Five minute round.

Hulk is pushing the pace and stalking his prey.  Oteri is doing a good job of keeping the distance by throwing some good kicks.  Hulk gets in some good shots and Oteri works the takedown and gets its.  Hulk gets caught in a guiliotine but works his way out.  Oteri is working another takedown and gets it.  Hulk slides into a nice arm in guilliotine and gets the tap.  Wow what a fight!!

Todd Chattelle defeats Bret Oteri via guilliotine in 3:18 in Rd 1 and is now the MiddleWeight Champion!!

Chattelle ends up getting the fight of the night and we will find out below if CityBoy agrees. Awards:

Fight of the Night: Shaun Marmas vs. Robbie Leroux
Submission of the Night: Todd Chattelle's guilliotine choke.
KO of the Night: No knockouts, totally wouldn't have called that from seeing the card.
Blunder of the Night: The mic kicking out a few times and frustrating Bill.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4.5
Star Quality: 5, Many top boxers and Patriot guys were in attendance.  Plus all the top ranked guys fighting.
Sound: 5  The sound is clear and the bass was pumping.
Refs: 5 I agree with all the stoppages, great job guys.
Announcer: 5, Bill does a great job
Ring Girls: 4.5  The ring girls changed outfits 3 times throughout the night for all of our viewing pleasure.
Vendors: 5
Overall:  4.86

Great score.  Cody and I had a great time.  Thank you to all of the CES crew who are so good at giving us great hospitality.  We never have a problem getting into the venue and the location is great.  The place was packed and I don't know how many the venue can hold but I couldn't see many open seats.  I suppose if I had to estimate it was around 3000-4000 people but that is just a total guess. Jimmy Burchfield Sr. congrats to you on the awesome night and thank you, as a fan and a writer for doing what you do.  I hope that your son gets better real fast so he won't miss another CES MMA show.  What a way to close out the year for CES!!  I hope you enjoyed our review.  All of the pics taken for the night will be uploaded to our fan page in a week or to so please click the link to our fanpage below.

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