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December 3, 2011

Premier FC 7 12/3/2011 Mullins Center Review

Arrived at the Mullins Center in Amherst nice and early to get setup.  Joe Reverdes and crew did a great job setting up the cage.  I see the Dominage, Collision Quest corner posts from my table.  Old School FightWear, Get Punched are setup.  This is a stacked card of 17 fights, 10 amateur and 7 professional fights.  This is the second time Premier FC has had an mma show at the Mullins Center so we know what to expect.  It is a nice arena with a jumbotron, and on it is a display of previous Premier FC fight pictures. We got DJ CauCajion playing some phat beats for us.  Marty Caproni is our host and we kick off with Rachel Doran singing the national anthem. 


Leon Campbell (SYT.) 1-0 vs. Nicolas Pallini (Pallini MMA) 2-1 145lbs.

Leon Campbell came out to Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Pallini comes out to AC/DC Hell's Bells.  Pallini comes right out the bat swinging.  Leon is defending himself well.  They clinch up near the cage and Pallini gets the takedown but Leon transitions to full mount.  Leon is getting in some good ground and pound.  The rest of the round continues with Leon on top controlling.

Leon 10-9  
Rd 2: Nick appears to have a couple of cuts on his face and the blood is flowing.  Pallini goes for the clinch and Leon sprawls nicely.  Nick finishes the takedown but Leon takes his back and sinks in the rear naked choke.

Leon Cambell defeats Nicholas Pallini via ref stoppage to rear naked choke in Rd 2.

Chad Washburn (Nitsuj) 0-0 vs. Brendan Cohen (Bancroft) 0-0 165lbs

Chad comes out to Hellyeah It's On and Brendan comes out to Eddie Money-Take Me Home Tonight.  Chad goes right for the takedown.  Brendan does a good job and defending and gets a few knees to the body.  Brendan lays down a barrage of punches to the side of  Chad.  Brendan reverses at the end and the round ends.

Chad 10-9..really could go either way but Chad was pushing the action

Rd 2: They go right to the clinch and Brendan knees Chad in the face.  Chad goes down and the doctor is checking him out.  He is unable to continue so the fight is ruled as a no contest.

Chad Washburn Vs. Brendan Cohen No contest via unintentional knee to the face.

George Abele (SYT.) 0-0 vs. Ray Johns (Thunder) 0-0 185lbs. 

George comes out to Five Finger Death Punch-The Pride and Ray comes out to Death-Left To Die.  They clinch up to the cage and George reverses then the break.  Ray tries a high kick but misses.  George gets in a good punch as they break from the clinch.  They clinch again and George gets in some big uppercuts that drop Ray.  He covers and gets a few more punches in then moves to full mount.  Ray bucks George off and now they are in the guard.  George gets in a few more shots as the round ends.

George 10-9

Rd 2: Ray gets in some punches but George works the takedown and gets it.  He is working the side but Ray defends and sweeps and takes full mount.  Ray gets in some ground and pound and George bucks this time and now has full mount.  The rest of the round ends this way.  

George 10-9

Rd 3: They clinch and get Ray gets the takedown.  He takes the back but slides off and George takes the top.  Ray bucks and they scramble and Ray is now on top. George does a nice reverse and is now on top in guard.  He finishes the rest of the round on top.  

George 10-9

George Abele defeats Ray Johns in unanimous decision.  Great battle!

Rick Langley (Royce Gracie) 0-1 vs. Louis Grignasfini (Bancroft) 0-0 170lbs.

Rick comes out to Korn-Blind..good tune Rick..Louis comes out to Social Distortion-Ring of Fire.

They comes out and clinch.  Louis gets knocks down Rick briefly but gets right back up.  Louis gets a takedown but Rick gets right back up as Louis backs off.  Rick is working the takedown but Louis gets the takedown.  Louis is working the guard and gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Louis 10-9

Rd 2: They stand and bang for a few seconds and they both fall to the ground.  Louis is working the back and is now working the half guard.  Rick is defending well for a bit but Louis passes to full mount.  Rick sweeps but Louis takes his back and hooks in the legs but the round ends.

Louis 10-9

Rd 3: They stand briefly.  No real damage was done.  Rick works a double leg takedown and gets it.  He is now working the guard.  He continues the rest of the round on top and gets in a little ground and pound.  He passes to full mount as the round ends.

Rick 10-9

Louis Gignasfini defeats Rick Langley via unanimous decision.

Keith Schneider (Nitsuj) 1-2 vs. Rick Rivera (AFT/Gladiator BJJ) 1-2 185lbs.

Keith comes out to Eminem-You're Never Over and Rick comes out to French Montana-Ready To Go.  They come out swinging.  They clinch at the cage and Rick works the double leg takedown and gets it.  Rick is caught in a guilliotine but it isn't tight.  Keith uses the cage to stand but Rick adjusts and takes him right back down.  Keith bucks him off and Rick takes the back but slides off and Keith gets a punch to the head of Rick as the round ends.

Rick 10-9

Rd 2: Keith gets in a kick to the leg.  Rick threw a high kick but slips and Keith takes the top position.  He continues the rest of the round on top working for position with a few shots here and there.

Keith 10-9

Rd 3: Rick gets in a nice right hand.  They fall to the ground and Keith is on top.  Rick sweeps out and they sprawl and he now is on top in the half guard.  They have a scramble at the end 

Rick 10-9

Rick Rivera defeats Keith Schneider via split decision.

Remington Chang (NESF) 0-0 vs. Kevin Ortiz (Thorntons) 0-0 160lbs.

Remington Chang comes out to Method Man-Bring The Pain and Kevin comes out to Eminem /50 Cent Warrior Part 2.

Both fighters are standing and banging.  Ortiz gets in a good leg kick.  Chang gets in a leg kick of his own.  Chang works the clinch up against the cage.  Ortiz reverses and Chang works a standing guilliotine but Ortiz pops his head out.  Chang reverses and works for a takedown but time runs out.

Chang 10-9 but very close round and really could go to either fighter.

Rd 2: They stand for a bit and not many shots are getting through.  Chang clinches and works for a takedown but Ortiz reverses and gets a slamming takedown but they get right back up.  They clinch again and Ortiz breaks with a nice knee to the body of Chang.  Chang returns with a takedown of his own and within 15 seconds they are right back up to their feet.  

Very close round..CityBoy scores it 10-9 Ortiz but again really was pretty even and could go either way.

Rd 3: Ortiz gets a big leg kick in to start off the round.  Chang clinches and works the clinch.  Eventually they break and Ortiz gets a single leg takedown and is now in half guard as the round ends.

Ortiz 10-9

Kevin Ortiz defeats Remington Chang via unanimous decision. Really close fight and could have went either way.

Jamie Courtney (SYT.) 3-3 vs. Sam Nadeau (AFT/Gladiator BJJ) 7-4-1 150lbs. 

Jamie comes out to Metallica-Enter Sandman and Sam comes out to Red Hot Chili Peppers-Can't Stop.  

They stand briefly with not alot going on but Sam gets in a few leg kicks.  They clinch and Sam is working a single leg takedown up against the cage.  Sam gets the single leg takdown and is working the side and kneeing to the body.  Jamie bucks off and stands and Sammy just misses with a right hand.  They clinch up against the cage as the round ends.

Sam 10-9

Rd 2: They clinch up near the cage Sam is working in the clinch.  Jamie reverses and they go the center and break.  Jamie gets in a good left hook and Sammy returns with an outside leg kick.  Both fighters are punching hard.  They clinch up against the cage and Sam gets a single leg takedown.  Jamie is trying to take Sam's back and he switches and gets to guard.  Jamie sweeps out and they stand and throw some punches as the round ends.

Sam 10-9

Rd 3: Sammy immediately goes for the takedown and gets it via double leg.  Sammy is working the side.  Jamie pushes Sam off and Sam slams him right back down and works the half guard.  Sammy gets a few punches to the head as the round ends.

Sam 10-9

Sam Nadeau defeats Jamie Courtney via unanimous decision.

Jen Lopez (Iron Horse) 1-0 vs. Sarah Payant (AFT/Gladiator/Ravenous) 0-1 120lbs.

Jen comes out to Eminem/DMX/Obie Trice-Go To Sleep and Sarah comes out to The Massed Bands of Her Majesty's Royal Marines-Jubilee Overture.

Jen works a takedown and is on top in the guard.  She bucks Jen off but Jen takes the back in the scramble and hooks in the rear naked choke.

Jen Lopez defeats Sarah Payant via rear naked choke in Rd 1.

Jacob Smith (NESF) 6-0 vs. Nestor Xicohtencatl (Renzo Gracie) 1-0 145lbs. 

Jake comes out to A Day To Remember-2nd Sucks and Nestor comes out to DMX-X Gon' Give It To Ya.

X gets the takedown but Jake is working his way out.  X sinks in a sweet guilliotine choke and Jake fights it for a bit but is forced to tap.

Nestor Xicohtencatl defeats Jacob Smith via guilliotine in Rd 1.

Mike Jensen (Hartford Bando) 0-1 vs. Billy Leishner (Dexter Vale Tudo) 160lbs.

Jensen comes out to Hatebreed-Live For This and Billy comes out to Eminem-Rabbit Run.

Billy gets a slamming takedown and is on top working the guard.  Billy gets in some big shots and Mike bucks off and they stand up.  They clinch near the cage and Mike jumps up and Billy slams him to the ground and they finish the round on the ground with Billy in guard.

Billy 10-9

Rd 2:  They stand and bang and Jensen keeps coming and they fall to the ground and Jensen sinks in a guilliotine.  Billy fights it and they roll over but it is still too deep and Billy is forced to tap.

Mike Jensen defeats Billy Leishner via guillotine choke in Rd 2.

We are now in a brief intermission before we start the pro fights!!

Intermission where they gave out the 50/50 raffle.  Marty calls in Joe Lauzon, Ricardo Funch, Alexandre "Vaca" Moreno and the bantamweight PFC ammy champ Dat Tran.  The Mangler Matt Bessette is in there and is going to Vegas tomorrow for the tryouts for Ultimate Fighter!!  There was another 50/50 raffle to help him pay for his trip. Good luck Mangler.


Rob Font (SYT.) 0-0 vs. Matt Tuthill (Renegade Kumite) 0-0 155lbs.

Rob Font comes out to Kanye West Feat Jay-Z and many more that I don't feel like writing out haha and the song was Monster.  Matt comes out to Dropkick Murphys-I'm Shipping Up To Boston.

Matt starts us off with an unintentional kick to the groin.  They start back up with a series of leg kicks.  They clinch and Matt jumps guard and Rob gets the takedown and is working the half guard.  Rob  works the guard and gets in some ground and pound.  Matt fights it and tries to sweep but gets caught in a rear naked choke and is forced to tap.

Rob Font defeats Matt Tuthill via rear naked choke in Rd 1.

Fred Mandracchia 1-1 vs. Mike Flores (AFT/Gladiator BJJ) 3-0-1 125bs.

Fred comes out to Eminem-Go To Sleep and this is apparently the song of the night.  Mike comes out to Skrillex Feat. Bare Noize & Foreign Beggars-Scatta.  Love Skrillex!!

Flores gets a huge right hand that rocks Fred.  He covers and finishes with some hammerfists and Fred gets rocked.  

Mike Flores defeats Fred Mandracchia via KO in 12 seconds in Rd 1.

Tyson Chartier (SYT.) 1-1 vs. Barrington Douse (AFT/Gladiator BJJ) 8-11 170lbs.

Tyson comes out to Maino-All Of The Above and Barrington comes out to Darude-Sandstorm.

Douse starts us off with a kick to the midsection.  Tyson gets a slamming takedown.  Barrington tries to stand up but Tyson gets a guillotine choke and finishes the fight.

Tyson Chartier defeats Barrington Douse via guillotine in Rd 1.

Lowell Zangri (Moreau) 0-0 vs. Josh Mellen (Bancroft) 2-4 190lbs. 

Lowell comes out to Lupe Fiasco-Beautiful Lasers and Josh comes out to The Air I Breathe-Deliverance.

Lowell goes for a takedown but gets caught in a deep guillotine.  Lowell picks him up and slams and pops his head out.  He sinks in a guillotine of his own and Josh pops his head out.  Josh gets the takedown but gets caught in another guillotine and fights it for a bit but is forced to tap.

Lowell Zangri defeats Josh Mellen in Rd 1 via guillotine choke.

Rich Moskowitz (SYT.) 10-6 vs. Abner Lloveras (Link) 13-6 155lbs.

Rich comes out to Charlie Daniels Band-Simple Man and Abner comes out to a special song written for Team Link Gonzaga and it worked for him his last fight so he is sticking with it!  I don't blame you Abner!

Rich starts us out with a leg kick.  Abner stuffs a takedown.  Both fighters have a nice exchange.  Rich gets in a nice kick and goes for a takedown but is stuffed again.  Rich sinks in a deep guillotine by jumping guard but Abner fights it out and is now on top.  Rich sweeps out and Abner takes his back.  Rich slips out and threatens a heel hook but Abner slides out.  Abner is now working the guard on top.  Abner gets in some elbows.  Rich uses the cage and stands up.  They stand up and bang.  

Abner 10-9 but is real close and really could go either way.

Rd 2:  Moskowitz throws a kick and Abner gets in some good right jabs.  They clinch up against the cage.  Abner gets a takedown via trip and  is now working the guard.  Abner gets in an elbow and continues to work from the guard.  Abner gets in some hammerfists.  Rich is trying to use the cage to stand up but Abner is doing a good job keeping it on the ground.  

All About Abner 10-9

Rd 3: Rich gets in a good leg kick.  Rich misses with a punch and Abner counters with a left hook and Rich stumbles.  He is fine and takes the back of Abner.  Abner ends up getting the takedown via trip but Rich gets right back up.  Abner works another double leg takedown.  Abner is on the side working another takedown and gets it.  Abner is now working the guard.  Rich gets some space and has a half butterfly.  Rich stays busy from the bottom trying to get up but Abner keeps coming at em.  Rich gets back up for the last 10 seconds and Abner finishes strong with another takedown.

Abner 10-9

Abner Lloveras defeats Rich Moskowitz via unanimous decision. Abner just received his brown belt in BJJ.  Congrats Abner.

Ryan Quinn (American Top Team) 7-2-1 vs. Ricardo Funch (Link) 7-2 170lbs.

Ryan comes out to Van Halen-Human Being and Ricardo comes out to Arch Enemy-Leader of The Rats...siko song Funch!!

Ryan starts us off with a few leg kicks.  Ryan works the takedown but Ricardo fights it and reverses.  Ricardo gets in some knees to the body.  Ricardo gets the takedown but Ryan gets right back up and works for a takedown of his own.  Ryan has a cut on the top of his head.   Ricardo is working a single double leg takedown and gets it.  Ryan tries to get up and gets caught with a big right hand from Ricardo. Ricardo finishes strong with some gnp as the the round ends.

Ricardo 10-9

Rd 2: Ricardo works a takedown and gets it.  Ryan reverses and then Ricardo reverses.  Ricardo gets in a nice knee to the head.  Ricardo gets the double leg takedown and is working the half guard.  Ryan uses the cage and gets back up.  Ricardo is working for another takedown and gets another double leg.  Ryan is a beast on the ground and uses the cage again to get up.  Ricardo gets yet another double leg takedown.  Ryan threatens with a guillotine but Ricardo rolls out and they are back to their feet.

Ricardo 10-9

Rd 3: Ryan gets a takedown and sinks in a rear naked choke.  Ricardo fights it and rolls over and gets out.  Ryan is working an armbar but Ricardo slides out.  They get back to their feet.  They are clinching up against the cage and Ryan jumps guard.  Ricardo is now on top in half guard.  Ryan beasts his way back up and Relentless Ricardo is working another takedown.  They have a good sprawl and get back to their feet.  Ricardo gets another double leg takedown.  Right back up to their feet and Ryan rolls into a leg lock but Ricardo makes him pay with some GNP.

Ricardo 10-9

Ricardo Funch defeats Ryan Quinn unanimous 30-27.

Dan Lauzon 15-4 vs. Anthony Kaponis (AFT) 4-4 165lbs.

They come out swinging.  Kaponis gets in a good uppercut.  Lauzon gets in a few jabs of his own.  Kaponis gets in another jab.  Lauzon gets in a big uppercut that rocks Kaponis and flies back towards the cage and he goes down. Lauzon finishes it off with two hammerfists as the ref pulls him off.  Kaponis comes to and the back of his head is sliced open from the fence and bleeding alot.  It appears Kaponis's nose is bleeding as well.  What a way to cap off the night!!


Fight of the Night: Ricardo Funch Vs. Ryan Quinn.  What a battle!!
Submission of the Night:  Nestor X rear naked over previously undefeated Jacob Smith.
KO of the Night: Dan Lauzon KO over Anthony Kaponis. 
Blunder of the Night: None whatsoever.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)
Quality of Fights: 5 top fighters on the card and great matchmaking
Star Quality: 5 both Lauzon's, Ricardo Funch, Mangler, Chuck O'Neil, Vaca.
Sound:5 Umass has 3 huge sound speakers and with DJ Caucajion there the place was pumping.  My laptop was shaking.
Refs: 5..reffing was great, I didn't hear any arguments from fighters and no early stoppages that I saw.  Great job guys.
Announcer:5 Marty Caproni is a comedian for his day job and really knows how to make the crowd have a great time.
Ring Girls: 4.5 Umass cheerleaders as ring girls....very nice
Vendors: 4.5 Get Punched and Old School Fightwear was there.
Overall: 4.86

Great score for a great night of fights.  Premier FC finishes their year off with a bang and the fans were the real winners.  17 solid fights with many ending in submission.  We all saw two big knockouts and 7 fights went the distance to the decision.  Thank you to Karyn Wesch and Jason Franklin for allowing us to film, take tons of pictures for you all and do our review.  Many thanks to the Artist for his hard work and to our team of people there that did all the camera work.  I think I speak for everyone, that they all enjoyed the live action of the fighters walking out with their fight stats on the screen. Thanks to Scott Beiler for taking lots of photos for the event. Thanks to the Umass crew for their great hospitality. We took tons of pictures that night and will post them all to our fan page so click the link below and follow us.

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