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January 20, 2012

AFO Fight Brandon Fleming vs. Chris Tier Fight Video

You all know we were at the last AFO show.  Warchild was messing around with a camera of mine and we recorded some of the fights.  They are all up on youtube now and I will post the ones that get the most views so spread them all around!!  I will give a slight disclaimer...we were filming this from the back at the media table so at times people stand up in front of the camera.  It reminds me of my bootlegging days of watching movies from a camera in a theater!  Very Authentic!

Anyways the fight takes place between Brandon Fleming vs. Chris Tier at the 145lb range.  Brandon Fleming found this video on youtube earlier in the week and it already has 245 views so he gets the first fight posting!  Brandon is very active in the upcoming months.  He has a fight set for Cage Titans against Shannon Soares on January 28th, 2012 and then he is fighting for the AFO against Amran Aliyev on April 13,2012 for the 145lb ammy title. Oh yeah and subscribe to our youtube channel!

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