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January 15, 2012

AFO Redemption January 13th, 2012 Review

Arrived at the Holiday INN around 7:30.  We rode in a sweet Hummer courtesy of our official driver of Warchild!!  Thanks buddy.  I see Get Punched and SuckerPunch Athletics for venues.  The Boss is here to take some lovely photos of all the action.  The place is starting to fill up and not surprising with all the great fights tonight and not to mention the special 50% sale AFO ran for 36 hours.  The AFO  DJ is DJ Hurrakayne for tonight and he informed me of his new fog machine and some cool lights.  We don't have to worry about the power going out we have like 36 Alliance Power workers here and like 12 of the electric company trucks outside!  I estimate it to be around 800 people here.  The ring girls are the lovely Jenna Doll and Renee.  Our host of the evening is John Vena. Now onto the fights!

Fight 1: Shane Decristoforo vs. Mike De Los Reyes

Mike comes out to AC/DC Shoot to Thrill and Shane comes out to Montell Jordan-This is How we do it.  Shane starts us off with a leg kick.  Shane gets in another leg kick and stumbles but gets right back up.  They clinch and Shane gets the takedown and is working the side.  Mike gets a nice sweep reversal and is working the guard.  Shane bucks him off and they stand as the round ends.  

Shane 10-9

Rd 2: Shane gets the takedown and is now working an arm triangle..  Mike is defending well and bucks him off and they are not standing again.  Mike goes for a kick and misses and Shane gets another takedown and the round ends.

Shane 10-9

Rd 3: Shane starts us off with a leg kick.  Shane works the takedown and gets a double leg.  He is now in guard grinding Mike up against the cage.  Mike bucks but Shane switches to half guard.  Mike gets in a reverse and takes Shane's back.  He is working a rear naked choke but he doesn't have the legs hooked and Shane slips out Shane is now on top working the side.  Shane gets in some punches as the round ends.

Shane 10-9

Shane Decristoforo defeats Mike DeLosReyes via unanimous decision 30-27.

Fight 2: 135 Josh Baker Vs. Billy Giovanella 

Billy Giovanella comes out Kesha-Blow and Baker comes out to Bad Meets Evil-Above The Law.  Josh starts us off with a leg kick.  Billy is trying to get a takedown but Josh defends well.  Billy clinches up against the cage working the takedown.  Josh punches his way out of it and takes the back but slides off.  Billy worked the takedown and got it via trip.  Billy is working the guard but Josh uses the cage to stand up.  Josh goes for a jumping guilliotine and Josh is working a kimura but the round ends.

Billy 10-9 but very close.

Rd 2 : Billy gets in an outside leg kick and Josh fires right back with a right hand.  Billy is working the takedown and Josh falls down but gets right back up.  They are back standing and Josh gets in another good right hand. that has Billy stumbling but he comes right back to.  He might have just slipped, not sure.  Billy gets a takedown and spends the rest of the round working the guard.

Billy 10-9

Rd 3: They clinch up against the cage and Billy gets a double leg takedown.  He is working the high guard.  Josh slips out and they are back standing.  Josh hits him with a right hand and Billy's mouth piece goes flying and Billy takes the top position.  The round ends and something got Josh mad and he bucks him off hard. Billy goes over and helps him up. They shake hands and hug.  

Billy Giovanella defeats Josh Baker via unanimous decision.  Billy shows some impressive wrestling skills from Connor's MMA.  He must be rolling around with Tyler every once in a while!

Fight 3: Brandon Fleming Vs. Chris Tier (CNY) 

Brandon comes out to CyHi The Prynce Feat. Yelawolf-Bulletproof and Tier comes out to Madonna-Like A Virgin.  Sounds like someone was trying to upset him before he got in the cage.  This should be a good fight!!

Both fighters come out swinging.  Brandon gets the slamming takdown and gets in a few punches to the head.  Tier bucks him off and Brandon gets in a few more shots to the head while Tier stands up.  They clinch and fall to the ground.  Brandon is working the back working a rear naked choke and gets the tap.

Brandon Flemming defeats Chris Tier via rear naked choke in Rd 1.

Fight 4: 170 Sean Boisclair Vs. Tim Leary

Leary comes out to Skrillex-Kyoto and Sean comes out to Game Ft. Lil Wayne Red Nation.  Tim gets in a nice leg kick.  Sean gets in a kick of his own.  These guys are kicking hard!  Sean is clinching up against the cage working a takedown.  Tim goes for a guillotine and takes him down.  Sean picks him up and slams him.  Tim ends up on top for the remainder of the round.

Tim 10-9

Rd 2: Tim gets some front kicks and gets a tripping takedown.  Tim is on top working the guard.  He gets in some good ground and pound.  Sean works the arm bar but Tim makes him pay with some brutal punches and the ref stops it due to Sean getting knocked out.

Tim Leary defeats Sean Boisclair via ref stoppage in Rd 2 to ground and pound.  Sean is slow to get up, it appears his nose is busted.  Great fight!

Fight 5: HW Smash Evans Vs. Erik Gendron(Wai Kru)

Evans comes out to Puff Daddy and the Family-Victory and Erik comes out to David Bowie-Let's Dance.  Smash gets the takedown but Erik sweeps and gets in some ground and pound.  They both stand and Smash is working a takedown up against the cage.  Erik pushes him off and they are back standing.  Erik misses with a leg kick and Evans gets the single leg takedown.  Evans is working the guard but Erik looks very comfortable on the bottom.  Erik is working a triangle but its very hard to get your leg around Evans back.  

Evans 10-9

Rd 2: Erik goes for a takedown and picks him up but Smash defends well.  Erik eventually gets it and is now on top in full mount.  Evans sweeps and is now on top in the guard.  Erik is twisting trying to get out but Evans punches him back down.

Erik 10-9

Rd 3: They are standing and banging now.  Evans gets in a good right hand is is working a guillotine in the sprawl position.  Both fighters look exhausted.  Erik gets the takedown and is on top on full mount.  The ref stands them up after 20 seconds of nothing going on.  Great decision ref!!  Evans gets in a nice combo to the  head.  Erik works the single leg but the round ends.

Evans 10-9

Erik Gendron defeats Rashid Smash Evans via unanimous decision.  The rounds were really close but I had it going the other way but congrats to Erik!

Fight 6: Jeremiah Diruzzo vs Michael Wicks 

Jeremiah comes out LMAFO-Sexy and I Know It and Wicks comes out to Fabolous feat Jeremih-My Time.  Jeremiah gets the takedown and is getting in some good ground and pound.  Wicks revereses and gets in some ground and pound of his own.  Jeremiah takes the back out of the scramble and sinks in the rear naked choke for the win.

Jeremiah Diruzzo defeats Michael Wicks via submission to rear naked choke in Rd 1.

Fight 7: Nate Andrews Vs. Cody Platner 

Cody comes out to Prodigy-Firestarter and Nate comes out to J. Cole-Rise and Shine.  Cody is working the takedown up against the cage but they break and Nate gets in good right hand.  Nate is working the clinch and getting in some knees to the body.  He drops him with some ground and pound but Cody weathers the storm.  Andrews gets a takedown and gets in some more shots.  They stand and Cody gets in a good combo of his own.  Nate works a single leg takedown and gets the guillotine from the side and gets the tap.

Nate Andrews defeats Cody Platner via guillotine in Rd 1.

Fight 8: 145 Tom Evans Vs.Fred Mandracchia

Fred comes out to Slaine-I Ain't Done and Tom bows and almost does a "Tebow" but its not LOL.  He comes out to Kanye West-Power.  Tom comes out with a head kick that connects and gets some knees to the body from the clinch.  They scramble and Fred goes for the back but slides off.  Fred now has the side and then to half guard.  They stand and Tom gets the takedown and Tom gets full mount.  Fred tries to sweep out and gets hit with some shots in the back of the head.  Total accidental and the ref calls a timeout.  Fred takes the full five minutes and the fight resumes.  Fred is working the takedown but Evans sprawls well and defends.  Evans does some nice elbows to the side and slides into a nice triangle and gets the win.

Tom Evans defeats Fred Mandracchia via submission to triangle in Rd 1.  Dellagrotte chuckles and says thank god that fight is over LOL.  Congrats Tom on your win!  Props to Fred for taking the fight on short notice due to Doug Sonier not getting cleared through commission.

Fight 9: 170 Brandon Chagnon Vs. Joe Powers 

Powers comes out to Tech N9ne featuring everybody and their mother-Worldwide Choppers and Brandon comes out to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster-Caution, Dangerous Curves Ahead.  Powers works the takedown.  Chagnon fires with a nice right hand but misses.  Chagnon throws a leg kick and Powers gets the takedown.  Powers is on top working the guard.  This goes on for a few minutes.  Chagnon tries to get a leg triangle but Powers muscles out and Chagon goes for a quick takedown as the round ends.

Powers 10-9

Rd 2: Both fighters are being very cautious.  Chagnon gets in a nice inside leg kick.  Chagnon gets in a few more kicks.  Powers catches a kick and counters with a right hand but it just misses.  Powers gets in a few punches but most of the round Chagnon is working the leg kick.

Chagnon 10-9

Rd 3: Both fighters continue to be very cautious.   Not a whole lot of action that was connecting.  Chagnon attempts a takedown and Powers gets in a few punches.  Real close round with not a whole lot of action.

Chagnon 10-9

Brandon Chagnon defeats Joe Powers via split decision.

Fight 10: FW Title Theo Desjardin Vs. Kody Nordby

Kody comes out to his infamous Build Me Up Buttercup that changes to Meek Mill Feat Rick Ross-Ima Boss and Theo comes out to Nonpoint-Miracle.  Kody gets in a kick to the body.  Kody works the double leg takedown and gets it.  Theo works a triangle but Kody slips out and takes the back and hooks the legs.  He works the rear naked but Theo is fighting it but Kody is too strong and Theo goes out.

Kody Nordby defeats Theo Desjardin via rear naked choke and Theo does not tap and goes out...beast!!  We have a new flyweight champ in the house! Congrats to Kody to his first professional win.

Fight 11: HW Title Randy Smith Vs. Kym Sturdivant

Kym comes out to Game-Ricky and Randy comes out to The Lone Wolf song!  Wolf is pressing the action. Kym gets in two inside leg kicks.  Kym is working the takedown and gets it.  He is in half mount and Kym gets in an elbow.  Randy tries to buck out and Kym takes full mount.  Randy bucks him off and Kym takes the back.  Randy slips out and Kym takes the half mount position again  and the rest of the round goes this way.

Kym 10-9

Rd 2: Randy does a jumping knee and Kym works the takedown and gets a single leg takedown.  Kym is working the half guard.  He gets in some shots to the body.  Randy bucks him off and they are standing again. Kym does a jumping guillotine but cannot hold it and Randy breaks free.  He is now on top and lays down some brutal ground and pound and the ref stops it.

Randy Smith defeats Kym Sturdivant via ref stoppage to ground and pound.  Randy dedicates this fight to Jared Palmer who we lost last year.  Great comeback fight Randy!!  As we said in our preview this fight was alot closer than it looked to people on paper.

Fight of the Night: Rashid Evans vs. Erik Gendron...very close fight and 3 round battle!! 
Submission of the Night: Tom Evans Vs. Fred Mandracchia...Tom was possibly losing the round and turned the round around and transitioned to a nice triangle for the finish. 
KO of the Night: Tim Leary vs. Sean Boisclair 
Blunder of the Night: No blunders...everything went well.

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4 very evenly matched fights 
Star Quality: 4.5 Doomsday was there, Katie Merrill plus all the AFO fighters that night, Kin Moy, Tyler King, Andre, Dan Cormier, Tyson and the Syt crew and much more! 
Sound: 5 My boy Brandon is getting better and better each time! 
Refs: 4 Standing up Gendron when he had full mount and separation..for the most part they did a good job. 
Announcer: 4.5 John Vena is always great. 
Ring Girls: 5....very hot and very friendly...but don't take my word for it..look at the pics! 
Vendors: 4 GetPunched and SuckerPunch were in the house!!! 
Overall: 4.43 Great score!!

Thanks to AFO for allowing us to cover the show. All three of the crew had a blast. The fights were all evenly matched. Great job Mark Vaz on that one. We took a ton of photos from the night. We will be uploading them all to our facebook fan page within the week or so. We taped some of the fights and will upload them to our youtube channel and post em on here for you all in a few weeks. Other things to note..AFO announced some fighters that will be on Clash of the Titans in March, Dicky White and Steve Sandman Dunn will be on there!! I am sure Randy will be looking to defend his belt sometime in March and April. Kody becomes the 125lb champ and I am excited to see who the AFO brings in to take on the champ in the future. That is all for now, CityBoy out!
Dominage In The House!!

The Leather Jacket and Old School...Oh Yeah Pete Too

Couple of sikos...or so I've heard...

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