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January 14, 2012

Fight Night Press Release--Full Fight Card 20+ Fights

Fight Night Announces 20+ Fights and Full-Card For February 11th, 2012
Lewiston, ME (January 13, 2012) – New England Fights! And Nick DiSalvo Promotions are proud to announce the full card for February 11th’s Fight Night I mixed martial arts (MMA) event at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, Maine.
“It’s an honor and a privilege to be bringing the first ever mixed martial arts event to Lewiston, Maine,” stated DiSalvo. “Way back in the fall—over four months ago—we began seeking out the best talent in the Northeast to introduce Lewiston to MMA. We did an exhaustive search to make sure that we were coming with the best fighters in the state and region. I am truly humbled by the incredible Maine and Northeast talent that my matchmaker has assembled for this show. Lewiston is a town known for champions and on February 11th we’re bringing a championship card with us.”

Fight Night will be headlined by a main event welterweight bout between Maine’s own Ryan Sanders (2-0) from Young’s MMA in Brewer and Wai Kru/IntenZe fighter Dan “The Ghost” Keefe (7-2).
The Co-Main event will feature a bantamweight clash between The Academy’s Paul Gorman (8-7), out of Portland, Maine and ranked #2 in the Northeast at 135-pounds, and WEC/Bellator veteran Anthony Leone (9-4) from Ithaca, New York.
Fight Night’s professional and amateur competitors collectively represent 19 of the East Coast’s top martial arts schools from eight different states.  “We have high school state champions and collegiate wrestlers on this card; boxers, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belts, Purple Belts, Brown and Black Belts—you name it, we got it,” stated DiSalvo. “We’ve got some of the top-ranked fighters in the region, big show veterans, and newcomers that you’ve never seen nor heard of before, but that people will be talking about after this show,” he said. “This fight card really does have something for everyone.”
“This card is a labor of love,” stated Fight Night matchmaker Matt Peterson. “I’m so proud to see so many of my favorite fighters pulled together to all compete on one night. The lineup for February 11th represents literally months of work and I want to personally thank all of the fighters, coaches and managers that have decided to be a part of this show. I have such respect for the sport of MMA and the incredible discipline and dedication that the athletes scheduled to appear on this show possess. Participants and fans alike are in for a great evening in Lewiston next month. I hope everyone in the area will take advantage of the affordable general admission rate of $25 per ticket to come out and support some exceptional mixed martial artists and see a great evening of fights.”
“We intentionally marked our ticket prices lower,” DiSalvo added. “We know that Maine, like the rest of the nation, is hurting financially right now. We wanted everyone to be able to afford a ticket to come see MMA live. With over 20 fights booked, you’re paying a little better than a buck per fight, so you can’t go too wrong at that price. Whether you’re a longtime fan or you want to see the sport live for the first time—this card is for you. Come out on February 11th and experience the fastest growing sport in the world and find out for real what all the talk is about.”
Fight Night takes place on February 11th, 2012 at the Androscoggin Bank Colisee in Lewiston, Maine. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling 207.783.2009.
For more information and to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements regarding the inaugural event of Fight Night visit
The Fight Card (subject to change):
Fight Night I, February 11, 2012, The Colisee Lewiston, ME
            Ryan Sanders 2-0 (Young’s MMA)              vs        Dan Keefe 7-2 (Wai Kru/Intenze)
Paul Gorman 8-7 (The Academy)   vs        Anthony Leone 9-4 (Bombsquad)
Jesse Peterson 4-2 (CMBJJ/SSSF)   vs Anthony Dick 1-5 (Team Expendable)
Josh Parker 2-3 (Littefield’s Gym)  vs Steve Perez 3-0 (Bombsquad)
Keegan Hornstra 0-1 (Recluse)    vs              Antony Woodman 1-5 (Havoc)
Jamie Harrison 0-1 (First Coast Full Contact) vs William Crandall 2-2(Bombsquad)
Adam Toussaint 4-4 (Havoc) vs Chris Rowley 3-4 (Sityodtong)
Ernesto Ornelas 0-0 (Choi’s Institute/MMA Athletix) vs Evan Velez 3-1 (Bombsquad)
Ray Wood 3-0 (Young’s MMA)        vs  Renan Borges 1-0 (Wai Kru)
Jesse Erickson 0-0 (CMBJJ)  vs        Isaiah Gomez 1-1 (Independent)
John Raio 0-0 (MMAthletix) vs        Ken Kersch 1-4 (Real Deal MMA)
Brent Dillingham 0-0 (MMA Athletix)         vs        Rick Garland 1-1 (Real Deal MMA)
Buck Pineau 2-0 (Choi’s Institute)  vs        Dan Burke 1-0 (Team Burgess)
Adam Gordon 1-1 (Havoc) vs Erik Tseronis 1-2 (Team Burgess)
Dave Brown 0-1 (Andover Fight Club)  vs Brandon Warne 1-0 (Bombsquad)
Nate Charles 0-2 (Wai Nei) vs Dez Green 1-0 (Bombsquad)
Zackary Adams 0-0 (Young’s MMA) vs Jason Libby 2-1 (Bill Jones/Team KAOS)
Andrew Tripp 0-0 (Team Headstrong MMA) vs Tollison Lewis 0-0 (Wai Nei)
Colby Adams 0-0 (Team Headstrong MMA) vs John Healey 0-2 (Team KAOS)
James Dougherty 0-0 (Choi’s Institute) vs Derek Shorey 1-2 (Team KAOS)
Elias Leland 0-1 (The Academy) vs Nick Spencer 0-0 (Choi’s Institute)
Tim Grovo (Team Headstrong MMA) vs AJ Davis (Team KAZE)

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