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February 6, 2012

CES 'Extreme Measures' Review February 3, 2012

Warchild and I arrived at CES right around 6:30pm.  The free valet courtesy of Twin River Casino is always awesome.  We were in very easily and I took my spot at the loooong media table.  This was Warchild's first time taking photos for us I think he did a great job.  Thanks for stepping up buddy. I was sitting next to our good friend Grant Tremelling who was writing for NortheastMMA.  Twin River Casino has two huge screens which has a live play of the action.  Fightstream does a great job with that and they post many of their fights on youtube so we can share with you all.  Well not specifically for us but you get the point ;)  There are lots of good food nearby at the Casino, I see people eating pretzels and name it.  Everyone at the media table couldn't get on the Twin River wifi except one person so there was definitely something messed up.  Well I can't wait so onto the fights but before we start here is some eye candy for you ;)

Fight 1: Shawn Summey (2-0) vs. Kevin Horowitz (3-4)

These guys are standing and banging.  Shawn catches Kevin with a good right hand.  Summey gets a nice takedown and Kevin defends nicely til he sprawls and gets back up.  They are now standing again. Shawn gets him with another good combo and the end of the round is spent with some ground and pound.

Summey 10-9

Rd 2: Shawn gets a good right hand which drops Kevin.  Kevin sweeps him and Shawn is standing over him.  Kevin stands and they go down and Kevin is now on top working the side.  Kevin is dropping some good elbows and winning himself the round.  Kevin is standing trying to get some ground and pound as the round ends.

Horowitz 10-9

Rd 3: Kevin starts us off with a single leg takedown.  He is standing over Shawn trying to get in some ground and pound.  He ends up getting in some ground and pound from the side.  He passes to full mount.  Shawn eventually bucks him off and Kevin finishes the round working the side controlling the fight.

Kevin 10-9

Kevin Horowitz defeats Shawn Summey via unanimous decision

Fight 2: Joe Pingitore(Pro Debut) vs. Pedro da Silva (1-3)
Silva starts us off with an outside leg kick.  Ping fires right back with one.  Ping gets in an inside leg kick.  Silva tries a front kick that pushes Ping back.  Both fighters get a big right hand in and Ping clinches up against the cage.  They break and go back to the center of the cage.  They clinch near the cage and they both go down.  Pedro punches his way out and stands and they go back to the center.  Ping gets a high kick to the face and they stand and bang against the cage as the round ends.

Pingatore 10-9, he was the one doing the stalking and pushing the action.

Rd 2:  Ping gets in a good combo and knocks Pedro down.  He covers and gets in some ground and pound. Pedro holds on and gets a few takedowns but Ping makes him pay with some vicious ground and pound and Kevin the Ref is forced to stop the battle.

Joe Pingatore defeats Pedro da Silva via ref stoppage to strikes in Rd 2.  Nice start to Pingatore's pro career.  There is a reason why his nickname is Lights Out...this young fighter has some vicious hands!

Fight 3: Brennan Ward(0-0) vs. Josh Mellen (1-5)

I have heard good things about Brennan from my boy Jay Jodoin so we will see if he knows what he is talking about!!  Brennan fires with a nice combo and immediately gets the body slam for the takedown.  He is now in the guard pushing Josh up against the cage.  Brennan attempts a standing guillotine but Josh muscles out.  Brennan gets another slam and finishes it off with some brutal punches to the face.

Brennan Ward defeats Josh Mellen via ref stoppage to punches in 1:32 in Round 1. Nice way to start out your pro career Brennan and  Jay you were right, Ward is definitely a fighter to keep on your must watch list!

Fight 4: Andres Jeudi (3-0) vs. Tim O'Connell (4-3)

Both fighters are feeling each other out.  No one is really committing to anything too much.  Andres is getting in a few punches and kicks here and there.  One hits low and Tim takes about 30 seconds and the fight is back on.  They clinch up near the cage and Andres gets in a nice knee to the body.  Tim gets a nice drag em down takedown and he gets bucked off and stands up as the round ends.

Andres 10-9 due to damage and controlling most of the fight standing.

Rd 2: Tim misses with a high kick.  Tim has a cut under his left eye but in between rounds and they cleaned it up pretty good.  Tim misses with a looping right hand.  Tim attempts a takedown but is stuffed.  Andres gets in a awesome left hand that connected to the nose.  He gets in another one to the side of the face.  The rest of the round continues standing with not too much happening but the blood is flowing pretty good from Tim's face.

Andres 10-9

Rd 3: They are standing and Andres is getting in a few shots here and there.  Blood starts to flow again and he rocks him with a good punch up against the cage and the ref stops it.  It definitely could have went longer but this one is in the books.

Andres Jeudi wins via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 3 in 1:43.

Fight 5: Andre Soukhamthath(0-1) vs. Gilvan Santos (1-1)

I believe this is my first Andre fight so I am very excited to see how hard he has been training behind the scenes.  He is training all over and absorbing the best of both worlds.  The Asian Sensation has arrived and the fight is about to start.

These guys are coming out swinging!  Not too much has connected but Santos gets in a few leg kicks.  Andre is doing a great job and ducking under some of Gilvan's punches.  Andre gets in a good outside leg kick.  Andre tries a superman punch that connects a little.  Santos fires back with a nice counter punch.  Gilvan misses with a kick and jumps up high and Andre gets a slamming takedown.  Andre picks him up and slams him down again.  Gilvan uses the cage and stands up.  Andre is working a takedown but Gilvan is defending it well.  He eventually gets the single leg takedown.  Gilvan has a guilliotine choke, it doesn't look too deep and the round ends with Dre on the side.

Andre 10-9

Rd 2: Gilvan connects with a leg kick and Dre makes him pay with a slamming takedown.  Andre passes to full mount and transitions into a nice guilliotine from the top.  He gets the tap.

Andre Soukhamthath defeats Gilvan Santos via guillotine choke submission in Rd 2 at 44 seconds.  Congrats Dre!!!  Dre thanks his whole team and says it was just another day in the office and his first pro win is in the books!

Fight 6: Sean Soriano (4-0) vs. Lee Metcalf (5-4)

Lee drops down to go for a takedown but Soriano sprawls and throws some nasty punches which connect clean and drops Lee.  He is unable to defend himself and the ref is forced to stop it.  The crowd is chanting Soriano and going nuts!! MMA fans, Sean Soriano is the real deal...keep your eyes on him!!

Sean Soriano defeats Lee Metcalf via tko to punches in 37 seconds.

Fight 7: Pete Jeffrey (4-4) vs. Lionel Young (6-9)

Lionel starts us off with a leg kick to the body.  Pete fires right back with a right hand.  Pete does a jumping knee and Lionel grabs the leg working a takedown.  Pete defends nicely and defends.  He gets a nice hip toss takedown and is now in halfguard.  Lionel is holding on and Pete passes to full mount.  Pete is getting in some punches to the head.  Lionel sweeps out and is now working the half guard.  He gets bucked off and goes back in and is now in guard.  Pete is working an arm bar and cranks on it hard.  Lionel spins and Pete ends up high full mount as the round ends.  Someone call Principal Belding because Lionel just got saved by the bell!!

Pete 10-9

Rd 2:  Lionel gets a high kick.  Pete works a takedown but Lionel sprawls nicely.  They get back to their feet.  Pete gets a belly to belly trip takedown.  Pete is working the guard now.  Lionel bucks him off and Pete switches to north south.  Pete is working the side dropping some elbows to the side.  They scramble and Pete takes the back and drops some good punches from the top.  Lionel bucks him off and ends up on top for 30 seconds as the round ends.

Pete 10-9

Rd 3: Pete starts the round off with a double leg takedown.  Lionel had a half butterfly briefly but pushes Pete off.  He then moves to the side and then to north south.  He switches back to the side.  Not a whole lot of actions is going on, both fighters appear to be pretty tired.  Lionel reverses and Pete bucks him off.  Pete is going for another takedown but Lionel sprawls well.  They both fall down and Lionel is on top.  Pete  sweeps out and ends up taking the top position as the round ends.

Pete 10-9

Pete Jeffrey defeats Lionel Young via unanimous decision. Pete looked very good on the ground and was able to defend well when Lionel had the better position.

Fight 8: Tyler King (3-1) vs. Eric Bedard (3-0)

My man Tyler has wanted this fight for a while.  He dropped down to 225lbs to fight Bedard.  Bedard is a very tough opponent and this is one of my top fights I wanted to see this year.  Lets see how it goes down.

Tyler clinches and gets in some knees to the body.  Bedard reverses and Tyler reverses that.  Tyler is working the clinch up against the cage.  Bedard gets a hip toss takedown and is now working the guard.  Tyler bucks him off and Bedard rushes with a right hand.  He just misses the Lucky Strike punch.  They are working the clinch up against the cage and Tyler gets a double leg takedown.  Bedard is holding Tylers arms down and eventually stands them up.  Tyler works the clinch again p against the cage.  Bedard reverses and gets a takedown via trip.  Bedard is working the side and Tyler bucks him off and they clinch.  Bedard fires with an uppercut and Tyler does a brutal knee to the head and drops Bedard. He finishes the fight off with two hammerfists and thats all she wrote.

Tyler King defeats Eric Bedard via ko from knee to head.  Congrats Tyler!! You looked good at 225!! Tyler talks to the crowd and says he is the unofficial undefeated Cruiserweight champion for CES!! He came by and spoke with me a little later and told me the weight cut wasn't easy to 225 and he plans to staying at his regular fight weight.  

CES calls in Jorge Rivera and they do a brief interview.  He fought in the UFC for 10 consecutive years and went out with a bang and finished his last fight in the first round.

Fight 9: Saul Almeida (11-1) vs. Jeff Anderson (10-4)

Jeff is working the jab.  Saul gets in a leg kick.  Jeff gets in a leg kick.  Saul gets a double leg takedown up against the cage. Jeff gets in some punches to the body.  Saul appears to be doing a back crank type submission but lets it go after a bit.  Saul passes to full mount.  He offers a few punches to the face.  Saul is working a guillotine, lets it go then takes the back but runs out of time.

Saul 10-9

Rd 2: Saul goes for a takedown but is stuffed.  Saul is working it again up against the cage.  He gets the double leg takedown and works on top.  Jeff uses his power and picks Saul up but Saul lays heavy and Jeff doesn't get the takedown.  They stand up and Saul gets another double leg takedown.  Saul works a guillotine but is unable to get it.  They stand briefly and Jeff gets a takedown of his own as the bell sounds.

Saul 10-9

Rd 3: Jeff knows he is behind in the rounds and comes out swinging for the fences.  Saul eats some shots but gets the double leg takedown and is no controlling the guard.  Jeff uses the cage to stand up and they both go down.  Saul transitions and takes the back.  He has a body triangle and is trying for a rear naked choke as the round ends.

Saul 10-9

Saul Almeida defeats Jeff Anderson via unanimous decision.  Saul is a beast on the ground.  He spreads out like a spider and opponents really can't do much to get out of it.  Saul may not be the most exciting fighter to watch but let me tell you all this guy has major skills!  He dominates fights on the ground and is a master of the takedown.  Yes he only has two submission wins but let's face it he wins fights and that is all that matters!!  Dana White, Saul Almeida is 12-1..give him a call and give him a proper training time!!

CES interviews Todd Chattelle and they announce his bout set for April 13th against John Doomsday Howard!!  Doomday is going up in weight for this fight and he is excited to stand and bang with Chattelle!!  Cant' wait for this one.

Fight 9: Greg Rebello (13-3) vs. Mike Stewart (5-2)

They clinch up against the cage.  Mike is pushing the action.  They break and meet in the center.  Greg gets in a good inside kick and they clinch again.  Mike gets a slamming takedown and is working the side. The rest of the round is spent on the ground with an occasional punch here and there.

Stewart 10-9

Rd 2: Stewart starts us off with a double leg takedown.  He gets in some punches to the body.  Greg bucks him off and Mike gets another slamming takedown.  Greg goes for a kimura but Mike is too strong.  Mike is now working the half guard.  He gets in some ground and pound as the round ends.

Stewart 10-9

Rd 3: Greg tries a jumping knee but is stuff with a takedown.  Mike is working the side and working the kimura. He ends up getting the tap.  Wow Team Bombsquad has some beasts!!

Mike Stewart defeats Greg Rebello via kimura submission in Rd 3.  Mike Stewart dominated this fight on the ground and looked very impressive.  He has the conditioning to go the distance and the skills to get the submission wins.  Oh by the way he is fighting Cody Lightfoot in Salem, NH for Century Fighting on March 31st.  Good luck to both fighters and Cody watch out for the high kicks ;)

Fight 11: Josh Diekman (12-2) vs. Josh Hendricks (18-8)

ONE thing is for Josh is walking away with the victory!! They clinch and Hendricks starts us off with a knee to the groin.  Diekman goes down hard and the ref stops it and gives Josh his full five that he deserves.  The fight resumes and Hendricks gets a slamming takedown.  Hendricks is working the half guard and switches to guard.  Hendricks is working some elbows but none of them are hitting hard.  Hendricks takes the back and has the legs hooked.  He falls to the side and ends up getting the arm triangle and sinking it WICKED DEEP for the win.

Josh Hendricks defeats Josh Diekman via arm triangle in 2:21 of Rd 1. Impressive submission from the heavy hitter Hendricks.


Fight of the Night: Hands down Tyler King vs. Eric Bedard...they both brought their A-Game that night!!
Submission of the Night: Andre's Soukmathath's guillotine was impressive but I gotta give the award to Josh Hendricks vs. Josh Diekman
KO of the Night: Sean Soriano vs. Lee devastating..glad you are OK Lee!
Blunder of the Night: Twin River Casino gets the blunder for not allowing the WIFI working...could have jeopardized our live updates Twin River..good thing your valet make up for it ;)

Rating of the Show(1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Quality of Fights: 4, great stacked card, I guess I just wanted more KO and subs..still really great fights.
Star Quality: 5, stacked card, Doomsday on the mic...Jorge Rivera nuff said
Sound: 5 I think they cranked it up at the end, my chest was pounding from the bass!
Refs: 5, Kevin the Ref, one of the best in the game!
Announcer: 5, always a great job
Ring Girls: 4.5..CES uses lots of ring girls...although I gotta say the NZ MMA girls were gorgeous!!
Vendors: 5 I saw Suckerpunch booth and of course my buddy Old School FightWear! Can't forget NZ MMA :)
Overall: 4.78

It was a great night of fights as usual from a packed crowd at the Twin River Casino courtesy of CES.  Thanks to CES and Michael Parente for the awesome hospitality.  They gave us a clear spot to take photos for you all and I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.  I wished we had an intermission because 11 fights with no intermission is a long time plus it gives us time to charge our camera batteries!  Jimmy Burchfield's CES keeps on rolling with their next installment coming at us on April 13th with the headline fight Todd Chattelle vs. Doomsday Howard!!  I want to thank all the fighters and fans who come and say Hi to me at the media table.  I am always busy typing away and can't say hello to everyone and I appreciate it!! All of our fight photos of the night will be put up on our fan page later this week...Cityboy Out! Ok more eye candy for you all courtesy of Warchild!!

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