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February 3, 2012

Live Updates from CES MMA With CityBoy ~2/3/2012~

Keep refreshing this article starting around 7pm for the live updates.

Fight 1: Shawn Summey (2-0) vs. Kevin Horowitz (3-4)

Kevin Horowitz wins unanimous decision.

Fight 2: Joe Pingitore (Pro Debut) vs. Pedro da Silva (1-3)

Joe Pingatore gets the win via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 2.

Fight 3: Josh Mellen (1-5) vs. Brennan Ward (Pro Debut)

Brennan Ward defeats Josh Mellen via ref stoppage to punches in 1:32 in Round 1. Awesome finish!!

Fight 4: Andres Jeudi (3-0) vs. Tim O'Connell (4-3)

Andres Jeudi wins via ref stoppage to punches in Rd 3 in 1:43.

Jimmy Burchfield is working the crowd.  Telling everybody to have a Happy New Year.  You too Jimmy!!  They are giving away some Patriot and NYG hats to some lucky seats!  Very important message to the crowd to have no scuffles, we all love Twin River and don't want to lose it as a venue!

Fight 5: Andre Soukhamthath(0-1) vs. Gilvan Santos (1-1)

Andre Soukhamthath defeats Gilvan Santos via guillotine choke submission in Rd 2 at 44 seconds.

Fight 6: Sean Soriano (4-0) vs. Lee Metcalf (5-4)

Sean Soriano defeats Lee Metcalf via tko to punches in 37 seconds.  Soriano is looking better and better each fight.

Fight 7: Pete Jeffrey (4-4) vs. Lionel Young (6-9)

Pete Jeffrey defeats Lionel Young via unanimous decision.

Fight 8: Tyler King (3-1) vs. Eric Bedard (3-0)

Tyler defeats Bedard via tko from knee to head.  Congrats Tyler!! You looked good at 225!!

Fight 9: Saul Almeida (11-1) vs. Jeff Anderson (10-4)

Saul Almeida defeats Jeff Anderson via unanimous decision.

CES just announces Todd Chattelle is fighting Doomsday Howard on April 13th!!

Fight 9: Greg Rebello (13-3) vs. Mike Stewart (5-2)

Mike Steward defeats Greg Rebello via kimura submission in Rd 3.

Fight 11: Josh Diekman (12-2) vs. Josh Hendricks (18-8)

Josh Hendricks defeats Josh Diekman via arm triangle in 2:21 of Rd 1.

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