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February 25, 2012

Live Updates Reality Fighting ~February 25, 2012~ From The Artist

Reality Fighting February 25th, 2012

Fight 1: Terin Swanson vs. John Lopez

Terin wins via RNC in Rd 1!!

Fight 2: Steve Carr vs. John Naples

Naples wins via doctor stoppage due to Carr's eye.

Fight 3: Manny Torres vs. Leroy Derricott

Leroy wins via second round TKO in 1:09 to strikes

**Rob Font vs. Keenan Raymond**  Cancelled..we heard it was due to Raymond's lack of medicals.

Fight 4: Erik Lee vs. Andrew Caron

Lee wins via triangle Rd 2.

Fight 5: Kyle Rozewski vs. Miguel Santos

Santos wins unanimous decision...

Fight 6: Brendan Rooney vs. Matt Tuthill

Rooney wins in second round RNC.

Fight 7: Mike Berby vs. Jason Ward

Ward wins KO punch in 44 seconds in rd 1!!  Crowd goes wild!!

Fight 8: Kevin Roddy vs. Chris Simmons

Roddy wins unanimous.

Fight 9: Eddie Saldana vs. Dwight Grant

Grant wins tko to strikes in rd 3. offered 185lb title fight!!

***Fight 10: Welterweight Title Fight Brett Oteri vs. Nate Lamotte***This fight was scratched due to an opponent not getting their medicals done in time.

Fight 10: Middleweight Title Fight Domenic Gagliardi vs. Alexandre Moreno

Moreno wins RNC in rd 1!! Congrats Team Link!!

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